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No Podcast This Week — Suggested Guests?

There will be no podcast this week, because Joel is on a business trip to Korea, apparently at webappscon. I can’t remember his exact words, but they were something along the lines of “I don’t care that the listeners want a new podcast, I am not a monkey who dances for their amusement!” I tried in vain to reason with him, but you’ve heard how he is.

code monkey

But seriously, one thing Joel and I want to do in future podcasts is have more guests on the show. While we of course loooove talking about all things Stack Overflow and Fog Creek, it’s also nice to open the floor up a bit and broaden our horizons.

We have a few guests tentatively lined up for future shows through the end of the year:

I’d like to open the comments up to suggestions. Who would you like to hear Joel and I talk with on future Stack Overflow podcasts?

And yes, Stack Overflow rules do apply — the guest does have to be at least peripherally “programming related”, in theory anyway. :)

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Phil Factor
Paul Graham

Scott Guthrie would be cool

Dustin Oct 23 2008

david heinemeier hansson

IainMH Oct 23 2008

1. The divorce lawyer you guys are going to inevitably need.
2. Phil Haack.

What about Scott Hanselman?

Charles Petzold

Paul Graham

How about Rands? I think you guys have mentioned him before on the podcast.

BigBrain Oct 23 2008

me! I have a lotta lotta people to get even with.Grrr!

John Carmack.

Not that his C/C++ engine writing has much to do with the .NET/Java centric world most of us live in but he’s a fascinating speaker every year at Quakecon

Benjamin Perdomo Oct 23 2008

Every time Joel is not around is an opportunity for a developer team podcast :P

Ward Cunningham

Thomas Owens Oct 23 2008

Steve McConnell? Dennis Ritchie? Ken Thompson? David Parnas? Fred Brooks? Eric S. Raymond? Erich Gamma? Richard Helm? Ralph Johnson? Vint Cerf? Sergey Brin? Larry Page? James Rumbaugh? Larry Wall? High reputation users from Stack Overflow?

> Every time Joel is not around is an opportunity for a developer team podcast :P

Yeah, but we just did one of those for Hanselminutes.

I second John Carmack

Seth Godin would be amazing

Brad Fitzpatrick (former LJ, now Google) would be cool to talk to about scalability for web apps.

>the guest does have to be at least peripherally
>“programming related”

I’m torn between asking for Charles Babbage or George Boole. Both have their merits – i think i’d prefer Babbage. Oh, they have to be alive too i guess.

Douglas Crockford is an entertaining chap I think.

Dare Obasanjo could bring some great fireworks to the show. I’d love to hear a smackdown betwixt you two.

Clay Shirky of course.

and many many more.

Seth Weiner Oct 23 2008

How bout Werner Vogels. A discussion of the challenges of porting SO to Amazon Web Services would be very cool

Someone from the Daily WTF. I’m sure they have some incredibly entertaining stories.

While you’re on your marketing kick I’d second Seth Godin or Guy Kawasaki

laurie Oct 23 2008

1 upvote for rands

How about your old pal Steve McConnell. Unless of course you’ve already had him on and I missed the podcast.

Invite the users who contribute the most to Stack Overflow. Maybe on a category basis.

+1 for Rands.

also add:
– Neil Davidson of Red Gate on Biz of Software

– Jessica Livingston author of “Founders at Work” on start-ups (maybe in conjunction with Phil Graham?)

– Scott Berkun author of the Art of Project Management

– Anyone from Channel9

– Drew Curtis from

BigBrain Oct 23 2008

I would love to hear Anders Hejlsberg discuss C# vs Delphi and native vs managed code.

Bill Gates

Jonathan Webb Oct 23 2008

+1 for Rands

Anders Hejlsberg. What’s his take on programmer community sites like Stack Overflow?

IrvTheSwirv Oct 23 2008

NOT someone from Daily WTF (it’s all made up you know!)

What about some of the top Rep’ed SO members. Personally I’d love to hear from some of those guys and what they think about how things are going on the site etc.

(Apart from Keith!)

Tim Ferriss – Discuss Entrepreneur tactics and Lifestyle design. I think its a nice delve into what YOU and JOEL ARE doing.

