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New Replies Notification

01-28-09 by . 43 comments

We just rolled out a new replies notification feature. You’ll notice that there is a small envelope icon next to your name at the top of the page.


Every 30 minutes, we check to see if new comments have been added to your posts, or if new answers have been added to your questions. If so, the envelope will light up. Mousing over the envelope will explain what’s going on.


Clicking on the envelope in either state will take you to your recent activity page. This page is private to you.


The focus of the recent activity page is things other Stack Overflow users have done to your stuff! In other words, if users have…

  • added answers to your questions
  • commented on your questions or answers
  • edited your posts
  • voted your content up or down (or otherwise) affecting your reputation

It’s visible here.

We also have a handy topbar notification if you’ve been away from Stack Overflow for at least 24 hours. It links to the exact same page, but will tell you exactly how many new answers and comments your posts have generated while you were gone.


We’re still refining how the recent activity page works, but hopefully this will make it easier for you to find (and possibly respond) to the answers and comments left on your posts!

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Awesome! Thanks guys. Keep it up.

Excellent stuff Jeff, there are exactly the kinds of widgets that are really going to make SO stand apart from all the other Q&A sites!!

However you should go take a look at this issue with the new activity tracker:

It’s a bit of a showstopper for those of us who still like to snuggle up to IE7 :)

All the best

Can I just say… SWEET :o)

Guy Incognito Jan 29 2009

Impressive stuff – thanks!

Motti Jan 29 2009

Sadly this breaks the Yahoo! pipes that people created in order to be create RSS feeds for responses(*) and since this page is private no such pipe can be created (could this be on purpose…).

Just a matter of interest, if this page is private why does the URL specify the user-id? (


If I click on it, ie7 crashes :S

Am I the only one?

Oops, hadn’t seen Kev’s comment, sorry

DrJokepu Jan 29 2009

Great stuff, well done!

gamecat Jan 29 2009

A verry big WOW!

The entire team just earned 10.000 Geek points.

I’m no fan of the bounty system but this was what I always wanted but where to afraid to ask.

Joel Coehoorn Jan 29 2009

It works pretty well for me, but it still misses one important case:

Let’s say I comment on someone else’s question or answer, possible asking for additional information. They’ll see that in their responses and most likely eventually reply. But I’ll never get any notification about when they replied. If I don’t go back and keep checking the conversation died there, and the question likely remained unanswered.

Juan: I have the same problem with clicking the envelope crashing IE7, for me under WinXP 32-bit. The ‘More Information’ link on the crash dialog redirects to a page stating “This problem was caused by Windows, which was created by Microsoft Corporation. There is no solution for this problem at this time.” :-(

The one time I did see the page when it first went live, the layout looked a pretty screwy with text cut off in several places. In face I’m noticing this with a few SO pages now under IE7. If this isn’t happening already, can the SO team please check that the new features work under all of the common browsers before putting them live? Thanks.

Works just fine in IE8 on Win7. Thanks for the great feature guys.

Did you change how interesting/ignored tags are being highlighted? It now appears that if a question is tagged with a word that contains as a substring a tag that I want to ignore or that I find interesting, the question is highlighted.

For example, if I have “java” flagged as interesting, any question tagged “javascript” is now also showing up highlighted yellow (orange?). This isn’t too big a deal until you take into account that someone might have “c” flagged as either interesting (as I do) or to ignore. Almost every question now shows up highlighted for me.

I added this to uservoice if anyone has anything to add.

Craig Jan 29 2009

Clicking the mail icon in IE7 causes crash with error:

“SysFader: iexplorer.exe – Application Error”

“The exception unknown software exception (0xc0000005) occurred in the application at location (0x4340d214)”

Sean Ennis Jan 29 2009


To be positive, I’ll start of with what I like.
* I like the ability to filter on time ranges.
* I like the summary of activity at the top

I dislike:
* The 14 day limit on the range. How much of a performance hit is 6 months or a year of activity (for everyone but Jon Skeet)
* The the one day default for the range; give me a couple of days of history at least – I haven’t done anything yet today to report on.
* The size of the times on the left (even in that soft grey it is a little in your face).

Pedantic question time: Where is that screenshot from? It shows Jeff has ~8k reputation when you have ~11k rep.

Andy V Jan 29 2009

Is this why stackoverflow pegs the cpu on my browser when looking at a question? This is on an old mozilla, but it still does it to a lesser degree on a recent firefox. The page appears static, but the browser is definitely working on something…

Crashes on IE6 too (work restriction).

SO Build 2334 – codename: “Vista” ? ;-)

Lance Roberts Jan 29 2009

It crashes my IE6 with the following message: “An unhandled Win32 exception occured in iexplore.exe[2260].”

Jon B Jan 29 2009

Crashes IE7 on Vista.

This is a useful feature, thanks. However, the changes to the user recent activity page don’t display properly in Opera (I’ve raised this at User Voice).

