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Nominate a New Stack Overflow Moderator

Stack Overflow has exactly four moderators: Joel, Jeff (me), Jarrod, and Geoff. It’s no coincidence that the list of moderators is identical to the list of co-founders and mainline developers.

As we launch the upcoming IT / SysAdmin sister site, we’ve had very little luck locating notable folks from that community to act as moderators and spiritual leaders for the site. So we’re flirting with the idea of promoting users with high reputation scores and the respect of the community to moderator status.

Moderators (indicated by the small star icon) are the most highly trusted members of the system, so this is not something we take lightly. Moderators can:

  • cast one-shot binding votes on open, close, delete, and offensive.
  • edit anything in the system, including user profiles.
  • delete revisions.
  • have visibility into our internal error logs.

.. and so forth.

It occurred to me that we might as well test this theory out by starting with Stack Overflow itself. So let’s give this a shot. Reply in the comments, nominating up to three Stack Overflow users you think would make good moderators. Some ground rules:

  1. Must be a currently registered Stack Overflow user in good standing
  2. Must have at least 7,000 reputation (I was going to say 10k, but as long as you’re in the ballpark, that’s fine.)
  3. Should exhibit patience and fairness at all times in their questions, answers, and comments.
  4. Should lead by example, showing respect for their fellow programmers in everything they write.
  5. They should want the responsibility. Nominating users isn’t the same as an obligation. It’s purely voluntary.

The nomination period will last for one week. At that point, I’ll tally the nominations up and put it to a public vote — but only registered Stack Overflow users with a reputation score of 200 or higher will be able to cast votes!

update: voting is now open from May 6 until May 13.

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Obviously: 1) Jon Skeet; regardless of the high reputation, I think he visits SO faster than any automated system could. Besides that, he qualifies for the points above.

2) Bill Karwin; excellent attitude, activity and common sense.

3) JaredPar

Obviously, Jon Skeet

Second Bill Karwin as well – he always seems to be around

1) Jon Skeet (22656)
2) Greg Hewgill (893)
3) Me (115)

Nobody could be better than the obvious Jon Skeet :)

OK, Jon, obviously, if he wants to do it.

Beyond that, I think it may be useful to look for candidates who have complementary coverage. Analyse by tag? I feel a script coming on…

To add to my nomination I was a tech for 10 years at the server level so this is a field I know.

tomhaigh Mar 20 2009

Paul Dixon (6521)

DrJokepu Mar 20 2009

Paul Tomblin (3333)

Unless anyone can convince me otherwise, I’d like to decline nominations for two reasons:

1) I don’t think it looks particularly good for the top rep user to also be a moderator. It’s a bit too much like company directors setting their own bonuses. Even if I didn’t *actually* have the power to game the system to my advantage, the *appearance* of that could still be present.

2) I think my time is best spent answering questions instead of moderating. I have no idea if I’d even be any good at moderating – my views may well be skewed. (As I once remarked to Jeff, “I have a suspicion that I’m not an absolutely typical user.” On the other hand, I’m reasonably convinced that I’m good at answering questions :)

The nominations are appreciated though, and I’m open to persuasion. I wouldn’t be entirely surprised (and not at all offended) if Jeff vetoed me due to point 1 anyway.


1. JaredPar
2. S.Lott

Bill the lizard

Mark Pim Mar 20 2009

Konrad Rudolph

Chris Mar 20 2009

1. Marc Gravell
2. JaredPar

Mark Biek Mar 20 2009

Bill the Lizard

Paul Tomblin

Konrad Rudolph

Paul Tomblin

Konrad Rudolph

James Curran

nickf Mar 20 2009

Bill Karwin (20860)
Pax (14860)
tvanfosson (12950)

nickf Mar 20 2009

@unkwntech, I believe that this is nominations for Stack Overflow, not the Rack Overflow* site.

*or whatever — it’ll always be Rack Overflow to me…

Joel Coehoorn Mar 20 2009

There are some great names there that I agree with, so I’ll leave off of them and add a few:

Steven A Lowe
JaredPar (yes I know he was already mentioned, but I think he’s a good choice.)

Will we be able to downvote in the public poll or will this be like Hacker News where we can only upvote?

I think the way SO works is pretty good in terms of moderation. Do we really need superpowers? And if we do, wouldn’t it be better to extend the current reputation system and use it to give some more powers to users higher than, say, 20k or something…? I think something like editing user profiles is not really needed for SO.

hyperboreean Mar 20 2009

1.Greg Hewgill
2.Bill the Lizard
3.Jonathan Leffler

theman_on_vista Mar 20 2009

this is probably one of the worst ideas ive ever heard come out of this otherwise, brilliant site

nobody_ Mar 20 2009

Excellent! This is something I’ve been pushing for for a while now:

As far as nominations go, it might be helpful, once the nominees accept, to examine their voting records. Before selecting someone as a moderator, I’d like to know how many times they’ve voted to close, reopen, and mark a post as offensive, as well as how often they’ve had their edits rolled back by other users.

I’d have to agree with Mehrdad here. Just give users with 30k+ rep über-moderation powers.

Also, I honestly think if we had private messages, we wouldn’t need über-moderators in the first place. I’d like to think people are inherently good, and most conflicts arise from miscommunication.

matt b Mar 20 2009

Bill the Lizard

TheTXI Mar 20 2009

I nominate myself, even if I do not meet the criteria, because I feel there is an extreme lack of pony references on this site and it needs correcting ASAP.

Frakkle Mar 20 2009


…disturbing silence after Frakkle’s nomination.

Jophut Mar 20 2009

I am opposed to the nomination of RichB. While I deeply respect his knowledge, a lot of his answers and comments do not comply with points 3 and 4 of the ground rules stated above.

I nominate myself, since i will remove unnecessary pony references. :P

Rich B Mar 20 2009

@Jophut: Please provide a reference to an answer or comment that violate rule 3 or 4.

TheTXI Mar 20 2009

Olaf! You brazen hussy!


See my opponents crude behavior. When i am moderator, actions like this will be punished harshly :P

TheTXI Mar 20 2009

“will be punished harshly”

You’d like that wouldn’t you?

As you can see my opponent exhibits extremely poor moral character.

Frakkle Mar 20 2009

@Jophut: I believe he’s shown incredible patience in the face of mounting biased opposition. He also maintains a certain level of civility, though I’m sure that could be improved if he were to become a moderator.

Shameless plug: I ‘blogged’ about this on a Recent Stack Overflow question ( (I use blog in quotations since I posted it as an answer on SO); and I’m glad we’re moving in this direction.

Any moderator we pick would obviously have to exercise great restraint in closing questions, since his vote is binding. That isn’t to say that he couldn’t, just that he’d have to have sure footing before closing a question.

Rich B Mar 20 2009

@Frakkle: Indeed, there is always room for improvement. Thank you for showing me there is someone who appreciates my work.

Pesto Mar 20 2009

Why is it always the high-rep users who get all the cool powers? It has failed in more places than I can count (which is to say, more than 10 (21 if I take my shoes off)). Why don’t we try inverting the system? It can’t be much worse. Therefore, I nominate unknown (google) 67344.

mmyers Mar 20 2009

@Rich B: I believe there are a number of people who appreciate your work, but not the manner in which you do it.

For example, take this answer: I think you had a good point–but why would you purposely misspell the name of the person you were arguing with, every single time you used it?

Rich B Mar 20 2009

@mmyers: I misspelled it once, and the guy cried about it. I deserve to have a little fun too every now and then. Remember, the comments on that only started after he decided to rollback any edits on his post to remove offensive language.

If Rich B is a moderator, I think I should be too lol

I think Jon answer in this thread show us one more time that he is a good guy and it’s an intelligent answer.

I believe moderation is not very relative to the quality of answering programming question, so I do not get why it requires that much reputation. And, a problem with moderation is that it’s impossible to contact moderator if we have problem… the only way to get moderator sign is to make noise on the website, that’s sad. Moderator should be able to contact by a link “Need moderator here”…

TheTXI Mar 20 2009

daok raises a good point. There is a serious lack of flagging ability on this site whether it is for users, posts, comments, etc. If anything a simple messaging feature could be added to this site (perhaps to a user’s profile) so that easier communication lanes could be established not just with moderators but with other users.

Rich B Mar 20 2009

@daok: Actually most of us are around on UserVoice (I know I am) so it is quite easy to contact us simply by leaving a suggestion on UV. Also, many of us are on the IRC channel and can be reached/talked to there as well.

If I was a ‘super’ moderator I would put an email account in my profile for this purpose. I wish the other mods would do this as well.

Also some people who are active in editing questions to fix errors have little to no interest in being a full time mod.

Frakkle Mar 20 2009

@daok: That’s another reason why I think RichB would be a good moderator.