Bruce Schneier

and another vote for Paul Graham

Jonathan Webb Oct 23 2008

Steve Yegge as a regular guest. The podcast with him was excellent.

BigBrain Oct 23 2008

“Anders Hejlsberg. What’s his take on programmer community sites like Stack Overflow?”

We’ll Jeff could ask him that too, y’know?

SpoonMeiser Oct 23 2008

John Carmack would be good. I also always enjoy listening to Ryan “icculus” Gordon, but I suspect that that might not appeal to the wider SO audience.

Matt Berseth :)

++ for Bruce Schneier
John Carmack or Paul Graham also sound good.
Randall Munroe as a new name.

Steve Hanselman. I’ve been listening to his hanselminutes podcast and it is always good (bar a couple) and perfect length for a train journey.

Donal Oct 23 2008

I highly approve the idea of getting some real SO users on the podcast (as opposed to prima donnas like J&J :)

I third the suggestion for Paul Graham.

My sole original thought is Neal Gafter. He’s one of the main guys behind the development of the Java language in the last few years but has recently moved over to Microsoft. I think he now works with Anders Hejlsberg on the .Net languages. I’ve heard him on Java podcasts before, so I suppose it’s reasonably likely that he’d accept such an invitation.

Failing all that, just get Yegge on again!

Sara Ford ( or Raymond Chen ( could be interesting. Linus Torvalds could also add some interesting viewpoints to the podcast.

Or, how about doing something outside of classical Web Development: Invite the guys from Harmonix. I am sure that they should have some interesting stories to tell and lessons to teach.

Why don’t you interview the “StackOverflow” user/guru of the month?

James Duncan Davidson – a programmer turned photographer.

Also, you guys ever going to add titles to your podcasts?

Shadow Oct 23 2008

I’d love to hear you handle Bjarne Stroustrup.
And I would really like to hear what Bill Gates would have to say.
The chances of that happening are very thin, though, aren’t they?

I’ll toss in another vote for “The Gu”.

Wow, check out Joel’s pic at this link. He’s like an American baseball player over there:

I’ll cast my vote for the following suggestions:

1) John Carmack
2) Bruce Schneier
3) SO users/gurus

It’d also be cool if you could get Bill Gates, or Linus Torvalds, or Bjarne Stroustrup, but I don’t think there’s a very good chance of that happening.

+1 for Rands
+1 for Raymond Chen

I also suggest Steven Frank and/or Cabel Sasser from Panic.

As much as I love a good sausage party…why not interview a woman for once? But don’t make it about “Women in Computer Science” ’cause I already know what that scene is about. :)

I would love to listen to you guys talking with Guy Kawasaki..

Gintaras Didzgalvis.

He is the sole writer of a shareware program called QuickMacros (which I’ve been using for over 5 years now). It’s an approachable automation program that lets you do more that just text replacement mimic mouse clicks (like do SQL calls to a database and trigger actions based on files or processes).

Why should you interview him?
1. He has built and lived off this program for some years now (although there may be some freelancing along the way).

2. So he’s the ‘everyday’ programmer that has created something from the ground up and has been able to eat because of it. Probably not buy the Porche and drive to Paris and eat but still he makes actual money.

3. He is a great example of a programmer deciding to build something and make it better and better and better over the course of time and stick to it. It would be a great inspiration for programmers who keep getting discouraged because they aren’t turning into ‘Pop-Star Programmers’ or ‘VC Darlings'; just a guy who is really talented and keeps at it and makes a living.

Wilka Oct 23 2008

+1 for Seth Godin, in ties in nicely with your post on Coding Horror about marketing – and Joel gets a mention right at the start of Seth’s new book, Tribes. Which also fits nicely with StackOverflow.

I agree with Dinah: interview Scott Hanselman. Interview the guy right back and pull him over the coals like he did with you ;)

Great show BTW. Scott’s been doing far too many “I’m a Microsoft borg now” interviews lately and yours was a breath of fresh air.

+1 for DHH.

