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Coming In March: IT Stack Overflow

As I alluded to in a previous post, part of the reason we’re investing in new server hardware is so that we can expand.

We will launch an IT-centric Stack Overflow sister website in March 2009

While we haven’t quite worked out all the details yet, here’s what we do know:

  • It’s a place where System Administrator and IT professionals — people who work with computers in a professional capacity, but aren’t necessarily programmers — can go to get their questions answered.
  • It will be functionally identical to Stack Overflow: same software, running on a different server, with its own private database.
  • It will have its own unique name and domain (and logo)

We’re well under way on the hardware and deployment side, what we don’t have is two things. We’re hoping you could help us with these:

  1. A name. We need a domain name for this new site! We’d like it to be a term immediately recognizable to sysadmins and IT pros, but with a double use. Very much like the name ‘Stack Overflow’ is for programmers: as a programmer, you know what a ‘stack overflow’ is, even if most people don’t, and yet ‘stack overflow’ is reasonably interpretable to the layman. That’s what we’re shooting for. We’d love to hear your suggestions that meet these guidelines (and are actually available as domain names, of course).
  2. Moderators and Leaders. We need at least two people who are plugged into the IT and sysadmin community to lead this thing, and act as moderators, guiding the nascent community. Ideally this would be someone who has a solid online presence, not necessarily huge, but a small audience at least. The important thing is that the candidates are part of the online conversation. And, obviously, system administrators or IT pros themselves.

Note that this site will be platform-agnostic, very much like Stack Overflow. We welcome UNIX, Mac, and Windows sysadmins and IT pros alike — we believe, just like programmers, we all have one thing in common: we love this stuff, and we’re willing to learn from each other!

So if you have suggestions for either, definitely leave them in the blog comments — or if you’d like to email us a suggestion privately, do so at this email address please.

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Personally, I’d just like to see the new site integrate with the old site well. I’d like to browse questions and answers from both sites, but not feel like I’m going some place completely different to do it.

> I’d just like to see the new site integrate with the old site well

We might do some sort of starting rep bonus for people with new accounts on the IT site who also have SO accounts — but other than that, two different audiences, two different sites.

Jeff J. Jan 14 2009

Name idea brainstorming:
Trouble Ticket

Good luck with the expansion!

How about “IT Overflow”. I know it doesn’t meet your criteria of “a term immediately recognizable to sysadmins and IT pros” but it builds upon the “Stack Overflow” brand.

Or maybe “Rack Overflow”, where Rack means a server rack.

Hopefully I won’t have to create another account :)

I’m not sure how available it is, but would seem to be close to the idea behind

It looks like is availabe, but it doesn’t sound as “catchy”.

* Port Blocker
* Password Reset

Boxes and Wires

I’m excited for the new site and I’m glad it will be separate.

@andrew – lol finaly I would use my openID for more then SO is not bad

Check out you can enter words and it will give you a list of doamins with combinations of those words, and it only lists domains that are available and they even give a link to buy the domain at godaddy.

James M. Jan 14 2009

Name ideas:
Call Support
Reboot Retry

How about “Open Port”? ?

I assumed it’d be a subdomain – “”.

I do like Phil’s suggestion of “Rack Overflow”.

Certainly if it is going to be its own domain, a similar “common error” theme is the way to go. I was going to suggest something along the lines of “blue screen”, but that’s a bit Windows-specific.

“” seems to be just a parked domain name – not in use. It’s similar thematically to

I like the idea for this new site, here are a couple idea for the name.
GeneralFailure (as in who is he and why is he reading my disc?)

Name Suggestion: Kernel Fault Check, seems to stay inline with the SO naming

“Request Timeout”

John Walker Jan 14 2009


Qberticus Jan 14 2009

pebkac :)

init six (ie runlevel 6 aka reboot)

romandas Jan 14 2009

How about systemresource or

How about:

IainMH Jan 14 2009

Out Into Space Jan 14 2009

Why bother finding a home for IT-related questions when SO is chock full of fluffy discussion topics that are barely programming-related at all? ?

