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The Best Time to Ask a Stack Overflow Question?

01-05-09 by . 19 comments

Simucal asks:

What is SO’s peak time of day in terms of number of users on the site? I’m curious because there are times when I want to ask a fairly niche question and asking when the most number of users are on might be beneficial.

I did a quick query on non-deleted revisions, grouped by hour of day GMT time. Here’s what I came up with.


Looks like the most popular time to post is between 15:00 and 22:00 GMT/UTC, at least for all Stack Overflow data between launch and today.

You’ll have to convert those GMT hours to your local time zone, of course. For the USA, that’s:

Eastern Standard Time GMT/UTC minus 5 hours
Central Standard Time GMT/UTC minus 6 hours
Mountain Standard Time GMT/UTC minus 7 hours
Pacific Standard Time GMT/UTC minus 8 hours

I’m a PST guy, so for me that means the best time to post a question I needed an answer to ASAP would be at the beginning of this activity peak — very early in the morning, probably around 7 AM to 8 AM. Ugh.

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Simucal Jan 5 2009

Thanks for the post! Curious, what do you use to generate your graph images?

Interesting, It seems that I am asking all my questions at the wrong time!

BTW, any chance of getting more access to these numbers on demand, anytime soon?

Karellen Jan 5 2009

Surely the best time to post a question you need an answer to ASAP, is ASAP.

Matt B Jan 5 2009

So this works out to roughly 9am to 5pm EST.

The Right Coast rules again

LOL! We’ll get you!! and your little dogs too!

A “number of users” online indicator would probably help others get a sense of concurrent load and population.

Assuming that the number of people reading and the number of people asking questions have the same distribution, it shouldn’t make too much difference – yes, there will be more people reading at the peak time, but if there are also more people asking questions, your new niche question will disappear off the bottom of the first page earlier.

The post title should probably be… “Jon Skeet’s free hours”

Mehrdad, agreed. lol

So, does that now means that Americans post on StackOverflow during their work hours, while Europeans post after work? I KNEW IT!

Wedge Jan 6 2009

@Michael, no, it means that Americans AND Europeans post during their work hours. There’s just more Americans using Stack Overflow so that skews the results.

It would be interesting to have a graph that showed activity by tag for the different time frames.

I notice that in the early mornings more php and c questions are asked, while during the day more .net questions are asked.

I’d also be interested in seeing the distribution by day of the week. I suspect it would be skewed towards M-F, but it would be interesting nonetheless.

Oh, I can tell you without looking it’s HEAVILY M-F. Friday is a bit light as well.

Anthony Jones Jan 8 2009

Of course also tells us when its a good time to answer questions with reduced chance of suffering fastest gun in the west syndrome.

For me (UK) that would be 7 – 9 a.m. except my guess is Jon and Marc are doing the same. :(

Rob Wells Jan 9 2009

G’day Jeff,

I’d often wondered when “the sweet spot” occurred. Thanks for confirming my hunch!

BTW Thanks for a great resource.


Just curious Jeff, but what tool did you use to create that graph image. It is basic but sharp looking!

Tim Barrass Jan 20 2011

*Could* be Google Chart Tools.

Damodar Apr 19 2011

all of you wrongly estimated, SO peak time = Indians peak working times = Americans sleeping time.