Avner Braverman Oct 23 2008

Paul Graham

edddy Oct 23 2008

Sorry, but I don’t like having guests in the podcast. There plenty of other podcast with guests, don’t know why yours will be different.

You will loss your USP.

Other guests cons:
* They don’t have proper podcast gear, so the sound quality is bad
* They maybe have strange accents difficult to hear for non english speakers like me
* They maybe boring

Matt B Oct 23 2008

the geeks at

I think you should talk to me. Not only am I a complete attention whore, but I’m not even that good a programmer. Plus I program in a language nobody has heard of.

I’m neither smart nor particularly capable of getting things done. I never really learnt C because it’s too hard. These new fangled languages confuse me. I’m one of those workaday programmers nobody admits to being. I write database systems for medium sized organisations & a good chunk of most of our products are still console mode applications.

There’s a possibility that I’ll be incapable of having a proper conversation with you because you’re like totally one of my programmer heroes.

You need a new perspective on your website & it’s mine.

The development team lead at expertsexchange…

To: jmcd

WHAT?! Why do you want to talk to the team lead at a place called Expert Sex Change? Does their site have anything more than contact info or maybe before and after pics?


Also -1 for Hanselmaaan, he’s EVERYWHERE

@Keng – Hey now, transgender experts have as much as anyone to add to this fine endeavour!

Hey Sean, you get my vote :)

Jason Gritman Oct 23 2008

+1 for Rands and Paul Graham

Craig Oct 23 2008

“The Smartest Man in the World” Rory Blyth

What about high rep users of stack overflow discussing questions from the site?

– Clay Shirky (on building communities)
– The guys at 37 signals (on profitable online software models)
– +1 for eric sink, rands, paul graham
– please please please on “montly yegge specials”

Hertanto Lie Oct 23 2008

Phil Haack

Luke B Oct 23 2008

How about someone from Facebook or a site like that?

Jimmy Wales?
Kathleen Dollard? (I just heard a talk from her yesterday, which was awesome)
Clay Shirky?
Carl Franklin?

The stackoverflow user with the most karma maybe?

Miguel de Icaza
Peter Norvig
Jon Skeet

how about some high rep SO user?

Mark Pilgrim
Kathy Sierra

+1 on Rands as well

Uncle Bob

Jonathan Coulton – he wrote the song ‘Code Monkey’, so he definitely fits the ‘tangentially related’ requirement.

Also, more Yegge.

I want to second (or third or whatever), the “guru of the month” approach. You don’t have to so a SO person each month, but I’ve clicked to some of the profiles of the “first pagers” and they are some interesting folks out there and apparently they know some good stuff!

I’m sure you’ll want to “screen” to make the show interesting, but all in all I think it would be pretty cool.

You could just get somebody to pretend to be one of these semi-famous programmer/blogger people. It’s not like most of us know what they sound like anyway.

+1 Raymond Chen

+1 Seth Godin (marketing!)
+1 Clay Shirky (online communities!)
+1 Paul Graham (startups!)

+1 Paul Graham

David H Aust Oct 23 2008

Ted Dziuba
Merlin Mann
Polita Paulus
Mark Miller
Rob Walling
+1 Vint cerf
+1 Seth Godin
+1 Anders Hejlsberg
+1 for SO heavy hitters/active beta testers. Michael Stum, Justin Standard, Leon Bambrick, Modesty (or whatever the fuck his name is)

Zakaria Oct 23 2008

+ 1 Paul Graham
and to add to the list
Zed Shaw

Beck, Fowler, Ward C., Ron Jeffries, Alistair Cockburn… for that matter anyone who’s living the agile dream or has lived..
I’m not sure all the high rep users would be good at talking ‘live’.. or to be listened to.. but it’s an idea nonetheless.

Podcast Request: How about doing a show about all the “good” uservoice ideas that were actually accepted into the SO Codebase… I bet I don’t know half or more of them.

Diego Oct 24 2008

Wil Shipley. You know who he is, Jeff. :)

Andreas Oct 24 2008

Eric Evans

Diego Oct 24 2008

How about every coder’s most beloved author, Steve McConnell?