About Time :P An IT Site would be great, also because in Small Businesses, Programmers are often doing IT work.

Naming… hmmm… Cable Monkeys is not really working (in my school, we had the terms Code Monkey and Cable Monkey to separate between Developers and Admins).

“ID 10 T” only works for people who work(ed) in Helpdesk, same for “PC LOAD LETTER”.


nobody Jan 14 2009

I second the suggestion to have some system integration between the two sites. Specifically, I think at the very minimum user accounts should be unified (though not necessarily the badges and reputation) and there should be a way to move questions between the two sites. Instead of closing a question as “not programming related” and telling the user that they must resubmit it to IT Overflow (or whatever the eventual name will be), I think that the question should be transferred to the sister site with the responses and corresponding user accounts intact.

By the way: Am i the only one who just tried to upvote some of the comments here?

IainMH Jan 14 2009

I’ve registered this if you want it but if not, I’ll use it.

nobody Jan 14 2009

> Why bother finding a home for IT-related questions when SO is chock full of fluffy discussion topics that are barely programming-related at all?

This is an interesting point – I think that in additon to the IT-centric site, there should be another site where meta discussions about the sites can take place.

I kinda’ like: – only cause I LMAO

others, less liked:

Joel: So, Jeff, when can we expect to go live with a private beta of an IT Stack Overflow version?

Jeff: Um…”It’s going to take six to eight weeks.” So…March?

Joel: How exactly did you come up with that number?

Jeff: Um, I, ah, have a list somewhere….I think. Ask me again next week, ok?

* contains “IT”
* will fix 80% of issues

pls can we haz “orange” back for captcha, recaptcha iz too hard.

Tomas Sedovic Jan 14 2009

How about:
Off and on again (.com)
(as in “Have you tried turning it …”)

Seems to be available. It’s got four words, but the number of letters is the same as in StackOverflow and it’s easy to remember for laymans and pros alike, I believe.

I think this should become a question on SO so that like we did with the Stack Overflow name we can vote on what we like!!!!

Luke B Jan 14 2009 (not a PARANOIA reference at all) (probably not available)

PS If you ever do a Web Design (ie: CSS/HTML) Stack Overflow, it should be called (or something like that)

nobody Jan 14 2009

Name suggestion: some variant of “lp0 on fire” (

Kinda long.

I vote on the PEBKAC thing. It was the first idea that popped into my mind. 8^D

…and Michael, I tried to upvote things too 8^D






Kristof Jan 14 2009

Some sugestions with reboot: TryReboot, rebootAgain, freshReboot, rebootITagain

or with the use of double meaning of IT

@Jeff J.

I like that one. RackOverflow was pretty good also. Too bad I’m not very creative. (I think this one was submitted for stack’s naming)

If you ever do one related to QA: / /

I was going more for quantity than quality. I have no idea which ones are/are not available, or are just parked.

lImbus Jan 14 2009

Queue Overflow ?
Local Congestion ?
Trouble Ticket Shooting ?

jason Jan 14 2009 (i know hyphens are lame)

Sean Massa Jan 14 2009

The most iconic sysadmin/it term is the BSoD, but that’s Windows centric and probably already registered in all its forms.

I like Core Dump for a name. I could have really used this site during the week! Looking forward to the launch!

Chris Jan 14 2009

I suggest

Or maybe
Seg Fault
Crash override

Disk Overwrite.

I think there is quite a bit of crossover in some areas, however that said I’m not really a coder or a sysadmin… I’m the glue somewhere in the middle ;)

cowboy_k Jan 14 2009

Nick Pierpoint Jan 14 2009


(although some arse has probably registered half these suggestions by now)

Murali Suriar Jan 14 2009

Great news – I’ve been waiting for an IT forum for some time. Will the SO podcast double up for both sites?