Fact of the matter is pretty much all of us know him, because he is very active in the community. He goes through tons of questions looking for violations or ways to make the question easier to read (and therefore answer). I want my mods to be active and highly visible.

Rich B Mar 20 2009

@Olafur: Something to remember though is we should not be looking for a mod who is too into earning rep. Moderation requires a bit of selfless devotion to maintaining the quality of the site.

I agree with Jon Skeet that he would not be the best choice, despite being an outstanding member of the SO community. I have a lot of respect for him saying that too.

@RichB exactly. Good point.

Code Slave Mar 20 2009

Bill the Lizard

Out Into Space Mar 20 2009

Here’s a thought: how about choosing someone who is an expert in the IT field rather than a high-rep user? That way we can eliminate the constant battles over what is and is not appropriate for xOverflow.

Humpton Mar 20 2009

I’m a little disappointed that this has been opened up to the ‘general public’. I believe your moderators should be hand selected. If you can’t come up with your own list of possibilities allow people to apply giving you the list you should start with. Maybe you can come up with your own _and_ let people apply. Either way, from this list you can get down to a short list by whatever means / criteria you feel is / are appropriate and hopefully someone(s) on that short list fit exactly (or at least very close) to what you believe they should have. If you absolutely must allow public nominations fine, but the final decision should be left only to the ‘four of you’.

My 2 cents…

@Humpton : “I’m a little disappointed that this has been opened up to the ‘general public’.”

This site is supposed to be run by the community, so i feel that its the correct decision to pick a new mod like this.

Rich B Mar 20 2009

@olafur: I agree 100%.

coonj Mar 20 2009


I’d like to nominate Jon Skeet, even though he has declined.

My reasons are because he is by far the best candidate to moderate Stack Overflow because he answers questions and hasn’t been sucked into the politics of Stack Overflow. For me, this website is about getting questions answered, not bickering about whether a question should be closed or whether a user deserves to be down-voted for not making their post a Community Wiki. Out of the “power users” Jon Skeet is one of very few that is there to answer a question and nothing else. That is why I come to SO and to have a moderator that represents that side of the community is important.

Sure, Jon is the top user, but he’s clearly answered enough of our questions to warrant a place up there. I’d be happy to see him earn a throne on the SO moderator page and I hope that he reconsiders his stance on becoming a moderator to ensure that SO remains the place to go for getting your programming questions answered.

Frakkle Mar 20 2009

@Mike: Some food for thought. He answers questions. That makes him a great member of SO. Everyone acknowledges this.

But to keep the questions on target and make sure SO remains a useful resource, you need someone who is willing to moderate, not just answer.

That’s the difference that even Jon Skeet recognizes.

Pesto Mar 20 2009

@Mike: This reminds me of a Mitch Hedberg joke:

As a comedian, I always get into situations where I’m auditioning for movies and sitcoms, you know? As a comedian, they want you to do other things besides comedy. They say “alright you’re a comedian, can you write? Write us a script. Act in this sitcom.” They want me to do shit that’s related to comedy, but it’s not comedy, man. It’s not fair, you know? It’s as though if I was a cook, and I worked my ass off to become a really good cook, and they said “alright you’re a cook… can you farm?”

If Jon Skeet’s interest is in answering questions, let him do that. If someone doesn’t care about the politics of SO, how would we expect them to resolve it?

Rich B Mar 20 2009

R.I.P Mitch Hedberg.

As controversial as it might be (for some), i think RichB would be a good mod. So i nominate him.

Welbog Mar 20 2009

I nominate Rich B.

The man has already shown himself to be willing to take a stand to close frivolous questions and edit poorly-worded and antagonistic questions so that they make sense. He’s also demonstrated that he’s more than capable of allocating the necessary time to do this.

How often do you get to see a low-quality post that hasn’t already been edited by Rich B within a few minutes of being posted? The man is a machine, locking on to and removing content that doesn’t fit.

I’ve known him for a long time (since before SO existed) and I can assure you all that as long as he is awake and on a computer he is constantly working on improving the community of the websites he visits with whatever power he has. He greatly enjoys online communities and he especially dislikes it when a few bad apples come in and try to ruin them for everybody. Sometimes he’s seen as unfair, but if you look at the backlash he gets it’s usually from those who antagonize everyone and don’t embody the ideals of SO at all. He deals with them without resorting to rallying complaints about their posts on uservoice like so many often do.

With Rich B on the job I would know that SO is in good hands.

Joel Coehoorn Mar 20 2009

I’ve been thinking about this, and I think you need to deliberately pick someone who’s more active in the open source tags: php, rails, and the like.

All the current moderators come from a microsoft background, and therefore will lean towards those questions. We need someone who will pay attention to questions they would be more likely to pass over.

Rich B Mar 20 2009

@Joel: See, I disagree there. A moderator should not be paying attention to technology or language at all. A moderator should be devoting his time to every question/answer they have time to go through.

Mods should not have filtered tags, and should not be spending a lot of time trying to gain rep. We need some truly devoted mods now.

TheTXI Mar 20 2009

I don’t see how background in particular tags should matter at all. A crap question in one tag is a crap question in any tag. It doesn’t take a Java or PHP dev to see fragmented Engrish when it comes through the new questions list.

TheTXI Mar 20 2009

And for what it’s worth (if you aren’t looking for a mod that is looking to spruce the site up with lots of ponies), you should certainly consider RichB. Regardless of what people think about him personally, he is probably the most active by far of all the people with editing/voting capabilities right now. If I am going to have someone as a mod working to keep SO clean and organized, I would want someone who has already demonstrated a clear ability and desire to do so rather than someone who just plays for rep. The fact that RichB has probably sacrificed around 1,000 worth of rep just casting down votes demonstrates that he’s not in it for the big number and is actually in it for the betterment of the community.

Joel Coehoorn Mar 20 2009

In an ideal world that’s true. But practically speaking questions in the Microsoft ecosystem are probably better moderated right now than others.

I’m not saying a moderator from an open source tag should focus on those questions on purpose: I’m just saying that this person will be able to keep a better eye on those questions as he goes about his normal business in addition to his other moderation work.

Joel Coehoorn Mar 20 2009

Regarding RichB in particular:

I think he is well intentioned, but is likely to be too heavy-handed in his approach.

I’d like to drop in Joel Coehoorn and Michael Strum into the mix. They’ve been here since the beginning and have always been above reproach in all the questions and responses I’ve seen.

Rich B Mar 20 2009

@Joel: They might be right now, but I suspect that is because they browse based on tags currently. I know I, as well as other active editors, browse by keeping on top of the sobot on the IRC channel and the new question feed.
I feel that is the only proper way to eliminate much bias.

TheTXI Mar 20 2009

I would posit the argument that right now the mods for the most part do diddlysquat and are largely absent (from my own perspective) from SO entirely. I think having someone more forceful would do the site some good at getting rid of or cleaning up of a lot of garbage that comes through.

Pesto Mar 20 2009

I think I should be a moderator. My reasoning for this is that the best moderator is one who favors doing too little over doing too much. And I’m waayyy lazier than the rest of you. Why, I’m too lazy to even bother finishing this sen

My ideal view of a Moderator would be someone who:

1) Is active in the community (not just answering or asking questions, as those take a different kind of person) and edits, comments, and generally follows what’s going on (sitting in IRC has helped, since all of the new questions scroll across as they are asked).
2) Is articulate.
3) Can reach consensus or aim to reach consensus. There is drivel that ought to be shut out, but that is the minority. The lion’s share of questions seem to be appropriate, so long as they are edited and cleaned up.
4) They should know enough to only mediate only when there is an actual dispute.

TheTXI Mar 20 2009

My ideal view of a Moderator would be someone who:

1) Has a great love and affection for ponies.
2) Can speak to ponies (e.g. is a “Pony Whisperer”)
3) Can use ponies and references/pictures of ponies to help facilitate happiness and love in the StackOverflow community.
4) They should know enough about ponies to properly run a pony ranch, but should only run a pony ranch when there is a need for ponies to be gathered together and cared.

Rich B Mar 20 2009

I personally nominate Shog9 and Simucal.

I nominate Bill the Lizard and TheTXI. Admittedly my vote for TheTXI could be swayed by his pony homies and amusing edit messages but nonetheless I’d like to nominate those two :)

TheTXI Mar 20 2009

If I were mod I would use the generic pony equivalent to the Care Bear Stare to fix all the ills of the community.

I’m not sure I understand why people are nervous about nominating users with 10k+ reputation. I understand the concern that they could manipulate threads to their advantage, but why would they? Once you’re past 10k, there’s little functional reason to gain more reputation unless you’re going to start bountying every question you ask.