Btw, what about Donald Knuth? I think he works at google now, I saw him in a video with Randall Munroe. Maybe Stevey can bring him for you.

DonOctavioDelFlores Oct 24 2008

Phil Factor for sure!

AndyB Oct 24 2008

CmdrTaco or CowboyNeal. You can talk about web scalability, technical user communities, web technologies and suchlike.

10rd_n3r0 Oct 24 2008

Mark Dominus from The Universe of Discourse ( I heard him speak at YAPC and think he is very entertaining.

Peter Seale Oct 24 2008

CLAY SHIRKY–along with being entertaining, your episode with him will be ON-TOPIC. He may even tell you what you are DOING WRONG.


Donal Oct 24 2008

For the love of God, please don’t give Scott Hanselman any more airtime than he already has. The guy gives me the creeps and I don’t know what he’s ever done that gives him the right to be so smug about himself

BaileyP Oct 24 2008

Somebody from the security community, like Chris Shiflett.

Or what about Aaron Boodman? I mean, what web developer hasn’t used sleight?

And speaking of JavaScript, what about a JS bigwig like Douglas Crockford?

Murali Suriar Oct 24 2008

Not /strictly/ programming related, but how about Tom Limoncelli of ? Perhaps a good way of exploring the differences between IT and programming, following on from one of the questions in last week’s podcast?

Diego Oct 24 2008

Last one from me. What about John Romero?

Benedict Oct 25 2008

Aaron Hillegass would be cool. He teaches Cocoa/Mac programming.

+1 to John Romero.

It’s easy to laugh at him for Ion Storm, but I actually have a LOT of respect for him because of Ion Storm. He went through the pain of turning from a Developer/Designer to a Manager, he learned the downsides of that the hard way but even though Ion Storm ultimately failed, I believe that John got a lot out of it in the end, and I truly respect him for that.

I think he could have some interesting stories to share on the Developer => Manager transition.

Fred Brooks
Sergey Brin and/or Larry Page
Bill Gates
Bjarne Stroustrup
John Carmack
Tim Berners Lee
Robert L. Glass
Steve Krug
Donald A. Norman
Brian W. Kernighan
Dennis M. Ritchie
Jakob Nielsen

..of course, some of those might be easier to get than others.

John Resig would be interesting, given SO’s extensive use of jQuery.

Corin Oct 25 2008

Some of the crowd would be good. I would love to hear more from Steve Yegge, specifically I’d like to know how his opinions on interviews have changed since:

Taking your podcast a different direction, try interviewing people who run various large online communities–non-traditional interviews like the SomethingAwful guy, the YTMND guy, or even Chet. The idea is that you talk to them, asking about their moderation style, how they handle griefers, etc. Or you can go with the more traditional guests and stick with programming/IT communities–as someone mentioned above, any of the Slashdot guys will be hilarious (look at the Hemos interview on FLOSS Weekly, it was great). Also good: the reddit guys, the digg moderators. I remember listening to an interview with one of the Flickr moderators, where they said one of their rules for users was “don’t be creepy,” that was an unexpected rule and an interesting interview. Ooh! And definitely try and find whoever is “responsible” for overseeing the YouTube comments, that will be a hoot of a show.

I’m always interested in the software behind online communities; you can go straight to the source and interview an author of a specific wiki implementation (maybe Ward Cunningham himself?), or interview one of the forum software vendors and ask them why certain features exist, what they had to remove. Interesting questions like “why did you have to add a CAPTCHA to the search box?” Questions that sound ridiculous, unless you’re talking about a website available on the anonymous web, where there are spiders and worms and the mafia and massive botnets leased by the hour. Maybe no one else in the world would listen to those shows, but you’d have one dedicated listener–ME.

Bryan Oct 26 2008

Ted Dziuba

Steve McConnell
Tom DeMarco
Scott Berkun
Bill Gates
Eric Sink
Steve Krug

Glenn Brock – this guy is amazing. Heard him interview with “Herding Code”

No podcast this week either? Is Joel too jet lagged, or couldn’t get back into the country?

agnul Nov 1 2008

+1 for Rands!

(And as a completely unrelated suggestion… jwz would be fun)