Regarding a name:
Kernel panic
Crash dump

Pascal Jan 14 2009

Guys, great suggestions, but try to avoid the obvious ones that are already WAY taken.


– the squatter on wants $10k, so I don’t think so on that one.. :)

– isn’t for sale, and has been registered forever.

lImbus Jan 14 2009

triedturningIToffandonagain ?

BobbyShaftoe Jan 14 2009

How are you going to prevent this new venture from becoming a place filled with 100,000 posts about Hijack This logs and so forth? Or is that encouraged? Also, this has been talked about at length but I don’t think there are many personalities that are quite as popular in the IT world. Most IT people don’t know big names in the field (of course, they might know famous programmers like Linus or what have you).

Anyway, as for naming, you probably don’t want to pick something that is specific to Windows or Linux or what have you.

The best name I saw listed here was by Robert C. Barth and that is:

It’s very short, easy to say, ends in a noun, easy to remember, very well known, and it has the same feel as StackOverflow.

Available, punny, descriptive:

Joe L. Jan 14 2009

Yotam Jan 14 2009



And the logo would be “Ass is t’ admin” ?

Love Rack Overflow.
I’ve purchased the name as I don’t want some scum bag getting it, if Stack Overflow decide to go with it they’re welcome to it free of charge. If they don’t, Haacked is welcome to it else I’ll keep it myself.

Liking BadSector also.

I like Rack Overflow. Clever

what about .. so when stackoverflow gets IT questions you can reply “This is probably”

What about in reference to one of your recent coding horror posts Jeff

InSciTek Jeff Jan 14 2009

PauloF Jan 14 2009

How about


Karsten Silz Jan 14 2009

All taken:,, What about


Can the sites share accounts to some extent? Shared rep for starters has bean mentioned but how about enough sharing that questions can be bumped from one site to the other.

Oh and a button that say “Move from SO to ___” would be really great

nobody Jan 14 2009


Yeah, that’s what I was trying to get at here:

Actually, I think that rep and badges should be separate for each site, as the focus of the site is completely different, but I think that shared user accounts and the ability to seamlessly move a question from site to site would be great features to have.

Andrew Jan 14 2009

+1 for

Donal Jan 14 2009

If this unamed website is going to cater for sysadmins and the like then where’s the website for people with computer OS and application problems? I mean a website that would answer questions such as:

– How do I configure my printer for A2 sized paper?
– How do I configure which of my operating systems boots by default (after a time delay) on the dual boot screen?
– How do I make a 2-column layout in a word document?

I’d have thought the audience for such a website would me *much* bigger than that for sysadmin problems.

> I’ve purchased the name as I don’t want some scum bag getting it

I saw that, I was wondering what animal registered it already; turns out it was Adam being a nice guy! :) Thanks Adam!

Chris Jan 14 2009

My first thought was to the old story about the “More Magic” switch, but that is taken (by an active company, no less).

The other idea i had was “Specified Parameters” (a star trek reference, natch)

Qberticus Jan 14 2009

While I am warming up a lot to , I worry about the snicker factor.

I mean, it’s better than expert-sex-change, but rack-overflow could also be too “cute” and interpreted in another way..

Qberticus Jan 14 2009

please excuse the multiple postings i’m just having fun with this. :)

Dave B Jan 14 2009

How about ?

I know there’s a snigger factor here as well but where I work the IT guys always say whack whack meaning backslash backslash when describing a network share.

I just checked and it seems some squatter has registered the name. Damn!

nobody Jan 14 2009

>While I am warming up a lot to , I worry about the snicker factor.

>I mean, it’s better than expert-sex-change, but rack-overflow could also be too “cute” and interpreted in another way..

I thought you were OK with double entendres – or had you hoped we all forgot about “”? :-)

Name suggestions:

sudo camp

Wedge Jan 14 2009

I like best so far, though it appears to be taken.

I’m not a fan of rack overflow, it’s tempting but only because it rhymes with stack overflow, which has no long term value.

