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Where In The World Do Stack Overflow Users Come From?

01-13-09 by . 28 comments

Someone asked what the breakdown of Stack Overflow users is by country — on Stack Overflow. I didn’t think it was a particularly appropriate question, because it’s a poll, a meta-question, and not even really a poll about programming per se. Sort of a triple whammy.

But I’m happy to answer here on the blog, with a breakdown of Stack Overflow traffic by country, courtesy of Google Analytics, accounting for all traffic since our mid-September 2008 launch:


United States 36.3%
United Kingdom 8.5%
India 7%
Canada 5.1%
Germany 3.7%
Australia 3.0%
Netherlands 2.1%
France 1.9%
Sweden 1.8%
Italy 1.6%

There’s definitely a long tail to this graph, if you consider that the top 10 countries only make up 71% of the total.

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Request for related graph – if you know which country a user is from (primarily, anyway) it would be fun (and *only* fun!) to see the breakdown of reputation by country.

I think it’s interesting to note that every, inhabited continent is represented on SO, and that almost every country (that one can see on this map) is also represented.

@Jeff, in addition to the % could you add the raw numbers.

@Jon Skeet, Agreed that could be interesting although I have a slight feeling that it would mirror the above data (+/-).

Anders Jan 14 2009

Woho, Sweden with only 9 million people is on ninth place!

Although I’m not surprised the UK is No. 2, I am surprised at how high the differential between 1st and 2nd is.

I’d be interested to see the top 10 in terms of proportion to total population.

The USA has 4 times the population of the UK, so in that sense, the UK use of SO is about the same as the USA.

No inparticular reason, just idly curious.

Björn Waide Jan 14 2009

Would anyone had assumed another picture? I think the picture reveals an inherent problem regarding future growth of the plattform: The language barrier. 5 of the top 6 countries have english as their first language. As Jeff said somewhere else, most of the traffic on the site comes from search engines. So whenever someone types a question into his favorite search engine and does so in his native language which is not english, it’s very likley that he will not get SO results.
Coming from Germany and being in the software industry I know that you won’t get around without learning and using english, but you can’t force everybody to do so.
Are there any plans to provide mulit-language support in SO?

Thomas Owens Jan 14 2009

I’m curious as to how locations can be plotted using the profile’s location field and Google Maps. It might not be the best, since it is user input, but it would be interesting.

Chris Jan 14 2009

Woho, Australia with only 19 million people is at sixth place!

Thanks for that! I was the one that asked the original question – sorry if it was out of order, but I guess I am not the only one interested…
What we have here does not answer the origin of the registered users (it includes search results as Björn Waide wrote)

@Thomas Owens: These results are from Google Analytics, which automatically geocodes the IP addresses to the country of origin. Discounting the rare cases in which out-of-country proxies are being used, this is the most accurate way to collect data about countries of origin. Also, it would be possible to look up a user’s country of origin based on their profile, but it would be slow, less reliable, and not as representative of all the users.

Thomas Owens Jan 14 2009

@William Brendel: I was thinking more like being able to find other SO users in your city/neighboring cities.

Here’s that list adjusted for population:

1st Sweden
2nd Canada
3rd Australia
4th UK
5th Netherlands
6th USA
7th Germany
8th France
9th Italy
10th India

Of these 10, Sweden has by far the highest per capita usage of SO (29% higher than Canada) despite English not being the first language.

@Thomas Owens: SO could do something like Ohloh ( does and allow users to (optionally) specify their position on a map so that users can see which other users are in their locality.

Doesn’t this reflect activity more than the actual number of users?

I’d also be interested in a breakdown for the registered users only.

If one correlates this new data with what you posted previously about the times of day with the most question activity one gets to a surprising (at least for me) result: Most users appear to be using StackOverflow at work rather than in their spare time! I know I do but somehow I didn’t expect the majority of users to do the same…

U! S! A!
U! S! A!
U! S! A!


*wait for someone to create a user called “Carmen Sandiego”*

I was really hoping the answer would be something like “basements.”

nobody Jan 14 2009

Thanks for sharing, Jeff. I love stats like these, and I hope that these are just the first in a series of blog posts with this kind of data.

Also, I realize that this is an international community, but I would be interested in a breakdown by US states, both by total visitors and adjusted for population. Thanks.

Hey, I post my question from France but I’m Canadian !!

My guest : a lot of questions posted outside the USA were probably posted… by American peoples.

Having stats about nationality could somewhat change the picture, I think. But is it relevant ?

BobbyShaftoe Jan 14 2009

It’s also interesting to think about combining numbers from countries that border or are geographically very close and speak the same language. For instance, Germany and Austria.

@BobbyShaftoe – Canada and USA speaks the same language and are close. I don’t think neither the German nor the Austrian people would appreciate being bundled.

Gamecat Jan 22 2009

O my, 7th place for the Netherlands. So much for wooden shoes and tulips ;-).

Good to see India there..

mdiezb Feb 3 2009

From Spain. How many?

Santiago Feb 5 2009

@mdiezb – Hi, at least one.

Augusto Feb 9 2009

If that doesn’t count for unique visitors, and knowing the guy as we know, probably that 8.5% in UK is just Jon Skeet, so is more a country vs a person!

@Augusto – “probably that 8.5% in UK is just Jon Skeet”; well, maybe the 8.4% – I’d like to think I played a part ;-p

fretje Aug 22 2009

@Dustin: haha! I would so like to upvote your comment! :)