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Accept Your Own Answers

01-06-09 by . 25 comments

Have you ever wondered why you can’t accept your own answer on Stack Overflow? If so, you’re not alone.

As they say, a picture is worth a thousand words; here’s what I just did to one of my own questions:





Hey, look at that, I just accepted my own answer!

Now, there are some special rules around owner-accepted answers, to prevent gaming:

  1. Wait 48 hours. You must wait 2 days from the time you originally asked your question before you can accept your own answer. This gives other users a chance to answer the question in good faith, and earn the accepted answer.
  2. No change in sort order. Normally, accepted answers are “docked” under the question. This is not true for owner accepted answers; they stay in standard sort order like any other answer.
  3. No reputation is earned. Normally, accepted answers confer +15 rep to the answerer and +2 to the owner. Owner accepted answers do not earn rep (or badges) for anyone.

I was initially very much against this, but several commenters in the Why Can’t I Accept My Own Answer? post convinced me that, with a few rule tweaks, it could work. As you can see on a question I myself asked, sometimes you really have no other option than to close the loop yourself, and it’s nice to be able to do so by accepting your own answer.

Enjoy! Oh, and you can thank Jarrod for implementing this one so quickly on his first day on the job. Kudos.

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So no rep (obviously) and no top of the list status (WTF?!)

So basically this just turns the background green?

Sander Versluys Jan 6 2009

I can understand that no reputation is earned but why shouldn’t you show the answer to your question on top of the list. If that is the answer then people would want to see it below the question, don’t they?

I see, you want to prevent abuse, but implemted this way it’s pretty useless.

You’re joking, right?

Seriously, we went into all this in the previous comments. Please read ’em!

Thanks, and now how about fixing the “did you consider making an accepted answer” thingie? :) An “x” (dismiss) on the right would be great.

Gavin Jan 6 2009

Thanks! And extra kudos to Jarrod. I know you were dead set against this one Jeff so good on you for listening and changing your mind.

Bruce Atkinson Jan 6 2009

The answer should end up at the top. Sometimes the highest voted answer is just plain wrong. A lot of people can agree on an answer that is wrong. For example maybe the highest voted answer uses an undocumented function/feature. The correct answer may not be as popular but allows you to solve the problem without using an undocumented function. I like to see the accepted answers under the question and I don’t care who answered it. I believe you actually talked about this on your podcast a long time ago and the discussion went along the line that it wouldn’t be a problem because the highest voted community answer would be right below it.

Can anyone accept their own answer, or is there some amount of rep that is required? I think a somewhat high rep limit (say, 500?) would prevent gaming as well.

@Jeff Atwood, I don’t want to read 53 old comments :( I just don’t understand what happens when you accept your own answer other than the background changing colors and there being one less “suggestion” to accept an answer on your ptofile

Thanks for adding this.

nobody Jan 6 2009

Apparently you can still get badges from accepting your own answers. I just got an Enlightened badge and the only thing it could be is my recent acceptance of one of my answers to my own question.

I have a question in regards to accepting your own answers – awhile back you stated in one of the podcasts that you envisioned StackOverflow also acting as a bit of a programmers notebook. In the spirit of that I entered this question and answer.

So here’s my question (or rambling thought), when entering a notebook style question/answer, shouldn’t the solution that you came up with be docked to the top of the question? Or, perhaps in the same vein as what people have been saying in regards to some of the community answers not being the answer that is implemented, perhaps a second type of answer acceptance is needed; namely, an implemented answer. This means you could have an accepted answer (the best one, worth 15 points) and a possible second implemented answer (the one that is actually used, worth 5 points). This way people could give credit to the answers that get the “that’s neat” response, but also give credit to the ones that they actually use.

Great. More temptation. Just what i needed…

Thanks Jeff I like it!

Abdu Jan 6 2009

Accepting one’s answer should have been done long time ago. I post a question. I get replies which didn’t solve my problem. I spend hours trying to solve my problem. I find the answer. I post the answer. I can’t accept my answer!? I wanted this to be at the top list of replies.

At least it has a different green background. So from now on, to save time, I can look for the green box to ge the right answer, regardless where it is in the list. Finally somehing that works better.

> Finally somehing that works better.

After months of making things worse, we’ve finally succeeded! Thank you Abdu!

> I just got an Enlightened badge and the only thing it could be is my recent acceptance of one of my answers to my own question.

Yep, this is fixed now. Note that since the badge count is now greater than it’s supposed to be, you *won’t* get your next enlightened badge, as it’ll just increment the count — you effectively got the badge in advance.

nobody Jan 6 2009

Not exactly related to the topic at hand, but are you playing around with the recycling of old questions? (making them appear on the front page without activity)

I ask because I saw this on the front page:

But when I went into the question I didn’t see any recent activity. It’s possible someone posted an answer and deleted it, but that seems a bit unlikely.

(when to visit the topic now, you’ll find some recent activity, but that happened after I noticed it on the front page)

nobody Jan 6 2009

(that’s “when you visit”, not “when to visit”, sorry)

How about the following compromise?

When you accept your own answer:
– The answer is marked as accepted in green
– You get no rep
– The answer floats to the top
– Any future upvotes for that answer AFTER YOU HAVE MARKED IT ACCEPTED don’t affect your reputation.
– Future downvotes could still count to prevent gaming.

This seems like a balanced solution. I agree with others that leaving the accepted answer amongst all the noise of the other answers is pretty useless. At a minimum you need a link to the accepted answer at the top.

Code Slave Jan 6 2009

Finally!!! Now ALL my questions have and accepted answer.

I can totally accept it not being pegged to the top. It gives others the option of trying to change your mind. Although, maybe you could peg it into the top two.

jjnguy Jan 6 2009

Yay!!! Now all of the sofaq-official questions I asked can have real answers.


Thanks Jeff for listening to us and having an open mind. I think this gives a tangible benefit.

namedun Jan 7 2009

Because going green is all the rage right? This feature request was about the color of the post you wrote right?
++Jeremy Young’s idea
In the meantime, I want you to imagine the funoverflow fork that would be around if you were actually a fan of open source having yet another bunch of satisfied customers.

Ok Jeff.. I didn’t mean everything on SO is wrong! SO is a great site.
It was about the accepted answer issue.

I had suggested on UserVoice that the answer which I accept, whether my own or another person’s, should be at the top of the answer list instead of the one which got the most votes. It’s the one that worked. It should top the answer which got the most votes and which didn’t help any.

You declined it.

With the green box, now my accepted answer has more visibility. That’s what I meant by something that finally works better.
So now if a user has no time to read all the answers, they can go directly to the green box.

There’s a chance that an answer which got a lot of votes could be wrong. Just because it’s the most obvious generic answer like suggesting to reboot the computer, people voted it up. Rebooting didn’t help. Someone suggested modifying some odd registry key which solved the problem and it got 0 votes. Because no one thought about it or no one came across this particular issue.

Don’t you think the 0 vote answer is the one that matters to the poster the most and which could have saved his day and not the one that got the most votes?

Great, now all we need is to be able to downvote our own responses ;)

Joel Bushart Jan 12 2009

I Think you should get a badge for answering your own question.

One of the following:

BoneHead moment (I just wasn’t paying attention to my code due to stress, exhaustion, or imbibing to many substances)
LMGTFY [Let Me Google That For You](I asked this before I looked anywhere for an answer)
BadHack (I have no idea why I was trying this overly complicated way of doing it)