Anyways, if I had to pick three users, I’d like:

1. Adam Davis
2. Tomalak
3. Paul Tomblin

TheTXI Mar 20 2009

I don’t think there is much concern about people manipulating things to increase their rep. I think they are worried that people with absurdly high rep spend more time answering threads than they do actively trying to clean them up

Rich B Mar 20 2009

Indeed, most 10k+ users on SO are only going for rep and spend most of their time answering questions. This includes answering NPR and dupe questions before they are closed.

I rarely see 10k+ users making significant edits to other people’s posts or voting to close.

“I nominate Rich B.

The man has already shown himself to be willing to take a stand to close frivolous questions and edit poorly-worded and antagonistic questions so that they make sense.”

And that would make him a terrible moderator. The community is already able to edit and close questions where needed. The one thing we *don’t* need is a moderator who does that, bypassing the usual voting system.

Moderators are useful because of the extra powers they’re given. Not just because they do the same as the rest of us, only faster and more aggressively.

@Rich B: “I misspelled it once, and the guy cried about it. I deserve to have a little fun too every now and then.”
No you don’t. Not as a moderator. And not at the expense of other users. You get to be abused, and not be allowed to answer back.

You certainly shouldn’t actively *contribute* to turning someone else’s answer into a 85-comment long flame-fest. (as in mmyers example). And even if you do, a moderator should own up to it and say “I fucked up”, and not “I deserve to have a little fun”.

Enough about Rich B.

Some people above have said a moderator should be a super-active highly visible person. I can agree with active, but visible? I don’t see why. The best moderator is one who keeps the site running, and doesn’t really get noticed. Someone who *doesn’t* close questions or edit them regardless of the OPs wishes, except in extreme cases. Someone who only intervenes when it’s actually necessary, when the “regular” community is unable to handle the situation.

Apart from that, I agree that picking someone with expertise in different tags than the current moderators would be a good idea. Sure, a moderator should try to keep track of all questions under all tags, but ultimately, it’s helpful for him or her to have a clue about what’s actually being discussed. That makes it a lot easier to spot nonsensical questions, or *knowing* what to edit.

Bill the Lizard or JaredPar would make good candidates though. They’re active, always helpful, know their stuff, and cover several tags that the current moderators don’t often browse. And they seem to have a knack for editing people’s questions for clarity, without going too far, changing the meaning of the question, or confusing the OP or people who already answered the original question.

It’s also nice to see someone suggested litb above. I can’t say I’ve really noticed him moderating much (as in editing posts, closing questions and so on), but damn, he knows his stuff, and deserves some recognition for that. If you ever introduce per-tag moderators, he’d be a stellar candidate for C++. :)

Frakkle Mar 20 2009

@jalf: In my opinion, if you rely on the community to entirely self-police, you’ll end up dilluting the usefulness of this site. The genuine programming questions will become fewer and farther between as people accept ‘social’ questions and general ‘chatter’ more and more.

Soon it’ll just be another place to bullshit.

SO is useful to me because it is so potent in its saturation of to-the-point information. If it loses this, I don’t think it will be useful. It may be a big friendly community, but it won’t be useful.

There’s enough social sites out there. I say let this one have strict moderation to keep it on topic.

Rich B Mar 20 2009

@jalf: You sure seem to assume a lot about what I would do as a moderator based on seemingly no evidence or knowledge of me.

Also, why are you now assuming I am a moderator when you are arguing against me being one? I was a normal user when I tried to edit the man’s post to remove offensive material. If he is going to pitch a fit, I say I do reserve the right to poke a little fun at him by leaving a letter off his user name. You cannot seriously find that offensive.

Cherry picking a single instance where I had a disagreement with an author but managed to stay professional about it with the exception of spelling his user name wrong is a bit silly.

Rich B Mar 20 2009

@frakkle: I agree, but I don’t see why anyone would think that a moderator would somehow overshadow the normal avenues of community moderation. I am a huge fan of that moderation, I would not want that to change.

However during times of true problems, it would be good to have an active mod that is not afraid to keep the site in shape. There are a lot of posts that definitely don’t need to be voted on in the first place (tupac spam anyone?) and should be deleted with no hesitation.

Many rollback wars need to be locked quickly. I see many cases where the rollbacks from OPs are simply ridiculous and are only to preserve offensive or argumentative material. Right now the only tools we have is to wait for the comments or rollbacks to solve the issue. The mods will likely never even see it until it becomes a staggering issue.

Being active on IRC, SO and UV as well as being on top of these issues will bring about a much swifter response and should eliminate the problems before they get out of hand.

This is certainly the case for mmyer’s example. That post needed to be locked within the first few rollbacks. The OP was clearly wrong and needed to be stopped.

EpochWolf Mar 20 2009

Another nomination for Rich B

I nominate @1800 INFORMATION

jms(1293) Mar 20 2009

Benevolent dictators,

Consider a lottery with term limits. The lottery pool could be limited to the proposed reputation cap or not. In the end you are still the man in charge and could extend or end the term on your whim. If anything the lottery gives you nice way out if things don’t work out.

cletus Mar 20 2009

It’s a shame Jon Skeet has declined but I can understand it too. He’s an amazing contributor so on one level any moderation he does would probably take away from the huge volume of answers he gives.

Whoever is picked should be technically competent, show restraint, be able to interact with the community without repeatedly upsetting people (some people just rub others the wrong way) and, most importantly, mature.

And honestly I think this disqualifies both RichB and Gortok.

Bill the Lizard is probably a good (and already nominated) candidate.

This is an important decision and will affect how the community evolves. I wrote some about this on Uservoice:

toast Mar 20 2009

Joel Coehoorn
Paul Tomblin
Bill the Lizard

And no, I wouldn’t give Rich B that much authority, he violates Gortok’s 3 and 4. I believe that pretty much anyone in the IRC channel should be looked at with caution since it essentially becomes an echo chamber, where the wants of the channel start to take priority over the community at large.

Rich B Mar 20 2009

@toast: You realize most of the people nominated here are commonly on the IRC channel, and that there are commonly debates about SO moderation, etc, right?

Please don’t state abruptly inaccurate things about the IRC channel since it is clear you don’t know anything about it.

cletus Mar 20 2009

@toast: I completely agree with the IRC comment. It’s an example of negative behaviour in the sense that it’s the beginnings of self-imposed elitism and insular behaviour. It’s really not that much different to Wikipedia’s secret mailing list:

Rich B Mar 20 2009

@Cletus: That is just ridiculous. Everyone freely advertises the IRC channel, there are lots of dissenting opinions on the channel, and anyone is free to join.

Please don’t spread this ridiculous propaganda. Seriously.

Join the channel and check it out before making ridiculous assertions please.

BobbyShaftoe Mar 20 2009

I don’t know about this process but I would nominate:

Bill the Lizard
Greg Hewgill
Konrad Rudolph

toast Mar 20 2009

I’m not talking about a channel specifically, I’m talking about IRC channels generally.
If it is not an echo chamber now, it will progress to this point. That’s what happens in closed groups.

True, I’m not aware of the current roster on the IRC channel, and maybe even some of the guys I suggested do frequent the channel. In which case, I would want that to factor into whether or not they are trusted with that power.

Plus, when did opinions become wrong?

Rich B Mar 20 2009

@Toast: Nothing wrong with opinions, but you are making gross public assertions that conflict with reality. The channel is in no way ‘closed’ or homogeneous.

I will tell you that there is even one of the SO devs on the channel usually.

Be fair, don’t spread lies and misinformation please.

toast Mar 20 2009

@Rich B: Why is it always hyperbole with you?

Rich B Mar 20 2009

@toast: I am only using the words you have said. I am not exaggerating anything you have said.

Hammer Mar 20 2009

Rich B is “not” an ideal candidate for super moderator.

I think he is “extremely” useful to the site in his current capacity. We are all aware he makes a huge effort in keeping things clean and hopefully he will continue to do so. I feel SO is fortunate to have him.

Having said that, he is a controversial figure and has this strong ability to rub people the wrong way, whether it is intentional or not. There is lot of negativity around him. You dont want those kind of guys running the site.

I hope he will withdraw from the race for all our sake. We want strong silent leaders.

Somebody like:
“Rich B edits” Union “Jon Skeet respect”

cletus Mar 20 2009

Hammer: I disagree on one point. I don’t think its necessary for a super-moderator to be a big editor. We already have (lots of) people who can edit.

The point of a super moderator is to be the ultimate arbiter for resolving disputes (rollback wars, open/close wars and such).

toast Mar 20 2009

@Rich B: I’ve never said that I was out of touch with reality, or lying, or making “gross public assertions that conflict with reality”. Those were your words.

Rich B Mar 20 2009

@toast: You /are/ making gross assertions that conflict with reality.

