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UserVoice Supports OpenID

12-12-08 by . 7 comments

I noticed that our friends at UserVoice now support OpenID:


This means you can (finally) log into both sites ( and using the very same OpenID. I believe they’re using RPXNow to implement this feature.

Hooray for open interoperability, and open identity standards!

So I guess that’s what Richard was hinting at when we interviewed him on Podcast #30.. who knew? :)

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Good news! I think that you guys can give yourself some credit for that :)

For some reason they haven’t marked their own request “completed” yet..

Hooray! I logged in earlier this evening and the experience was really smooth.

This is now a really clear example of the potential of OpenID – a single sign-on system that works for StackOverflow and the external bug/request tracking site you’re using.

Now, will you consider offering a Uservoice participation badge?

Joel Coehoorn Dec 16 2008

You’re limited to that (very short) list of providers, and they don’t have mine yet.

RPX doesn’t support arbitrary OpenID? That doesn’t sound right, Joel.

humanbeing Dec 17 2008

“Hooray for open interoperability”

Thus speaks Microsoft’s biggest fan.
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