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Stack Overflow on Hanselminutes

10-18-08 by . 7 comments

Geoff, Jarrod and I recently recorded an episode of Hanselminutes with Scott Hanselman.

StackOverflow uses ASP.NET MVC – Jeff Atwood and his technical team

Scott chats with Jeff Atwood of and most recently, Jeff and Joel Spolsky and their technical team have created a new class of application using ASP.NET MVC. What works, what doesn’t, and how did it all go down?

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This is similar in tone to Stack Overflow podcast episode #17 with the development team. So if you enjoyed that one, you’ll probably like this episode of Hanselminutes!

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Wow, being on Hanselminutes really proves that SO made some impact in the developer scene already.

Good Job!

I really enjoyed this episode.

So when will you guys be on DotNetRocks?

Trick missed not using “That’s SO HanselMinutes” as show title :P

I’m listening to it now and I enjoyed how Scott really drilled down on you about some of your decisions. Not just the general poll of why you did x,y,z, but really made you explain why and if it was the best choice.

John Nolan Oct 22 2008

Wow you guys were really in the dock on this Podcast. Did you get the job? Or was it the unrecorded FizzBuzz problem that stumped you.

Simon Earnshaw Oct 23 2008

Yeh, Scott’s style was more of an interrogation- than typical interview! I felt for Jeff at times…(not meaning to be patronising or anything – but I would hate to be put on the spot like that).

Tony Drake Nov 6 2008

I’ve listened to 1000s of tech podcasts (the usual 5-7 .net, a java and mac one) – and the two Hanelminutes shows where the BEST two shows I’ve every heard- I rarely listen to shows twice (time poor), but I have to say Podcasts are generally pretty much people on their best behaviour, and also very much ‘I know it all’ from guests – DNR is typically too much of this.. most shows make me feel I’m sow low on the food chain, with much to learn…. (the new LINQ provider to your car’s engine management system for instance)

Your shows tell me that we’re all very much fighting the same battles, with the same outcomes- the whole ‘perfect way’ in .net drives me bats, and your can-do and truth in what you’ve done on SO has make be feel like I’m (and my team) not far off the mark.

Mind you at TechAus I asked Scott about perhaps using java script rather then Silverlight, as Jscript maybe here longer then SL – he ripped my head off – but then MS anounced something with JScript (mmm) – perhaps you should have challenged him on his deployment of babysmash ;-)

Your SO experience and also socialmedian interview on net@night have inspired me to ‘get on with it’ on a number of projects both at work at personal.
Great questions by Scott – better answers – perfect podcast!!