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Podcast #25

10-08-08 by . 28 comments

This is the twenty-fifth episode of the StackOverflow podcast, where Joel and Jeff sit down with the ineffable Steve Yegge, who you may know from his excellent and extremely popular blog Stevey’s Blog Rants. Steve worked for Amazon and currently works for Google.

  • Steve proposes we use the Muppets Show theme as our podcast theme song. I’m more amenable to “The Touch” as featured in the Transformers the Movie from 1986.
  • We ask how Google maintains its culture in the face of an army of new hires entering the company every month.
  • Steve is, to put it mildly, a language maven. He shares some of his perspectives on language aesthetics. Should languages be designed by committee, or by a benevolent dictator?
  • If Steve could teach every developer one thing, it wouldn’t be how to type, or how to write — but how to market.
  • Google has an infrastructure in place to support “mini-startups” within the company. Joel thinks all good startups must have ideas that sound terrible. YouTube is a great example, as is the Flip video recorder.
  • Being an entrepreneur often means spending a lot of your time not programming. This can be challenging for software engineers who love to code. Make sure you know what you’re signing up for if you go this route.
  • Steve is a big believer in the Google experience, even though his last three projects have been cancelled “for business reasons”. Instead of Joel’s “Smart, and Gets Things Done”, Steve proposes “Done, and Gets Things Smart.”
  • How much does choosing the “right” programming language matter? Isn’t the variance between programmers far more significant to the end result? On the other hand, the best programmers often tend to be fluent in multiple languages.
  • One way to drag the “one horse language” programmers into multiple languages is to support sublanguages within the same runtime, ala IronPython, IronRuby, Jython, and JRuby.
  • Steve is considering porting his game Wyvern to Android. He can’t talk about his current full time project at Google, but he does fess up to owning it — both from the business side and the engineering side. So if this time it’s cancelled, we really know who to blame.
  • Steve: “You can’t write about anything interesting without making a bunch of people mad.”, “Everything you say can be quoted out of context 500 years from now.”
  • One of my very favorite Steve Yegge posts is You Should Write Blogs. Unfortunately, despite my cajoling, blogging just isn’t for everyone. Too many brilliant programmers are virtually unknown because they have no footprint on the web. This is one of the reasons we created Stack Overflow — to lower that participation barrier, at least a few millimeters.

If you’d like to submit a question to be answered in our next episode, record an audio file (90 seconds or less) and mail it to You can record a question using nothing but a telephone and a web browser. We also have a dedicated phone number you can call to leave audio questions at

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Anon Oct 9 2008

“Unfortunately, despite my cajoling, blogging just isn’t for everyone”

Does that include you now?!

Oh man, this is a dream podcast. I’ve to listen to it now.

Joel, Jeff, and Steve?!

Steve is my hero!

Steve Duitsman Oct 9 2008

I second the Muppet Show theme idea. The current one makes me feel like I’m in a seedy 70s movie.

You may remember “The touch” from the transformers, I personally remember it from “Boogie nights” where Mark Whalberg shows why he would never be a singer.

On my preference for a theme song… How about “Doctor Who” theme?

Pop Catalin Oct 9 2008

The guitar argument isn’t a good one, developers don’t argue about which guitar is best to start learning, but instead about which *musical instrument* to start learning to play with. And here’s a loot of room for arguments.

The guitar example is similar with an argument like what should I start with C# 2.0 or C# 3.0.

Brad Murray Oct 9 2008

Oh thank god, someone else hates Tcl.

Great podcast guys!

Federico Oct 9 2008

This has been the best podcast so far :)

Adam Oct 9 2008

Couldn’t agree more about the need for a podcast theme change — cheesy themes a la Hanselminutes or .NET Rocks are just baaaaadddddddddddddd.


ok, YOU record a podcast and try not to record a bunch of verbal tics like Right? and Um.. and so forth.

Harder than you might think, right?

Steve sounds like Greg Proops.

I can’t listen or download this podcast, and the previous four. I’m behind a firewall, the itconversations website opens, but the link to the download location gets blocked.
Any directions?or other download locations?

Garbage collection is good, but how many software developers know the internals… Can everyone drive a sports car?

Alisey Lebedev Oct 10 2008

More Steve please. Can we have more Steve? You sound great together.

Dr. UNIX Oct 10 2008

CURSE YOU JEFF!!!!! Joel was about to tell us what qualities make a good developer, when you interrupted and took the conversation in another direction. Now I’ll never know if I have what it takes!!!

Steve mentioned something about ‘evil managers’… Does anyone know where I can find out more about this topic? I guess this might be a question for Steve…

I had never looked at Stackoverflow and my first visit nets a podcast with the three guys that got me blogging in the first place. Kinda cool. Interesting conversation.

> Now I’ll never know if I have what it takes!!!

Do you know this language called “C”?

“Do you know this language called “C”?”


> Steve sounds like Greg Proops

I was thinking he sounded like Christian Slater.

hey funny podcast. Generally I’m a big fan but it was especially hilarious hearing Joel trying to impress Steve with his awsomeness. Between those two ego’s no wonder Jeff didn’t get too many words in.

Tarmo Aidantausta Oct 15 2008

Meh! I’m annoyed with reddit as well but I have no idea what’s the place to go for proper news. I suppose they ought to create some sort of secret society around hacker news which you should interviewed to get in. :P Sadly there’s no real way of keeping idiots out the public services. ;)

VBScript is certainly not the worst language ever… PL/SQL has to be a contender though. *Shudder*

Justin Oct 15 2008

Just a lil constructive criticism… Joel try to ratchet your excitement down a notch you’re talking over your guest. :)

In words of George Costanza, I had my two worlds collide…:-)
Joelonsoftware & stackoverflow and steveyegge.blogspot are the two blogs that I visit regularly…

I didnt follow the SO blog for few days and i didnt even know Steve was on this podcast.
I just synced my iPod without looking at the details.
And when i started listening…. It was real ecstacy!!

Thanks jeff! You should pick guys like Steve in the podcasts often.. or Steve himself again!

thatdannyguy Nov 4 2008

awz poor jeff :]

but really u were the better one of those two kids