I cannot change what you said.

toast Mar 20 2009

@Rich B: No, but you can change what you say and stop taking everything everyone says to bizarre extremes. Being so annoying that no one wants to debate with you doesn’t make you right or a master debater, just annoying.

Rich B Mar 20 2009

@toast: It is your choice to take this personally. I don’t feel your statements were accurate, fair, or true. I don’t feel bad for pointing this out to you.

Hopefully in the future you will not make these kinds of statements that are inaccurately categorizing 38+ people.

toast Mar 20 2009

@Rich B: It’s also your choice to take it personally. I only described a social phenomenon that happens all the time. How you feel about it is a non-issue. It wasn’t personal, though you seem to think it is. I didn’t categorize anyone. Except as users of the IRC channel. Which would be true. And I said that due to the echo chamber effect, I would hesitate to put any of those people as moderator.
What’s offensive, out of touch, inaccurate, or whatever exaggeration you come up next about that?

As for you being annoying. Well, you are.

Rich B Mar 20 2009

@toast: Again, characterizing the 38+ people in the IRC channel without even knowing who they are or what they do or say in the channel is unfair and inaccurate.

toast Mar 20 2009

What did I characterize them as? I can’t see where I did that at all.

moron Mar 20 2009

IMO anyone who accepts a moderator position is clearly unsuited to the role

Paul Tomblin

And yeah, i do think Rich would make a decent mod, although i’ll allow that he’s probably just as useful doing what he does now. Regardless, he’s currently 300+ points below Jeff’s 7000 cut-off, so it doesn’t really matter.

Michael Pryor Mar 20 2009

I respect Skeet’s reasoning for not being a moderator and think it makes sense.

I nominate Anythonywjones

Oscar Reyes Mar 20 2009

Although Rich B is willing and able I would suggest to re-consider it’s nomination.

StackOverflow needs a new moderator not a new dictator.

Take for instance this conduct:

Jophut says something “a lot of his etc. etc. 3 and 4″

The then he replies about 2 minutes later arguing “Please reference to something that….”

That comment it self is a violation of the rule #3

Should exhibit patience

All the edits from Rich B show exactly the opposite, he is inpatient almost by definition.

Later he monopolize the conversation.

Although I agree his job is very useful, I don’t think he needs more power that he currently have. Moderate is NOT create or modify the content. It is not about making SO going around one guy.

Over the last year, the four all moderators have done a great job, by NOT getting in the middle of the community.

Watching them around is rare, they are not intrusive.

Rich B, you’re great at editing, keep on that please!

I would nominate Jon Skeet exactly for the same reasons he refuses:

1) Since he’s the top user, he doesn’t need that much of the rep anymore.

2) You could keep answering anyway. I bet Jeff could create a “su – moderator” switch on StackOverflow so you transform from Jon Skeet to Jon Skeet – Moderator. :P

But since we cannot force him:

-Paul Tomblin
-unknow(google) or unknow(yahoo) :-)

@Rich B:
I assume nothing about you. I simply point out that some of your previous activity pretty clearly violates the requirements placed by Jeff on a moderator. The one assumption I make is that if you were made a moderator, you would continue to behave roughly the same way as you do now.

“If he is going to pitch a fit, I say I do reserve the right to poke a little fun at him by leaving a letter off his user name. You cannot seriously find that offensive.”
Yes, I can. 1: It is disrespectful to the user in question, and 2) look at the outcome. You managed to turn the answer into 85 comments of flaming and arguing that ended up with the entire answer getting locked. So even if it had not been disrespectful, it was harmful to SO, to the community, to the person asking the question. The one thing a moderator should never do, is allow arguments and fights to spiral out of control. And even if he does, a moderator certainly shouldn’t egg it on, or *participate* in it.
And no, as a moderator, you would not have the right to make fun of users. Being a moderator isn’t all fun.

“Cherry picking a single instance where I had a disagreement with an author but managed to stay professional about it with the exception of spelling his user name wrong is a bit silly.”
Calling your behavior “professional” is silly.
Claiming the sole right to judge your own behavior is silly.
mmyers did not find your behavior professional. I did not find your behavior professional. The people making the rest of the 85 comments did not find your behavior professional.

There are several problems here:
– disagreement with an author: Jeff is looking for a moderator, not someone to argue with posters. You don’t have to “agree” with everything. If you don’t, just keep out of it.
– the inability to *handle* this disagreement. Intentionally misspelling users names, arguing, fighting, never letting go, letting the entire thread spiral out of control.
– And finally, your attempts even now, much later, at justifying your actions, defending yourself, taking it all personally.

Saying that we are “cherry picking” a single bad instance would have held some merit (everyone has a bad day from time to time), if your answers here hadn’t confirmed the same concerns. You have shown pretty clearly, I think, that this was not a single isolated incident, that you are literally unable to let go until you’ve cleared your name and convinced everyone that you’re right. And that you don’t like admitting your errors.

A moderator should not be someone who turns any disagreement into an endless argument as here or in mmyers link.

Apart from that, I’m not sure I see what the extra moderator is needed for. I haven’t really seen a need for more moderators, although I can understand wanting to prototype the process before launching RackOverflow.

A few people above said they wanted stricter moderating on SO, and in a way I agree. I wish there was a clear policy against the “for fun” or nonsensical questions. There are plenty of resources for fun and socializing and goofing around on the internet. But there isn’t currently such a policy, it would have to be introduced as a conscious decision that is applied consistently, not by voting for a moderator who turns out to be a stricter than the current ones.

I’m flattered by all the nominations. I have to say, though, if I were to accept a position like that, I’d like.. if not a firm policy, at least some guidelines about where to draw the line?

There are questions out that that make me think some people want this place to become “Facebook for Programmers”, which I am 100% against. There are other questions that people have turned a benevolent blind eye towards in spite of their non-programming-related nature. I mean, look at “Jon Skeet Facts”. Obviously Jon is a person who has contributed so much to this site that he deserves a bit of recognition and people should be allowed to have fun with it. But on the other hand, we get the obnoxious trolls who say “how come you closed my question about the best cat to have in your lap when you’re programming but `Jon Skeet Facts’ is still open?” What can you say to them except “if you don’t get the difference, then you need to lurk without posting for a while?”

That said, I’d like to nominate Pax and Bill The Lizard and Konrad Rudolph. There are lots of other worthies out there, but since I don’t participate in the MS-specific stuff that much, I might not see them.

Please dont make rich b the moderator or i will be forced to launch a new 2pac attack, posting lyrics against Rich B. LOL

Jordie Mar 21 2009

I nominate Pax, Mitch Wheat and cletus.

I use the IRC channel (#stackoverflow on and find it very useful.

The channel has an official bot feeding the latest questions as they are submitted, making it a great tool for both editors and answerers.

I highly encourage anyone who enjoys spending their idle time on stackoverflow to join the channel. The more people present, the more oversight there is. There are several frequent editors active in the channel, and if you are concerned by their modus operandi, please, join in!

Paul, you’re an evil, evil person. Now I’m having to fight the temptation to download an IRC client just for the sake of #stackoverflow.

No, I am stronger than this. I *will* maintain non-zero productivity…


@Jon There’s an initiation ceremony you need to pass before joining the channel :P

@Jon – I just had the same internal struggle, and also decided “no IRC”.

Re the IRC generally; I wonder why this *is* IRC… due to network restrictions, I doubt I *could* join. Curious that it isn’t NNTP or similar. Heck, a third SO site would do the job!

Maybe it is just the questions I get involved in (I tend to avoid the “what’s your favorite ” etc, and I have a clear bias towards the .NET stack and a few others), but *personally* I simply don’t see a lot of uncivil behaviour on SO (and I’m there quite a bit). I’m not arguing it doesn’t exist, though.

I’m flattered by the nominations. Thank you all.

I want to second Joel’s request though that we have to place a high value on diversity in moderators. For sake of discussion, if Marc, Jon and myself were the 3 moderators, that would be really cool for the .Net and Java related posts but would do pretty much nothing for python, ruby, etc …

Perhaps we go about this a different way. Pick the 10 most popular tags (excluding subjective) and put the top 5 users from every tag up for nomination. Allow 1-2 users per top 10 tags to be moderators. 10-20 moderators is certainly more than what Jeff was looking for but I don’t see how we could really choose only 3 people that would be diverse enough to have a significant impact on the site.

My votes in no particular order:

Marc Gravell
Greg Hewgill

I would’ve stuck a vote in for Jon, but seeing as he’s more or less declined I’ll leave him out.

My nominations by category would be

– MS Technologies (Marc or Joel)
– C++ (LitB or Konrad)
– Dynamic (S.Lott or Greg Hewgill)
– Java (Bill the Lizard)

cletus Mar 22 2009

The other factor to potentially consider is to try and have someone generally available at all times. No point having all 5-6 mods on for 12 hours a day and then none for the next 12.