The problem with rackoverflow is it is simply a clever variation on stackoverflow, yet doesn’t relate to what IT people relate to. They would probably feel subordinate to SO.

This split reminds me a lot about the way handled the split – waymarking is nowhere near as popular as geocaching, people complain about the lack of a unified profile and all around it hasn’t taken off.

Luckily, there is a good market for an IT-related SO. I would suggest a continued search for a name which really embodies humor for sysadmins. is parked and may be affordable is parked (dumb friendly operator – dfo problems are just like pebcak problems) and is unlikely to be cheap, but is nice and short

intrepion Jan 15 2009

Here are my suggestions


Huppie Jan 15 2009

I second

All parked or not in use: (what ever happened to webrings?) – unfortunately taken (personal site, very odd)

agnul Jan 15 2009

packetflood? (.net appears to be taken)

Eddiez Jan 15 2009

My favourites are

Mike Long Jan 15 2009

Name suggestion:
Rack Space

How about:

back when I was a sys admin the most common problems I faced were the non-technical ones (i.e organization politics or more commonly a frustrated end-user).

are there any american cliche lines that IT professionals get all the time? something like “my mouse is broken” or “it doesnt print” or something about “the coffe-cup holder”?

Name suggestions:

It’s too long, alas, but I would giggle every time if the site was named:

or something like
reinstall / uninstall

if it was a windows-only it maven, i’d suggest nextnextnext

+2 . Though from my whois query it is parked domain belonging to Tucows Inc.

What about:

IainMH Jan 15 2009

The main reason is great:
It builds on the brand of stackoverflow and would be a clear sister site name.

The main reason isn’t so great:
It sounds like a busty pr0n site.

It’s a tough one.

How about “Unknown Error”?

or simply,, (as in, insert system disk to continue) or (ok, so that’s way too long!)

Jeremy Reagan Jan 15 2009

How about, I know in the IT world that is the first question :)

marmolillo Jan 15 2009 or

I like rackoverflow. But you might be painting yourself into a corner if you want to find a name for a third related site.

>While I am warming up a lot to , I worry about the snicker factor.

Given the overwhelmingly male audience, I don’t think that is going to hurt you much. No such thing as bad publicity etc. Just a question of whether you feel comfortable about it.

BTW ‘rack’ doesn’t (yet) have the same mammary connotations in UK English as it does in US english.

Zizzencs Jan 15 2009

Now I only need to decypher the captcha…

OrbMan Jan 15 2009 is taken, so how about:

littlegeek Jan 15 2009


(purchased to hold and donate if required) :P

Just a joke ;)

littlegeek Jan 15 2009

Anthony Jones Jan 15 2009

How about:-

Spoken with a question inflection. ;)

Three things, one a name, my suggestion is for “” which also happens to not be registered.

Next, in regards to reputation, I say don’t carry any it over because, as you noted, it is two different audiences. Perhaps just a badge is in order for both sites that would be awarded once a certain reputation is obtained.

Finally, would it be possible to move questions between the domains if they make more sense on the other one?

Skizz Jan 15 2009

How about:

I can’t wait for this new site. I’m setting up a linux domain controller for my home network and have bucket load of questions.

icanhasroot ?

I really like

I like AbortRetryIgnore and PEBKAC

But I’ll also suggest:

ThreeFingerSalute [Boy Scouts might get pissed :) ]

Craig Jan 15 2009

If you chose, the next logigal step would a for hackers.

Kevin B Jan 15 2009

I’d stick with some old, but perhaps commonly recognized error message such as:

General Protection Fault

Abort Retry Fail

Bad Command Or File Name

Press Any Key

If it is a site for IT-Admins – why give it a name? Just get a fancy IP Address instead!