To solve the problem Joel Coehoorn points out, we would need “reply” feature to comments creating threaded comments. Twitter-like reply would work I think.

@Sean: The default time period is annoying for me too, but in the other direction. I typically only want to see *today’s* activity, not today + yesterday.

I don’t know whether the best fix for this would be a user option, or just remembering the last period you looked at.

I’d also argue that this ought page ought to contain *everything* I want to see about myself: both the existing stuff and everything that’s currently on the user profile page.

In particular I don’t like having to switch between the two to see what I’ve recently done (answers and comments I’ve recently posted). It’s a UI inconsistency. Basically I think there ought to be a single user profile UI, where some tabs are removed when you’re looking at a different user.

Having said that, this is the first version of this UI and it’s already incredibly useful, so good job :)

> I’d also argue that this ought page ought to contain *everything* I want to see about myself

More along those lines, it seems as though most of the newer features we’re seeing are more focused on showing us what’s happened *recently*. What about the posts I made in the past? There are times when I want to find that one post I made that one time whose name I can’t remember.

Before, I’d wade through all the answers on my profile, but now I can’t do that as that’s limited to 100 posts. Some kind of archive type feature that lets me go back through older posts would be nice.

I like this feature. Good work.

Morten Christiansen Jan 29 2009

Am I the only one where the mail icon keeps being reactivated by the same stuff?

Sam Hasler Jan 29 2009

What’s the difference between answers and answer responses, and comments and comment responses?

@Jason M – agreed. I have old answers on the site which I’ve now started to refer to in new answers that are now hard to get at because of some of the decisions taken recently. I can use the rep history page with the graph and set a large date range, but the presentation is somewhat wanting with having all your posts crammed into that tiny scrolling div/panel. Also who knows when that gets clobbered by a 14 or 30 max day range limit?

Jeff….why do you make this so hard? Why can’t you just give us a paged list of all our past posts (and comments maybe), say 20 per page? The usability score of SO in this respect has taken a bit of a dip. Yes all the fancy MVC/Ajaxy UI toys are very nice and cool, but you’re making it harder for us to perform certain tasks such as mine my/other users old content in a systematic way.


So what’s going on with the podcast? Could you please tell us in advance if it won’t be posted as normal?

Mark Biek Jan 29 2009

I think this feature is a great idea but I’ve been getting a lot of false-positives.

I’ll come back to the site, the envelope icon will be lit up but my recent page hasn’t changed at all.

nobody Jan 29 2009


The podcast is delayed because Joel was in Germany. This possible delay was mentioned by Joel in the last podcast (#38 at 1:06:40) and confirmed by Jeff on Twitter:

Duncan Godwin Jan 29 2009

@ray. Last week Joel said the podcast may be a little late because he is/was away in Germany.

Nicely done. Kudos!

Frank Jan 29 2009

Am I the only one who thinks this is the most confusing looking page ever? I mean, big fonts are cool, but using big fonts to display numbers in a million formats that make no sense to me? It’s like getting slapped after first being kicked hard in the groin.

Seriously, did we do any reality checks on this page? I do not understand it. I was really looking forward to this feature but all I can do now is shake my head.

Nice try. Start over please.

My guess is That Jeff and co must really really really hate RSS feeds. I can think of no other reason to waste time producing such a page, whilst continuing to refuse to provide simple RSS solutions to keeping track of comments and answers.

Of course it does occur to me that the problem in delivering RSS feeds to SO users might be because of the decision to use open id, rather than allowing local accounts, making authentication difficult.

@David Arno: RSS feeds may well work for responses and badges, but I don’t think they’d work for reputation. Personally I really like the information on the new set of pages. I would perhaps like it organised slightly differently, and certainly integrated with the main user profile page, but I definitely like having it there rather than as an RSS feed.

Tomalak Jan 30 2009

Getting false positives here all the time. The envelope is highlighted, but no new comments have arrived. In it’s current shape, this feature creates more problems than it solves. :-)

I also second Joel’s thought ( about a comment reply feature.

Often it comes to the point where one discussion spans two separate answers, because you and the other guy keep copying replies to each others answer to get each others attention. This is unnecessarily wasteful and confusing for third parties. A twitter style reply function could solve this.

Tomalak Jan 31 2009

False positives seem to occur less often now (if at all – not sure though).

Tomalak Jan 31 2009

Nah, false alarm. It’s still not working at all.

Jonik Feb 1 2009

I also get ‘false positives’ all the time. And when something does happen e.g. my rep goes up (I see the number has changed) the envelope can be slow to catch up (it still shows “no replies”).

I too like Joel Coehoorn’s idea. It might be also nice to be able to track new activity in any of my favourite questions (where I may not have participated myself), all on the same page. But like others said, thanks for the first version which is already very useful!

I am also getting false positives every few hours or so. No new replies, no rep change, etc. But the little envelope turns orange and I get all excited. Such a letdown :(