Wacky idea alert: I wonder if moderators shouldn’t perhaps try to use their moderation powers only in tags they’re *not* usually active in.

Let the active community round a tag sort out edits, terminology etc. Shouldn’t moderation be about taking action when it’s needed in a echnology-neutral way?

What sort of action would require you to know the subject matter beyond just being reasonably tech-savvy? By acting in tags *other* than the ones you normally post in, you’d be avoiding any suggestion of trying to game the system in your own favour, e.g. by deleting
ival answers.

Just a thought, more likely to be useful in terms of explanations as to why it’s completely stupid than on its own merit.


Though as discussed before here, being the top rep in a certain tag or in general is only an indicator that the person answers or asks questions well, but it doesn’t show how good of a moderation candidate that person is.

Though that person could be the best person for the job (not arguing that)

What a prime candidate should have is respect from his peers, from good standing in editing and/or modding.

cletus Mar 23 2009

See I disagree about the editing thing. I actually think a moderator should do little editing. After all we have people who can (and do) edit already. Why do we need a moderator for that too? So issues of what tags you’re active or not active in become largely irrelevant, except for one thing: you will tend to look at questions in your active area(s) and see any potential problems.

I think the job of a moderator should be:

– Lock posts/threads if necessary;
– Settle edit and rollback wars;
– Ban (temporarily or permanently) users who spam or abuse (like the 2pac spam incident);
– Delete inappropriate content;
– Ultimate enforce SO policies when the community fails to but the moderator should be a last resort;
– and so on.

You don’t even need to be active in the relevant tags to do the job as long as there are relevant tools available (like the 10k rep tools but more are needed).

So it’s arguably better if you’re not actively involved in certain tags because you’re arguably more objective than someone who’s active (there are exceptions both ways).

GregD Mar 23 2009

As a moderator of a popular social news site, for which I’m paid, I can assure you that RichB would not make a good moderator.

He is, to say the least, a polarizing figure who cannot handle criticisms. Having “fun” at the expense of users, is antithetical to being a mod.

There are 155 users with 7k+ rep, and I really only associate a few of them with names – so I really don’t feel qualified to give a good suggestion. There are doubtless many in that group that would do a great job.

Still, a few I know about:

Gortok – stable, honest, has a good eye for what is SO

Jon Skeet – his reticence only makes him a better choice – face it, he’s always here, and he will err on the side of allowing the community to mod itself

Bill the Lizard – How can you not vote for the lizard?

There are many others (Paul T, Simucal, Joel C, etc) that would do a fine job at it…

I can’t nominate Rich B. He would be a great super-moderator, but he’s very visible and open (ie, he explains what he’s doing and why, which only riles people up) – I believe a super mod will necessarily need to step back, let the community police itself, and when they do step in there’s no need for explanation. I believe he’s actually very suited to the level he’s at, and is good at it. It’s really too bad that that he’s getting such a huge backlash – rather than closing things he has made an effort to edit them so they remain open, but the original authors (and others who believe in the sanctity of the original post) would rather see the vote for close than the editing. But he’s getting an unfair amount of flak because he’s open and honest about it.

It will be interesting to see what happens. However, the people who read this blog are self selecting – make sure that’s the intent.

Also, Roj, thanks for the nomination. I’m not present enough to take on moderation duties (You’ll see my rep goes up in spurts) plus I like voting to close questions that aren’t strictly related to programming. If I was super mod I’d have to stop doing that and only moderate in extreme cases. There are better candidates than me for that reason alone (ie, I don’t want to stop giving my vote to close for inane getting to know you, ‘favorite x’, job, employment, etc type questions). Beyond that, I’m not really present on UV, and I’m simply not interested in doing the janitorial work here – being a moderator in any community is arduous, thankless, tedious work.

Joel A: Good luck selecting another moderator! Don’t get too democratic about this. Think more “benevolent dictatorship” and less “let the community choose their leaders”.

But I do hope you can get a few more good super mods so you and the development team can spend more time building the site and less time stopping schoolyard fights. There are many in the ranks that will do very well, but I honestly recommend interviewing them via phone or face to face if possible. The interactions on SO, UV, IRC, are relatively limited. Further, you might consider inviting them to the podcast and officially introducing the new mods so SO users can get to know them a teeny bit more. Never underestimate legitimacy of ceremony.



TheTXI Mar 23 2009

*Adds a couple of closing signatures to the end of Adam’s post*







Rich B Mar 23 2009

* Goes back to delete all of those signatures.



The drama would far surpass all that MySpace and Facebook can muster, combined. It would be a virtual drama explosion. I’m laughing out loud right now just thinking about it.

You. Have. To. Do. It.

(captcha: yoga-and-lunch. WTF books are they OCR-ing??)

Frakkle Mar 23 2009

After catching up today, I see a number of people have asked that the nomination of RichB be reconsidered.

I please the contrary — at least leave him in the running.

Again I feel the need to reiterate that he is by far the most active editor and uses his limited power as a user to keep StackOverflow on topic. His actions show that he cares very much about the community and wishes to ensure that it remains a valuable resource to us developers.

There is no one else as active in doing this. Of the few that do edits and cleanups and do downvotes for being off topic, many have done so by taking after RichB’s example.

At the very least I believe he deserves a fair shake.

Frakkle Mar 23 2009

NEED EDIT BUTTAN: “I plead the contrary”

@Frakkle : I disagree with your latter assertion:

“Of the few that do edits and cleanups and do downvotes for being off topic, many have done so by taking after RichB’s example.”

While RichB and I are similarly minded when it comes to edits; I tend to do few ‘more expansive’ edits than many ‘smaller’ edits. Our scope matches up in some regards, and differs in others.

Also, I’ve been editing for as long as I’ve had the ability, it’s only been for the past month that Rich B and I have actually started ‘working together’ instead of just crossing paths when we’d both edit a question or an answer. So, to suggest that I’ve only done so after his example is a falsehood (though since I’m ‘quieter’ about the comments I leave, I don’t see your comment as a disingenuous attempt to show Rich B as the “Be all and End all” of editors).

CAPTCHA: Maybe Successful. How apt.

Frakkle Mar 23 2009


I didn’t mean to imply that all editors are following RichB’s example, but I do know of some who do.

LOL at the duplicate signature in my last post & Gortok and RichB’s comments.

Completely unintentional, but hilarious in this context.


Add me to the list of those tempted to install an IRC client just for this. It’d never work though: I haven’t tried, but I’m sure IRC would be blocked at the office here.

Joel – IRC is blocked here, but mibbit (Olafur posted above) is available and works (so far…).

It’s fully HTTP so unless they block the website itself, you should have no problem getting connected.

There are also online java applet IRC clients, but those use real IRC protocol, and many places have those ports blocked.

Mibbit is how I participate (as stienman).


Also, sorry to TheTXI and Gortok for confusing you two. You don’t look alike at all. No really! I can tell you apart…

Too bad RichB can’t edit my posts and fix them for me.


@Adam he can, he just doesn’t want to :)

Michael Stum

Jon B Mar 24 2009

Jon Skeet (although I understand his point)
Joel Coehoorn
Marc Gravell

Not Rich B.

TheTXI Mar 24 2009

I’m not sure how the democracy thing works exactly (in a perfect world the winner would always be the one with the prettiest pony), but I don’t think you can “un-nominate” someone by trying to cancel out someone else’s nomination.

belgariontheking Mar 24 2009

@Jon B: What the hell is up with that word in front of Rich B’s name? It doesn’t belong there. Lern2English.

I’m accepting generous donations to the Rich B for PREZ fund.

@belgariontheking – Rich B is the most juvenile, annoying person to deal with on stackoverflow. He preaches the FAQ at you, but tends to ignore the parts that he doesn’t agree with. He spends all his time attempting to control every aspect of the site and constantly acts like he is the figure head and when he speaks he doesn’t on behalf of all us little users.

That said I would like to nominate Rich B – Stackoverflow would fall under communist rule and it would become useless as a Q and A site but think of the pure entrainment value!

BitchB(sorry misspelling you know how that can happen): please insert comment below….

TheTXI Mar 25 2009

Wow, who shit in your cheerios this morning?

Pesto Mar 25 2009

@Ted: Haven’t you been following the news? Socialism is so hot right now!

TheTXI Mar 25 2009

I am pretty sure the original aim of this website was to be communally ruled. I think that’s why the term “Community Driven” is stressed so heavily by Jeff Atwood.

If you are going to throw up an almighty bitch-fest about something, I would appreciate it if you would stop throwing out boogeyman words without understanding what the hell they actually mean.