Bill Ansley Jan 15 2009

How about

Sasha Yanovets Jan 15 2009

Daniel Jan 15 2009


Name suggestion:

System Panic

Alexander Yanovets Jan 15 2009

kogus Jan 15 2009

Name suggestion:

Whatever you name it, thanks so much for doing this. I love stackoverflow and the model, and I can answer questions from time to time, but all the ones I want to ask are about networking, servers, etc…

Sam Hasler Jan 15 2009

it’s registered, but it’s got an amusing animated gif tiled on the background rather than the usual type of parking page so maybe the owner will be more approachable. There appear to be valid contact details in the WHOIS information for the domain.

I would suggest but this is being sat on.

I’m going to put my two cents in and side with the good old familiars:

general protection fault
abort retry fail

While these seem to be more focused on the way that software interfaces with hardware, they are well known.

+1 “page fault” and “safe mode” from the Operations hardware admins in the office.

You might have a bit of trouble getting the domain name and rights from this successful British TV show (soon to be American as you’ve stolen it), but “The IT Crowd” works perfectly.

Will there be a 99design contest for the logo?

For the name, how about:


AlternativeRoot (UK English pun)

or possibly


or (slightly more tongue-in-cheek)


** RootProblems appears to be unowned

Sam Hasler Jan 15 2009

> “The IT Crowd” works perfectly.

I was going to suggest:

but that already registered and redirects to some web design firm. It’s also a bit on the long side, however:

powercycling . com

is available for sale. It’s got a picture of bikes on it, so they may not be aware of what the phrase means in IT, I don’t know how that would affect the price.

I recommend sticking with the Stack Overflow brand. Call the new site or You still need to come up with the “whatever” if you don’t like “it”, but coming up with an entirely new domain name seems like a waste. You’d be throwing away some of the value you’ve built up in the Stack Overflow brand when you should really be building on it as much as possible to launch new properties.

Rhyming names like preserve some of the brand, but how far can you take that? The use of subdomains is future-proof, leaving room for many more such sites.

Sean Ennis Jan 15 2009


Sam Hasler Jan 15 2009

Taking another line from The IT Crowd

which isn’t registered.

(That’s the first line that Roy utters: )

Sam Hasler Jan 15 2009

Sorry, my mistake, looks like is registered, it’s just not responding. It’ll probably be expensive as well.

System Panic
Core Dump

lImbus Jan 15 2009


@limbus that would be great if it was a windows only site. HEHE

I just listened to you podcast and I thought of these which are still available:

or my favorite which I falls more inline with the reasoning behind the name stackoverflow:

InSciTek Jeff Jan 15 2009

Some to inspire more brainstorming… (as in

I really like that somebody else above mentioned. is another one I like.

Looking forward to seeing this new site, as I started my IT career in networking and system administration.

Please do not call your site Rack Overflow.

It seems like you might be going about this problem backwards. The name “Stack Overflow” was chosen on your website by your audience – perhaps the community you want to build would be better served by getting the leaders first, and having them host the name-generating contest, or at least the voting.

Having said that, I do have a few suggestions:

Broken Pipe
Socket Closed
Frame Relay

And continuing this networking theme, there’s one that’s on the tip of my tongue that I can’t quite get at, which refers to the OSI model. Service layer? Layer failure? Seems like there should be something there.

+1 for

The icon could be a Military Officer trying to hold a server rack together.

+1 to “request timeout”

Sam Hasler Jan 16 2009

I agree with what Jason Owen said:

> It seems like you might be going about this problem backwards. The name “Stack Overflow” was chosen on your website by your audience – perhaps the community you want to build would be better served by getting the leaders first, and having them host the name-generating contest, or at least the voting.

AndyM Jan 16 2009

What about:
www.’x'; DROP DATABASE master; –.com

mrTomahawk Jan 16 2009

+1 on Jason Owen’s comment, and
-1 on RackOverflow ….it doesn’t sound like a IT site….just ask some random person in the mall what they think of when the here RackOverflow… just doesn’t sound right.

BradC Jan 16 2009

Just wondering where database/dba questions fall in the stackoverflow vs as-yet-unnamed-new-IT-flavored-community spectrum.

