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New Datacenter Migration

02-08-09 by . 34 comments

We just finished migrating our new servers over to the new datacenter at PEAK Internet.


The installation was aided greatly by Stack Overflow team member Geoff Dalgas, who happens to live about a mile from PEAK in Corvallis, Oregon. He visited the facility before the servers arrived, and also helped with their installation. Having Geoff as our “Remote Human Access Card” wasn’t the deciding factor in our choice of datacenter — but it definitely helped!


Geoff recently had his first child, Caleb, and we thought it’d be fun to juxtapose his baby with.. our babies. Aww. So cute! The servers, I mean! You did a fantastic job on both, Geoff.

PEAK internet impressed us with their detailed technical responses to our requests (yeah, we’re picky), and their outstanding dedicated business hosting rates.


Note that we have moved a bit further to the west coast of the USA in this migration (from Arizona to Oregon), so you may see a tad more latency depending on where in the world you live. Not much we can do about that.

“There’s nothing you can do about latency,” says John Romero, referring to physical restraints that slow down network play. “It’s inherent in the system.”

“Yeah,” says John Carmack wistfully, “the speed of light sucks.”

We believe the speed increase of the new servers will more than offset any latency differences. Here’s to a long and harmonious relationship with our new hosts, PEAK Internet!

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nobody Feb 8 2009

Congratulations! The site seems much faster, too! :-)

Awesome! doesn’t seem to work for me but ho-hum. I’ll live until the DNS works itself out.

Congrats guys! and thanks!

saner Feb 8 2009

Congratulations! Could you write post about how much bandwidth you use?

Nothing but good can come of this!… I hope :)

cute baby!

Bremen Feb 8 2009 gives a 404 now, not sure if that’s intentional.

so, that’s why there’s no logo on so site :)

Donal Feb 8 2009

Baby pictures, eh? You’ll be hearing from Richard Stallman about that…..

Odd: for a while I could see the rss feed for this post but not the item itself.

Simucal Feb 8 2009

I have a question. Jon Skeet is such a pop-culture figurehead of SO, why don’t you have him as a guest in one of the upcoming podcasts?

Even some of SO’s advertisements have Jon Skeet jokes in them, so it would seem only fitting to have the top ranked SO member on the show.

It is time to put a voice to that extremely prolific SO poster.

mendicant Feb 8 2009

Ummmm… He spelled Kaleb wrong.

Nimesh Feb 8 2009

Probably you have already noticed this, url is not working, I get a DNS error when I try to access this site.
But and works fine! also returned me the error

> gives a 404 now, not sure if that’s intentional.

Good catch, I just added that name back in.

Graphain Feb 8 2009

Wow incredibly faster!

gamecat Feb 8 2009

Geoff, congrats with your kid.

Site still not up for me, still getting: “Stack Overflow server has moved to: – New server will be available soon!”

What’s up?


The DNS for seems correct here!

and here

@Jeff: Weird. I’ve even flushed my own DNS Cache, but even when I go to I get a 404…

nobody Feb 9 2009


Visiting the IP directly doesn’t work. Have you tried setting to the new IP in your hosts file? That should do it until your DNS gets the new records.

It apparently wasn’t working in Chrome only. Restarting that app fixed the issue…

I love the effect of the first picture, that’s out of focus on the far end… what’s that called?

jason Feb 9 2009

@Juan Depth of field.

Hazar Feb 9 2009

to be technical, the speed of light isn’t the problem here. If you lived right next to wherever the servers were in Arizona before (say Tucson) then the extra 1200 miles to around Seattle would only add a bit more than a half of a millisecond to the latency.

The real latency comes from all the routers/switches/gateways in between.

“the speed of light sucks”

Well, should consider upgrading to the new Quantum Entanglement Instantaneous Transmission protocol. Understand it still has a relatively minor glitch: Because is devised at the level of quantum effects, where causality tends to become a hazy matter, sometimes search results will show up in your browser before you’ve entered the criteria.

JeeBee Feb 10 2009

Sadly still not working here (UK) :(

On the day that I recommended it to someone else as well.

Eric Z. Beard Feb 10 2009

I’m having no luck logging in. Maybe it’s my OpenId provider, :(

Eric, for some people clearing their domain cookies (for helps with any login issues after the server move.

Eric Z. Beard Feb 11 2009

That did the trick, thanks. Does OpenId embed an IP address in one of the cookies? Seems odd.

Also, whenever I log in, I usually have to click the Login button 4 or 5 times (getting “failed to authenticate with OpenId provider” each time) until it finally lets me in. It’s been that way since the beta.

John Kleiser Feb 11 2009

I had the same as above, “Stack Overflow server has moved to: – New server will be available soon!” for a day until I restarted Chrome.

theman Feb 11 2009

I CANT WAIT TILL TOMORROW!!!!!!!! #41 is going to be real good I can feel it already!

I give you 500 of my rep if you post the podcast in the next 5 mins :)
btw is Geoff play too much Blood like me (monolith, where are you now?).. caleb has a nice expression “Man, JS is getting a totally unfair headstart in the rep race while I’m losing precious time being a baby!”
Geoff, here’s to more memorable baby moments in the future.

*did* Geoff play too much Blood 1..
Need to type sentences as fast as my brain reframes them :)