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The Stack Overflow Development Process

01-31-09 by . 14 comments

I occasionally get questions about the Stack Overflow development process. It goes a little something like this:

The Stack Overflow Development Process

(with apologies to the always-excellent Bug Bash.)

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John Feb 1 2009

Couldn’t even make the case match? Tsk.

Nice one :D Oh and if you want to listen to John, try for comic fonts.

Gamecat Feb 1 2009

Hm, looks like our development process, although we run in orderly squares (cubes for the seniors).

This isn’t the right venue for this comment, but as I don’t know quite what the right one would be.. is it just me, or are the titles of the archive pages of the form “January del 2009″, “May del 2008″, etc? Is this a bug, or is my OS giving me Spanish for some unknown reason (I’m running KDE4, title shows up the same in FF3 and Konqueror)?

*irony on* That’s what you get for shunning TDD. ;) *irony off*

theman Feb 2 2009

I cant wait for the next SO podcast. Im addicted to that more then the site.

Eric Haskins Feb 2 2009

@matt johnson, I’m having the same issue. I just never noticed it before. FF3.0.5 on Vista SP1.

Yeah, I’m in US Eastern time – and I’m up yet again :)


Great.. another comic site to get addicted to. Thanks Jeff..

DrJokepu Feb 4 2009

@Matt: That’s a known bug in KDE 4.1. Maybe they will fix it in 4.2.

Seriously though, what makes you think this is a bug? The “unknown reason” you cited is probably that Jeff felt really creative.

theman Feb 4 2009

im getting so excited, tomorrows the big day!!!

@DrJokepu, I have no problem with a little creativity. Jeff, please feel free to delete my comment above (and this one) if it was intentional.

I’ve been running 4.2.0 since release, and the title remains the same.

Bring on podcast 40!

Hitec Feb 5 2009

> I cant wait for the next SO podcast. Im addicted to that more then the site.