Many are clearly programming related, but a lot of them tend toward DBA/maintenance, etc, which really isn’t programming related at all.

Matias Nino Jan 16 2009

>[rackoverflow] would probably feel subordinate to SO.

That is a GOOD thing.

I would prefer a site where programmers can solve IT problems, not a site where IT people can learn to restart services or reboot their machines.

Matias Nino Jan 16 2009

>Just wondering where database/dba questions fall in the stackoverflow vs as-yet-unnamed-new-IT-flavored-community spectrum.

How about an overflow site for DBA’s?

b a c k o v e r f l o w . c o m (as in back end)

Hey at least it follows the euphemistic trend! :)

I like a lot. +1 for that suggestion.

Thinking about IT/networky things, seems okay, but it’s taken.

Perhaps That’s available, at least at the moment.

My favorite is – domain’s taken but might be for sale (nothing at


Suggestions on name:

1. “Drive Overlay” – from Disk Drive Overlay

2. “Head switching”

3. “Active partition”

MY BEST BET would be:

4. “Data Buffer”

Sadly being domain squatted, but how about

well from my suggestions above, i’ll change my bet to “Drive Overlay” because it kinda rhymes with “Stack Overflow”

Repeat this many times and you will get what I mean:

Stack Overflow, Drive Overlay, Stack Overflow, Drive Overlay, Stack Overflow, Drive Overlay …ad infinitum

seeing how Jeff hat such a hard time fitting his ..


To add argument to my “Drive Overlay” suggestion, drive overlay is used to resolve hard drive limitations. That is what the IT-centric version of the SO will be – to resolve IT issues due to “IT limitations”!

Satpal Chander Jan 17 2009

How about from the good old Amiga days. Ok, ok it doesn’t quite fit the requirement :) but hey it’s all fun.

Not to be contrary but I really don’t think a separate site is going to be beneficial. It sounds like it’s a done deal, though.

A lot of IT Pro/admin questions are going to be around scripting. Like I mention in my SO question (#448907), this falls in the crack between both disciplines.

Maybe you can allay my concerns – will I have to browse both sites for scripting, IOS, and automation questions, or will the search box search both sites, or is there an even better solution to this problem that I’m not thinking of?

> perhaps the community you want to build would be better served by getting the leaders first, and having them host the name-generating contest, or at least the voting.

Yes, but where *are* those leaders?? Seriously!

emusln Jan 17 2009

How about This implies the system view and keeps the stackoverflow name flavor.




I just posted this over at the blog entry for podcast #37, but it makes much more sense here.

Here are my 3 ideas for the StackOverflow IT clone:

“SwapSpace”, as in “a place to exchange ideas”.

“NVRAM” (Non-Volatile Random-Access Memory), as in “a Q&A database (memory) of knowledge that doesn’t require registration, login or jumping through hoops (accessible), has a good search engine (random-access) and neither goes stale nor goes away (non-volatile).

And last but not least, a tip of the hat to ExpertSexChange: “AdminShell” … or is it “AdminsHell”? (Plus the obvious variations like “RootShell” and “SysadminShell” – that last one actually still has the .com domain available.)

Matias Nino Jan 18 2009

I say forget the “IT Leaders” and thinking of it as SO for IT and make it more of an extension of stackoverflow.

Sortof like IT by and for programmers.

IT Overflow immediately sprung to mind, but I see that has already been suggested.

Tom A Jan 19 2009

Do you plan to sell the stackoverflow framework when it is more mature? What I mean is so that people could set up sites to answer questions in other fields? Or perhaps a hosted solution run by yourselves? I can think of several non IT fields where your system would be fantastic!

StephanWolf Jan 19 2009

For a name, I like ID10T.
Hopefully there is no one in IT support that has not heard of ID10T, but just in case, here is the gist.
If someone you support is having a problem due to their own ignorance or stupidity, you tell them it sounds like an ID 10 T error. Most people won’t get it, until they see it on paper. This is not limited to non-IT people. I have also had ID10T moments.