Sorry Calcification on Communism – I was referring to the North Korean kind, NOT the Lenin idealistic version.

You guys are funny. It’s a website with information, not a cancer care center where one silly change will kill someone.

Take a deep breath, and repeat after me, “If I am not comfortable with the idea of my questions and answers being edited by other trusted users, this may not be the site for me.”

Breath in. Breath out.

There. Don’t you feel better now?


Rich B Mar 25 2009

/me edits ‘-Adam’ out of previous post.

EpochWolf Mar 25 2009

@Jon Skeet if you don’t want to download an IRC client, you can always try >:)

/me votes duplicate on EpochWolf’s reply.

I vote for
Bill the Lizard

TheTXI Mar 25 2009

How does this anti-nomination thing work again?

belgariontheking Mar 25 2009

*puts the -Adam back into Adam’s post

TheTXI Mar 25 2009

*Initiates Rollback War*

OK my first post was a little over the line I was just annoyed at the time.

As it says on the sidebar of every edit page, here’s what makes up good editing practice as we see it on Stack Overflow:

* Fix grammatical or spelling errors.
* Clarify meaning without changing it.
* Correct minor mistakes.
* Add related resources or links.
* Always respect the original author.

I don’t have a problem with this in fact I think its a great thing!

However, Rich B goes over line and always has to have his way… I really think he would not be the best choice as a moderator.

Editing is welcomed and encouraged. However, if the author of the post is resistant to your editing changes, even a perfectly legitimate edit based on the above rules, be the bigger man (or woman) and let them have it their way. Our goal here is not to cause friction between users, or to make everything perfect overnight. All we aim to do is gradually clean up and improve questions and answers together. When in doubt, just move on! There will be plenty of other posts and other edits you can make. In time, that reluctant author will learn how Stack Overflow works.

Frakkle Mar 25 2009

@Ted: I maintain that looking the other way too often will result in Stackoverflow rapidly becoming a place to just spam any question at all, and the ability to find actual useful, programming-related questions and answers will be greatly diminished.

That’s my view, and I think we need much stricter moderation than we’ve currently got to achieve it. Which is why I continue to stand by my nomination of Rich B.

Rich B Mar 25 2009


You listed:
* Fix grammatical or spelling errors.
* Clarify meaning without changing it.
* Correct minor mistakes.
* Add related resources or links.
* Always respect the original author.

Funny enough, that is what I spend most of my time on SO doing. Thank you for you nomination.

I would argue that you do the first 4 items fine, but as for “Always respect the original author”, I have seen a number of post where you openly mock them. And every edit war usually involves you. You act as though you are this figure head that speaks for the community.

I think it is a moderators job to be in the background stopping conflicts and keep harmony in community. You cause friction wherever you go… Do you honestly believe you would be the best person for the Job??

belgariontheking Mar 25 2009

@Ted: You better bring some links to this war, or you’re going down in flames

TheTXI Mar 25 2009

Sorry, respecting the original author only goes so far. If the original author is going to be an obstinate tool and continuously roll back any edits you make to a post (no matter how worthwhile they were) just because they felt personally offended, that’s the problem with the original author and his inability to cope with a wiki environment.

Rich B Mar 25 2009

@Ted: I dispute your claims. I always respect the author. My editing is all about respecting the author and making their question or answer better for them and the community.

I haven’t seen a rollback war in a good long time, especially one that involved me, not sure where you are getting that from.

And since I am not a moderator yet, I cannot demonstrate my moderation capabilities. I am doing everything I feel is correct with the power I have right now though.

If you feel I am being abusive or having a negative effect on the community, by all means, report it.

belgariontheking Mar 25 2009

@Ted: That’s the sound of you burning alive.

@Rich B I do feel you have a bad affect on the community but that is just my opinion. Unlike yourself I don’t think I my opinion automatically represents the entire stackoverflow community. But I do appreciate your permission to report your actions.

You still have not answered the question. Do you really think you are the best person for the job given the amount of friction that often surrounds you?

@belgariontheking Thanks for the commentary, It is very useful.

Rich B Mar 25 2009

@Ted: Again, I disagree with your claims.

‘Friction’ happens. I do not see how it makes any difference with me doing my job either as an editor or as a moderator. People will, and do, move on and get over these issues.

So yes, I feel I would be a great choice and that the community would benefit greatly from me being a mod.

@TheTXI That is my entire point, since it is a Wiki environment and it is just a question- Then what is the point in fighting with the author? If the question sucks it will be closed, if it is offensive it will be removed. It is so stupid to start these endless comment/edit wars. As for who is being an “obstinate tool” I think that it is just a matter of perspective.

Rich B Mar 25 2009

@Ted: If you feel like arguing about edits, posts or behavior I invite you to do so. You have the great edit war blog comments and IRC to take advantage of. This is not the proper forum for these complaints.

I think we all get your point.

Thank you for your time and concern.

belgariontheking Mar 25 2009

And seriously, noone who’s employed has more time to fuck around on SO than Rich. You might not think he’s employed, but he is.

@Rich B I am sure you do feel you would be a great mod, and it doesn’t surprise me at all that you feel the community would “greatly” benefit, you being there self appointed spokesmen and all…. Do you honestly believe you are a spokesmen for the whole community? You language suggests you follow that line of thinking. It does surprise me that you know that you do offend people, then casually play it off with your “don’t worry they get over it” attitude.

@belgariontheking again, thanks for the input on Rich B’s employment status.

TheTXI Mar 25 2009

@Ted: It is a wiki environment and it is just a question, but people seem to forget that this website is structured to serve more than just the initial question poster. By cleaning up posts you make the post not only better for the initial question poster, but also easier to read and follow for people who will come down the line looking for answers to their own questions.

I believe that those being obstinate and difficult concerning edits are doing a lot more than themselves a disservice by getting personally offended.

Frakkle Mar 25 2009

@Ted, etc.

I understand entirely your views on Rich B, but I think it is only fair that he be accepted as a nominee. This does NOT make him a moderator — it would go to a vote.

Then people get to decide who would be the best moderator from that list. If you’re so sure the community would not want Rich B to be a moderator, then why not simply let him be nominated and lose the vote fairly?

I want all discussion of ‘un-nominating’ anyone to cease. Let the community vote decide.

@Joel Coehoorn: I greatly appreciate your kindly nomination, but these days I can barely find the time to answer a few paltry questions; i do not think i would be able to devote any significant time to being a moderator.

I nominate Jon Skeet, Marc Gravell, and tvanfosson – for the obvious reason that if these three rep-stars are busy moderating, that gives everyone else a chance to catch up a bit ;-)

addendum: though RichB probably means well, his heavy-handed style and choice of Jesus as an avatar does not bode well ;-)

cletus Mar 26 2009

LOL @RichB: friction doesn’t just “happen”. It “happens” to you because you rub people the wrong way, insist on getting in people’s faces, automatically think you’re right just because it’s your opinion, can’t comprehend (let alone respect) alternate points of view, bizarrely think you speak for or otherwise represent SO or even the majority view and can’t just walk away from a conflict.

You also say that you haven’t been involved in a rollback war for awhile and also, as a completely coincidence, you haven’t seen one either. What I find funny about those two statements is that you seem genuinely convinced that the two observations are unrelated when they most definitely are not.

Sorry but you as being obstinate, self-righteous and basically just immature would be a terrible choice for moderator. Feel free to keep your hat in the ring but even if you somehow got voted up (which you wouldn’t) Jeff would have to have some kind of aneurism before he’d actually act on it.

Good luck though. :-)

Rich B Mar 26 2009

@Cletus: As has been pointed out before, there are other avenues for you to express your feelings towards me that would be more productive.

Rich B Mar 26 2009

@Steven A Lowe: Not sure where you get the ‘heavy handed’ thing from, but along with the ‘Jesus’ thing I will just assume you are joking altogether.

However, I do feel like I should point out: who says my avatar is ‘Jesus’? I see no cross, no crown of thorns… is every guy with long hair and a goatee Jesus now?

TheTXI Mar 26 2009

The only Jesus I know of has a darker complexion and speaks to me in Spanglish when I see him at the grocery store. But he’s cool.

Jon B Mar 26 2009

You said it, cletus.

@Rich B “Is every guy with long hair Jesus”- ahhh no. just like everyone with a big nose is not Pinocchio, and everyone that says obstinate things is not you. However, if your avatar strongly resembles an image that can be found in most churches then one can only guess your attempting to make some sort of statement. As to the statement, one can only assume that you see yourself as some sort of god like figure.

Steve Lowe, being the nice guy he is, is attempting to be political. Something you know nothing about, which is why it comes across as “joking” to you.

TheTXI Mar 26 2009

So because Rich puts a picture of Whitey Jesus as his avatar he thinks he is god now?

