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See You At PDC 2008

10-25-08 by . 5 comments

I will be attending the Microsoft Professional Developers’ Conference this year, courtesy of Microsoft.


The main reason I am attending is to help Phil Haack deliver a session about ASP.NET MVC.

ASP.NET MVC: A New Framework for Building Web Applications

Monday, October 27th
3:30 pm — 4:45 pm
Room 153

Phil invited me to talk for 15 minutes about the real world use of ASP.NET MVC in, and I was happy to oblige him. Phil and I have been friends for a few years, so our relationship predates any of the business stuff.

If you’re attending PDC08 this year, maybe I’ll see you there — and definitely attend our session!

Update: the session Phil and I presented can now be viewed online. (Thanks Zack!)

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moron Oct 26 2008

“courtesy of Microsoft”

Pay your own way or don’t go at all unless you’ve the hide of a rhinocerous.

Good news. However, how much can you really say in 15 minutes that you haven’t already said on the podcast?

Will Microsoft make the PDC 2008 sessions viewable on the Internet as they did for MIX08?

SO was mentioned as one of the “increasing number of OpenID…party sites” in the Microsoft Live announcement of its provider support of the service:

You can watch this session online…