Ant P Jan 19 2009

On second thought there’s a reason it’s not taken already…

Jeremy Schultz Jan 19 2009

Just finished listening to the podcast, how about:

– icreatedthesystem


How about something related to a failover. As in the site is a failover for the knowledge you do not have. Plus, there is a slight link with stackoverflow with the word “over”.

– virtualfailover
– failoverassistant
– intelligentfailover
– itfailover
– failoverit

Or fubar:

– ITfubar
– fubarManual

I agree there should be a tie in with stackOverflow.

My suggestion :

Bork Blatt Jan 19 2009

Jeff, you mentioned in the podcast that you are looking for people active in IT blogging to moderate.

I think on the Windows side you should consider Mark Russinovich of SysInternals fame. See

I haven’t read posts anywhere else demonstrating such deep and broad knowledge of the Windows platform anywhere else.

robaker Jan 20 2009

John Nolan Jan 20 2009

How about

Not sure how universal this one is, but we tend to use it a lot around the office: (Problem lies between keyboard and chair) (Problem lies between chair and keyboard)


Steven Quick Jan 20 2009

How about “Buffer Underrun” or “Buffer Underflow” ?

I highly believe that the points system should be integrated. If I get points on rackoverflow they should be displayed in my SO profile.

James H Jan 21 2009

I like:

* The IT crowd. Channel 4 should

I don’t like:

* Rack Overflow. Just no.

I’m ambivalent to:
* 7 layers

Names I haven’t seen:
* got root (probably long gone)
* patch tuesday
* man info
* sudoers

The Unix ones will take a little explaining to the layperson. / /

The problem I see is that the name “Stack Overflow” somewhat relates to the interface mechanism of voting for questions and answers so that they rise up in the stack, and also links to the idea that our brains overflow and we need some help (if that makes sense).

I’d like to see the new site have a similarly related name. However, I concede that this may not be possible.

The following are ideas; I haven’t checked what is or is not available.

oh and…

I really NEED this now, MySQL has decided not to start, and not log anything, on my development box, and even worse I have a project almost 2 weeks behind schedule.


nwahmaet Jan 24 2009

pressanykey is taken, unfortunately.

— nwahmaet

Federico Jan 24 2009

When listening to the podcast (I’m behind…) I also though of trouble ticket, but sadly that’s gone

On the same theme of annoying two word help-desk terms that imply problems that are yet to be solved:

ticket number (gone)
incident number
incident report
open issue (gone)
issue number (gone)
abandoned calls

What’s wrong with

I like RackOverflow, and a pretty sweet logo could be made of that. I’ll suggest:

Purely windows related though.

Andrea Feb 4 2009

I won’t put the ‘.com’ :)
I just tested them on


Armagon Feb 4 2009

I kind of like “Core Dump.”

Two bloggers that might be worth considering are the authors of and

As a programming working as a sysadmin, I’ll also second the idea for some sort of interchange between the two sites. [I only read a few comments, but I could see that this had already come up.]

Armagon Feb 4 2009

“Segfault” also has a nice ring to it. It would sure be nice to work “PEBKAC” (Problem Exists Between Keyboard And Chair) into a name.

Armagon Feb 4 2009

“Clue-by-four” (the device sysadmins wish to use to pound things into the heads of their users).

Armagon Feb 5 2009

“The Bit Stops Here”
“Fried Chips”
“Help Ticket”

Christian Hollbaum Feb 5 2009

How about: “” – it sounds like a helpdesk for techies.

earlNameless Feb 7 2009

After listening to podcast #37, I was thinking about the question that was raised about drawing the line for IT questions, and here is what I came up with:

I think the difference and the trouble will be that with IT there are questions in IT that arise not because of wanting to know the answer for the sake of the answer, but for the sake of accomplishing something else. And hence there will be a lot of questions that are not very conducive to learning of others.