As sweet as it would be, I don’t think my avatar pictures makes me any bit prettier or more magical.

Frakkle Mar 26 2009

Small point I’d like to toss out there about Rich B’s avatar:

His previous avatar (the one with the ‘fro), he was asked politely to not use anymore. And he stopped.

Rich B Mar 26 2009

@Frakkle: At that time I thought of myself as a skinny math geek misfit!

Rich B Mar 26 2009

@Frakkle: And before that I thought I was a very speedy super hero!

Jon B Mar 26 2009

What was wrong with the ‘fro avatar?

Rich B Mar 26 2009

@Jon B: It was deemed to hideous. It was scaring children and causing old people to have strokes.

I removed it for the good of humanity.

TheTXI Mar 26 2009

It made my pony skittish.

Oscar Reyes Mar 26 2009

@Rich B

I think you’re perfect in the role you already have: 3,000+ editor with a lot of energy to correct everyone’s post and even remover polite greetings.


As a matter of fact, don’t even need to get to 10K. Just.. keep doing what you’re doing so far.

p.s. You don’t need to correct the above sentence either it reads pfelrecty

Rich B Mar 27 2009

@Oscar: Again, so what is the harm in letting it be put up to a vote?

Why do you feel that it is productive to rudely interrupt a nomination process?

BTW since i am now past the 7k mark, i want to clarify that my self nomination above is a joke.

If someone wanted me as a mod candidate, id gladly accept a nomination but i don’t think i have the time for it though.

I support the nomination of Bill the Lizard, Marc Gravell, and JaredPar.

Pesto Mar 27 2009

@Oscar: That whole jumbled word thing is a load of crap, as is elisay detartsnomed tguorhh slpmiy rnisreveg the ioiretnr snirtsbug.

Aha! Rich B passes the 7K mark, becoming eligible for nomination…

Therefore, I nominate Rich B for the position of Stack Overflow Moderator. Rich is a long-time member in good standing, widely respected for his dedication to the site and its goals. Tirelessly he has worked to edit in improvements to questions and remove inappropriate posts. His patience in explaining the reasoning behind his actions to new or confused users is legendary, in some cases resulting in hundreds of comments discussing potential improvements to a question.

Rich B Mar 27 2009

@shog9: Thank you sir. Always nice to see some appreciation for my effort.

@Shog “Rich is a long-time member in good standing, widely respected for his dedication to the site and its goals His patience in explaining the reasoning behind his actions to new or confused users is legendary, in some cases resulting in hundreds of comments discussing potential improvements to a question.” — ARE YOU DELUSIONAL? Have you recently had a knock to the head?

You are both as bad as each other, constantly belittling new users with aggressive comments and your self righteous attitudes. It is intimidating enough trying to take part in an established community without “Certain People” aggressively jumping on every mistake they make. I have never see a sign that either of you two have a clue how to be even the slightest bit political about anything. You would BOTH make horrible moderators.

@Rich B the fact you want the extra power so badly say LOADS about what kind of mod you would make.

TheTXI Mar 27 2009

The fact that you are trying to hard to prevent/dissuade the nomination of someone says LOADS about what kind of paranoid delusional you are.

belgariontheking Mar 27 2009

And the fact that I just read something written by Ted says LOADS about my sanity.

@Ted: mate, it’s awful hard to judge another person’s attitude based solely on the scribblings they leave in blog comments… still, i can’t help but think you’re taking this all *entirely* too seriously. Too much stress is bad for your health you know…

Try answering some questions on Stack Overflow. Always helps me get mellow. And remember: it’s all just text.

cletus Mar 28 2009

@shog9: I disagree that its awful hard to judge. Perhaps this is an age thing but I’ve found that for most people somewhere in your 30s you realize you’ve met pretty much every kind of person there is.

Now that’s not to say that people can’t still surprise you but people can be broadly classified in such a way as to describe their major personality traits.

One of the fallacies of youth is to have a warped perspective of one’s uniqueness.

Classic example: teenagers who think their parents just don’t understand, etc. Every teenager generation thinks that. The circumstances might be different but the issues of rebelliousness and the assertion of identity are as predictable (and old) as the Sun coming up every day.

Now while teen rebelliousness typically dissipates in one’s 20s it is replaced by other fallacies.

So anyway, someone’s words–what they say, what they don’t say, how and when they say it–are about the best material for judging someone there is.

@RichB Not only is your avatar obviously Jesus, it’s also cropped from a copyrighted image: see the sixth image on

Dissembling coupled with delusions of godhood – this does not speak well of your character sir. Perhaps it is all in jest? If so, I don’t get the joke!

Bill Karwin

P.S. my first CAPTCHA had a 1/2 symbol in it….

TheTXI Mar 30 2009

Since I am using a pony as an avatar, does that mean I have delusions of ponyhood?


Rich B Mar 30 2009

@Steven: Please keep your delusions to yourself. Not every long haired guy with facial hair is Jesus.

As for the original image? That might be where it came from at some point, but it is definitely not that image anymore. (Ask Jeff Atwood, I am sure he remembers the original uncropped version!)

Anyway, your argument is ridiculous and I am not even sure why I would even try to defend myself from it, so I will let it drop. If you think I have a god complex, that is fine. This is neither the time or the place to express this.

cletus Mar 30 2009

If it makes you feel any better I don’t think you have a God complex RichB. I actually think you suffer from feelings of inadequacy, which you overcompensate for by exerting whatever control you have on mediums such as this.

It’s why you can’t let things like rollback wars go and insist on “my way or the highway”: these are all affronts to you personally.

Rich B Mar 30 2009

@Cletus: I would expect such a long time member as yourself to not be throwing personal insults in a thread clearly devoted to nominations. You should definitely be aware of the proper avenues for complaints of misconduct by now, so you truly have no excuse for this kind of behavior.

Your insults are not productive.

Very disappointing indeed.

Devin Jeanpierre Mar 30 2009

Wait, you honestly think that because Rich B has Jesus for an avatar he thinks he’s God? TheTXI is correct, that’s complete bull. You can’t honestly be trying to judge whether he has some sort of psychological disorder based on an avatar. It could be a goddamn inside joke for all you know, or he could in fact be mocking you. That’s worthless, and it convinces nobody else that he’d be a bad moderator. What would convince other people would perhaps be an example of him being a real (and not just kind-of or almost) dick on stackoverflow, or of him participating in an edit war (which you have stated here, but not backed up), or anything else. Right now it’s a bunch of he-said-she-said, despite the fact that there is a definite burden of proof, on your shoulder.

I nominate Charlie Martin

@Rich B: my opinion stands; your insults are meaningless chatter.

An observation: people who cannot be wrong, who misdirect and insult rather than admit the obvious, in general do not make good moderators.

Thanks for the public demonstration and good luck with the nomination.

Rich B Mar 30 2009

@Steven Lower: I have not insulted you at all. Although some people might consider implying that I have some sort of mental disorder an insult towards me.

cletus Mar 30 2009

@RichB: you think those are insults? There is a key difference between “insult” and “observation you disagree with” but the fact you don’t realize that is exactly the reason why so many are objecting to your nomination.

Rich B Mar 30 2009

*@Steven Lowe:

Rich B Mar 30 2009

@Cletus: Your armchair psychology is definitely a direct insult.

As for ‘objecting to my nomination’ this is not how nominations work. You can vote on it later. That is the whole principle.

You’d think that in this age of the Internet, all of you would have heard of the Streisand Effect ( ) by now. By wanting to remove Rich B from nomination, you just gain him notoriety writ large.

cletus Mar 30 2009

I guess we can add “easily offended” to the list of (many) reasons to object.

The fact that half a dozen or so people felt strongly enough to speak out against you RichB should tell you something about how you deal with people (ie badly).

And you want to argue a technicality that “this is not how nominations work” in an effort to silence people because they can take it to the vote?

Whatever gets you through the night…

Rich B Mar 30 2009

@Cletus: This is not a technicality. If you think the community despises me so much, then you have nothing to lose letting this go to a vote.

Again, this is not the correct forum for you to express your personal feelings towards me. You should know better.

cletus Mar 30 2009

To quote me:

“Sorry but you as being obstinate, self-righteous and basically just immature would be a terrible choice for moderator. Feel free to keep your hat in the ring but even if you somehow got voted up (which you wouldn’t) Jeff would have to have some kind of aneurism before he’d actually act on it.”

You’ll note I said “Feel free to keep your hat in the ring” and that stands.

That doesn’t mean however that I don’t think you’d be a terrible moderator (I do), that you’d be voted up (I don’t), Jeff would abide by the vote if you were (I don’t) or you should withdraw (I do).

