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Stack Overflow Search – Now 51% Less Crappy

10-17-08 by . 12 comments

Believe it or not, the search function on Stack Overflow may just actually.. work.. now.

I started to feel really bad when I’d see people post duplicate questions, even after they said they “searched first”. Now, to be clear, we do a fuzzy title-based search when you tab off the title field on the Ask page:


This works reasonably well, but it’s limited to questions that have similar titles. It’s entirely possible to ask the same exact question using completely different words in the title. In fact, I’ve found that people have an almost uncanny ability to ask questions using completely different words.

There may be other ways we enhance the ask page in the future to better show relevant questions as you type, beyond the title matching. Why ask when the question you were going to ask has already been asked .. and maybe even answered?

But for now my goal was to enhance the search page, which has languished over the last month. Search worked, and by that I mean with sufficient effort you could find an exact match to question or answer with specific, unique words that you knew existed in the post. But as far as Google-style “type in some random words and get exactly what you are looking for”, it was a definite bust.

I made a special effort to improve the “no search results found” page. It shows a number of easy ways to immediately improve your search results based on my experience searching for stuff on SO:


Of course, there’s always Google. As you can see, we pre-emptively build a Google search link for you at the bottom of this page. You can always search Stack Overflow through good old reliable Google. Constructing a Google search for Stack Overflow manually is easy; just add the command to the beginning of your search to scope it to SO questions, then plug in as many search terms as you want after that. Like so: i dont know how to search vary good

That said, there are things our search can do better than Google. In particular, I’d urge you to take the advice to search within tags to heart. Google kind of sucks at this; you will generally get much better results if you scope your search to one or more likely tags such as [ruby] or [perl]. Just add the tags in brackets to your regular search terms, in any order, as many as you like (note that you cannot yet specify negation for tags in search).


I also found that a lot of users were inexplicably searching for things like “c#” and “c++”. If we see you enter a single search term that happens to map to a (reasonably) popular tag, we will assume you wanted that tag and whisk you away to all questions in the tag, instead. There’s just no way a general search for the string “c++” is ever going to produce good results, anyhow, so this felt like a no-brainer to me.

Beyond that, we have rolled up search results so only questions are returned. Yes, you can absolutely find text in answers, but the displayed result will be a link to the single question that contained the answer instead of five individual search results for the five answers that happened to match. I know, there’s no real excuse for the insane previous behavior. Like I said, we just didn’t have time to give it the attention it deserved.

Also, we do a better job of searching for titles, something else that barely worked before. You should be able to search for the exact title of a question and get it in the first page of results, if not at the very top. That’s, like, searching 101. As of today, we do a better job of discarding stopwords, so you can almost always find a post by searching for its exact title. Even without quotes, although adding quotes will give you a practically guaranteed match.

We’ll continue to improve search (some other things I want to add are search for all posts by a particular user, by certain dates, etcetera), but hopefully this upgrade makes search worth using again.

Or at least 51% less crappy.

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You’re too hard on yourself Jeff. I’m pretty sure it’s 53% less crappy now.

Good job.

Shouldn’t that be ‘very’?

jjnguy Oct 17 2008

New stuff is always fun. Thanks for the update!

Just stumbled into this before getting the blog post in my RSS reader.

EXCELLENT!!! It is helping out my searches already!

How’s this for a crazy idea?

Give each tag its own subdomain, wherein you display everything as you do on the primary domain, but filtered by things associated with that tag. would only show Python questions and users who have somehow affected the Python tag. This allows you to do good Google searches with the “site” syntax: widgets You could make all the actual question URIs HTTP301 Permanent Redirects to the real questions if Google will still index them — I’m not sure how strong your redirect can be before Google will just index the URI of the page being redirected to. Additionally, you can have some kind of session data to keep track of what subdomain the user is browsing on at any given time.

There are some obvious issues with this proposal, like URI character validity (because you use custom slugs for tags) and namespace collisions with any other content you want to host on a subdomain, but these seem like solvable problems :)

In essence, it might be cool to allow sub-communities to form around these subdomains, but still allow “jack-of-all-trade” users to span sub-communities via the overarching view. It also might be against the philosophy of the site to allow such separation… just food for thought.

Using a phrase doesn’t improve search in terms of getting more search results, you get less.

I suggested this in uservoice: Put an option to not include answers to questions in search results. It clutters the screen. Let me make a choice where I can look at answers myself when I want to. Coloring the answers different than the questions as a way ti differentiate the two types is a step forward but I am still getting the same number of results. I do not want to see answers at all.

I’m glad you no longer show the same question multiple times and show the answer text. As you’ve mentioned it was extremely annoying. So annoying in fact that I completely gave up on search after 2 or 3 attempts.

Thanks for the improvement!

Sam Hasler Oct 18 2008

>some other things I want to add are search for all posts by a particular user

Don’t hurry with that. If you know the users name you can easily find their profile page from the users search and then it’s just a matter of searching their profile page for the question/answer title you’re interested in.

suggestion: when you resolve a question as duplicate: add its title to the other question’s in super-secret metadata, so that when someone searches for dupe’s title, they’ll get the real question.

Tilendor Oct 20 2008

Thanks for the improvement. I’m sure it will continue to get better, but I was indeed one of the people that asked a question because my search didn’t turn up any of the existing answers( At least two other topics had the same question). Keep it up!

I think with every question, you should have a relevant book advertised from Safari or Amazon. Also, you should see if American Express will advertise with a nice little ad that takes up the whole screen, with a little “skip ad” link in the upper right – that type of advertising is always nice.

Relative to Mr Leary’s ideas above with a python community, I think you could also try molding SO to look like Amazon, and have Python as one of the tabs (as opposed to “Electronics”, or “Books”). Then, when you want to move into selling merchandise, you’ll be all set – you can sell merchandise (i.e. Rock Band 2 accessories) alongside the questions. I think the SO users will love it.