The difference between programming and IT is that IT encompasses everything from LDAP to “how to setup my mother’s printer?”. The difference between these two questions is that in the former I have to be interested in IT (whether by job or personal interest), – I must want to know the answer to get something working and I want to know it so that I know in the future how to do it. The latter question is asked when the person does not give a damn about IT, but is having problems with some printer and some device; the person does not necessarily want to learn anything, just wants their damn printer working.

If we go back to, for one to ask a question, even the most basic one, one must be interested in the answer. One will cherish the answer and remember it, they care about the question for the sake of the knowledge (not to print their paper due in class tomorrow). This care results in them doing some research ahead of time, going thru at least one barrier before they ask the question.

For IT this would include people who are in the IT industry and IT hobbyists, which are the people you want on the site. And would exclude Joe the Plumber who wants to print at his mother’s house a schematic of the pipes so he can go fix them. This matches exactly what the target audience was supposed to be in podcast #37.

An example of a site similar to stackoverflow but for a difference audience, where based on the subject you know the people passed at least one barrier is:


Topic: Electrical Engineering


Questions: How different components work, how to setup some circuits, etc.

Audience: Electrical Engineers, hobbyists setting up their own electronics, college students of Electrical Engineering (very easy extension from current users of

Comment: there will be a bunch of users from that would be able to help in, so there will be an initial audience.

There’s plenty of good suggestions here but I would refrain from anything which is to closely related to programming. There’s plenty of suggestions that fall into the system category. I suggest something more similar to stack overflow but diversified. or would be favorite pick. It has that same ring to it.

hasen Mar 11 2009

I suggest “blue screen”, I’ve seen it suggested once (text search on this page),

– It’s related to system adminstration
– Laymen also can relate to it
– It’s similar to a stackoverflow in that it’s deadly and you never guess when it happens (although it pretty much stopped happening since windows xp, except on hardware failures)

The fact that it’s related to windows doesn’t matter much. stacoverflow is strictly related to C and its family of low level languages, it doesn’t happen in java, C#, python, or any other language that’s higher in level than C and C++.

Hah didnt even think about “rackoverflow” being interpreted in another way than Server Rack…

I like but here is my proposal:

I love or to shorten it a bit.

manbash – has a kind of RTFM second meaning if read as “bash man” – unfortunately parked

triple9 – parked

triplenine – in use

netprophet – very punny (net pro fit, net profit, etc.) – parked

hubclub – goofy – parked

serverfarm – registered/unused

catherd – registered/unused

How about

Neil Hooey Mar 18 2009

How about

Kind of hip, like

Why have a new site at all though? I think you should have an another level of tags, so that you can have groups of tags (IT, programming, offtopic etc) and by default SO will use one group of tags. A bar at top of screen can have the main groups, you choose which one you want!

Talon Mar 18 2009

What about That’s what I end up doing when I have to field some of my IT calls.

Oscar Reyes Mar 30 2009

March is about to finish, how is this IT site launching going on so far?

I’ve searched the SO’s uservoice to examine the possibility to create a site which is not “programming related” only, but programming culture or software development related. The only result I’ve found is the IT site, but I wonder if this IT site would allow some good “software development” questions that doesn’t not fit into SO because they are not directly “CODE” related but they are still good questions.

I don’t really like watching these questions into SO either, and I vote to close them only to keep SO in the right track. But I have to admit these kind of questions are interesting|funny|etc and I like to read them.

What would be the forum for these kind of questions?

raspi Mar 30 2009

Few name and slogan proposals :P
-Electricity is blue and hurts a lot
-The Magic Smoke(TM) came out
-IT works with magic smoke

-I didn’t RTFM
-Replace user
-I know this! This is UNIX! (Jurassic Park)
-IT doesn’t work
-Can you fix my computer
-Crystal ball
-I left my crystal ball in another pants
-Is IT on?
-My neigbor can fix IT

Steven Laskoske Nov 23 2009