Quarrelsome Mar 31 2009

NOT RichB or Doak. You might as well appoint me and i’m a troll that likes to argue.

I’d suggest people like Will, Mark Gravell and Adam Davies. People who have shown themselves as humble, courteous and active on the site.

Marc Gravell

belgariontheking Mar 31 2009

what a bunch of cocky arrogant pricks, thinking Jeff wouldn’t abide by the vote of the people when he has SAID that he supports the direction the community goes even if it’s different from his vision.

Do you people listen to yourselves? or do you just mash your head on the keyboard and hope something intelligible comes out?

CAPTCHA: Schott W.Rob’son

set Sign NEUTRAL Mar 31 2009

My Nominations:
Rob Cooper
Tom Hawtin
Vinko Vrsalovic

gabriel1836 Mar 31 2009

I found the following interesting link:

Perhaps the best potential moderators are not those who the most passionate…

Remou Mar 31 2009

Nominate Bill the Lizard

Jon B Mar 31 2009

I think the real concern over Rich B’s nomination is that he probably has more supporters than any *single* other individual. If the vote is between Rich B and a dozen other nominees, Rich will win – even if most people *don’t* vote for him.

If Rich is going to be a nominee, I suggest a runoff election.

TheTXI Mar 31 2009

That’s assuming that you only get one vote. If we are going to do it in true StackOverflow fashion, everyone would be able to be voted up and down accordingly.

That’s amusing, coming from someone who made an attempt to nominate 4 or so people.

TheTXI Mar 31 2009

The sheer level of FUD being tossed around in these blog comments is astounding, over just the PROSPECT of Rich B getting put on a ballot. Going so far as to call for a rule change (before the rules are even initially written) to try and damp down some sort of advantage he might have over other candidates.

This process really doesn’t have to be this long and mind numbingly idiotic. All you have to do is take the top nominees (say 10, which I would assume would include Rich B in that top 10). Put it up on a Community Wiki poll and allow people to vote up or down as they see fit. You’ll quickly find that Rich B will probably get down voted into oblivion and then that would be the end of it. You get to have your mod who most likely won’t be Rich B, and Rich B will be satisfied having been on a ballot. Case closed.

You people sitting here and crying like little children are amazing. Grow the hell up.

Jon B Mar 31 2009

If downvotes are allowed, this will be an interesting election.

Rich B Mar 31 2009

@TheTXI: Agreed. Look at the incredible advantage Jon Skeet would have (if he had not already refused the nomination), and no one is crying out for a rule change because of that.

FUD is probably a good term for this. Or perhaps a mass paranoia.

Rich B Mar 31 2009

@Jon B: If I truly have so many more supporters than detractors, who are you to say that their votes are somehow not valued the same way? You do realize how a majority vote works right?

This is a community site driven by the wants, needs and desires of the community, not by a small gang of internet thugs who try and defame a respected contributor of the community.

Jon B Mar 31 2009

@Rich B: I am suggesting that you have more detractors than supporters. However, the detractors’ votes will be spread across many other candidates.

If TheTXI is right that we’ll be able to downvote, then this is a non issue.

TheTXI Mar 31 2009

Even if we are only allowed to upvote and you can still get one upvote per nominee (basically a nod of “yes he is acceptable”) then it is still likely that Rich would get blown away by other users like Skeet or Bill the Lizard.

The only way in which Rich B has any real possible shot of winning an SO election is the one vote per user rule, and surprise surprise, that’s the method you’re most against.

Democracy only works if it gets you the result you wanted.

Devin Jeanpierre Mar 31 2009

@Jon B: Instant runoff elections are crap, and runoff voting is drawn out and painful. A condorcet method (preferably Schulze, or Schulze-STV if there will be multiple winners) would be best.

I personally can’t imagine why we can only ‘elect’ one. We elect multiple, and let our Benevolent Dictators decide who should stay after the ‘probationary’ period. Obviously, I think I’d be a great moderator: But who doesn’t think highly of themselves?

CAPTCHA: completely female.


TheTXI Mar 31 2009

I have serious self esteem issues.

Suck on that Gortok.

Jon B Mar 31 2009

I have successfully turned this into a debate about the foundations of democracy.

If we figure this out, we should seriously consider taking over the world.

CAPTCHA: partly 4:30.

belgariontheking Mar 31 2009

@Gortok: I would make a horrible mod. I would ban half the community every 28 days.

CAPTCHA: quired cornet (or comet)

Just round up nominations and vote, if the community wants RichB then they will get RichB.

There is always a person in an election that you do not like. That’s why you vote.

Incredible that you need to explain stuff like this.

Captcha: $600-mill minus

“The nomination period will last for one week.” But it’s been a week and a half. When is the election?

(The most likely explanation is, of course, Jeff’s new baby. Or maybe it’s taking him a week just to read through the comments here.)

Captcha: abounds voters. Nice!

belgariontheking Mar 31 2009

@Olafur: Tell me about it. These people sound like the Republicans this year (OMG THE ECONOMY MADE OBAMA WIN), or the Democrats 4 years ago (OMG THE GAY MARRIAGE BAN MADE DUBYA WIN) or /anyone on the losing side of an election in the history of the world/.

The only difference: This election hasn’t even happened yet and they’re already grumbling.

I have nothing of value to contribute, except the wisdom provided by the reCaptcha I am presented with:

hard Clinton

Indeed, reCaptcha, indeed.


traingamer Apr 1 2009

Bill the Lizard.

If the most-mentioned, most posting, most ‘like to hear himself talk’ person on this thread is elected, that will just contribute to the perception that this site really is a waste of bandwidth.

Let’s not confuse widely known with popular or deserving.

captchca: operate Timothy

TheTXI Apr 1 2009


The only reason Rich is even on here talking is because other people are talking about him.

And how would his being a moderator make the a waste of bandwidth?

TheTXI Apr 1 2009

should read “make the SITE a waste of bandwidth”

traingamer Apr 1 2009

As a current or former moderator on game sites, game forums and tech forums (not always under this id), I’ve found that moderators work best when they apply ‘power’ in moderation (no pun intended). Except for outright ‘blue’ or ‘hate’ speech, I rarely use editing, muting or removal. And on tech forums, I try to limit my comments to the forums where I have some expertise.

The person referred to earlier adds a lot of noise to this site. This reduces the effectiveness (and, in my case, my enjoyment) of this site. (That is what I meant by, ‘contributing to a negative perception of this site’.)

Besides the obvious and timely removal of objectionable material, moderators should only edit content for clarity, not because they dislike the way it was worded or answered (the voting system will take care of that).

TheTXI Apr 1 2009

StackOverflow is a wiki-oriented site and revision is one of the central tenets of the wiki philosophy. This isn’t your run of the mill forum.

belgariontheking Apr 1 2009

@traingamer: So now you’re going to insult someone without even giving their nick? What exactly do you expect to accomplish?

traingamer Apr 1 2009

@belgariontheking: “So now you’re going to insult someone without even giving their nick?”

It really wasn’t meant as an ‘insult'; more as a ‘share my opinion’.

“What exactly do you expect to accomplish?”

I am of the opinion that the post spoke clearly. That’s (at least) twice you’ve really had nothing to say about my posts, but felt the need to comment anyway. I’d ask you the same question, but then you’d feel compelled to answer. And like the last time, I’ll choose not to respond to you, and you can be blissful in your perceived ‘victory’.

(The actual answer is that I hoped to contribute to this site and this thread.)

belgariontheking Apr 1 2009

@traingamer: that’s all very nice, but you really could be talking about anyone. You’re probably talking about Rich B, but who knows? You haven’t actually said that. OH SORRY I should have said “the person mentioned above” like our literary master here.

I’m of the opinion that you’re a complete fucktard.

CAPTCHA: not McFate

Frakkle Apr 1 2009


I understand your point of view. For my part, I just have a different view. If stackoverflow continues its trend of accepting (or even encouraging) non-programming-related questions, or just marking up social/joke questions all the time, then the site is useless to me.

It is most useful to me when it is strictly trimmed down to concise, on-topic questions with pointed answers. Your use of the site may be very different from mine though.

traingamer Apr 1 2009

@Frakkle: I’m not certain that we are that different. I’ve only answered one non-programming related question (unless you’re someone who thinks css isn’t programming related).

My ‘typical’ use of StackOverflow: I choose a keyword, review topics/threads, vote up responses that answer a question, add comments that might further clarify that answer, attempt to answer questions that have not been adequately answered (that fall within my realm of expertise) and occasionally vote down an answer that is way off target.

If that’s not how it’s supposed to work, then I guess I am doing it wrong. :-)

ok, nominations are closed. I grabbed anyone who was mentioned in the first 30 or so posts (not ironically by themselves, I mean, you can’t nominate yourself, lol).