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Stack Overflow Podcast Bingo

03-18-09 by . 9 comments

At our first “live” podcast for MIX09, the developers at Woot! cleverly converted the Stack Overflow podcast drinking game into Stack Overflow podcast bingo, and handed out cards for everyone to play along.


Hilarious — hopefully someone scored a bingo during the live podcast! Click to see it larger.

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Cool! We can play at home as well. Did anyone win bingo at the live event?

nobody_ Mar 19 2009

Awesome! Now where’s the podcast? :-)

Brian L Mar 19 2009

w00t! Awesome.

Very funny! Still waiting for the podcast.

MrCobol Mar 19 2009

Indeed where is this podcast of which you speak?

Peter Mar 19 2009

Feed our addiction already; we can’t take it anymore… where’s the podcast?… BTW: it was very weird to see you guys on stage (via the Internet of course). I recognized the voices, but since I haven’t seen you guys before my mind was confused ;)

Oh man, not just this week (wtpc?) but every week. so_bingo_card.print{:copies=>n}

I nominate this for the next bingo-plate: “Atwood inserts a small ‘excusing/defusing’ laugh in the middle of a sentence”.

When you’ve first noticed it, it is quite hard not to keep noticing it. All. The. Time.


“Joel’s computer makes a random error sound” is by far my fav :D