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Jeff and Joel at MIX 09: Live Podcast

03-13-09 by . 15 comments

Joel and I will be at the upcoming MIX 09 conference in Las Vegas next week.

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More specifically, we’ll be doing the Stack Overflow podcast live from the show!

Tuesday, March 17, 2009, at 6:30 PM
At the Third Place hang out area
The Venetian Las Vegas
4th Floor, Marcelo 4403

You will need to be registered for the conference (which takes place at the Venetian). You do not need to be registered for the workshops.

This is technically the day before the conference begins, but if you’ll be there, do stop by! I know Joel is bringing all kinds of crazy audio equipment for lots of audience participation.

Geoff Dalgas and Jarrod Dixon from the Stack Overflow team will also be present for the duration of the conference, so if you spy them walking around the Venetian, feel free to strike up a conversation with them and grill them on any aspect of SO. I grant anyone reading this full permission to monopolize their time. :)

If you can’t attend the conference, as a perk for those viewing remotely over the web, there’s also a brief 30 minute online-only Q&A after the keynote with Scott Guthrie (aka “The Gu”) and myself. I believe we’ll be taking questions through the Twitter #askthegu hashtag. And with any luck I’ll have nothing to say because the Gu has more programming knowledge in the tip of his pinky finger than I have in my entire body.

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Can’t wait to meet you guys in person. I’ll be there early myself and trying to hunt down the SO team. : )

This is the ONLY time I wish I still lived in Vegas. I’ll make sure to catch the Podcast!

nobody_ Mar 13 2009

I imagine that when Joel suggested doing the podcast live, the conversation went something like this: :-)

nobody_, Joel makes that very joke at the end of podcast #45.. :)


Hah, listened to 45 and never caught that.

nobody_ Mar 13 2009

Yeah, I got around to listening to that podcast a few hours ago and realized that I came late to the party. Oh well, it’s still funny. :)

With regard to the live podcast, will home viewers be able to watch it online live? If not, please at the very least videotape it and put it up on YouTube (or your favorite video sharing site) afterwards. Thanks!

Tim Lara Mar 13 2009

You just had a baby and then you get to go to Vegas in a couple of days? Your wife *is* awesome. I barely had time to go to the bathroom for the first year after my son was born!

Rob Cecil Mar 13 2009

Cool, my flight gets in to LV at 5:20pm. I should be able to make it!

It would have been nice if you would specified GMT too. Not everyone is from US, you know…

Peter Mar 14 2009

Is that 6:30 PM PDT?

Gamecat Mar 15 2009

Shame it’s on the other side of the ocean. If you are on a tour in Europe, I would be glad to join.

Have fun!

Erm – so is there a link to the feed anywhere?

So, is this going to be available for download for those of us that couldn’t make it to Vegas?

Odd that the “live” podcast is going up later than the usual non live podcast (which I am usually listening to at the gym right about now).