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Expressing Your Tag Preferences

10-20-08 by . 19 comments

Geoff “the malice from corvallis” Dalgas has done it again. Over the last week he was busy implementing the number one UserVoice request — tag preferences for a customized Stack Overflow homepage.


You’ll notice there are two places you can now enter your ignored tags and interesting tags.

  1. On most question pages, in the right sidebar
  2. On your users page, under the “Preferences” tab

Once you’ve enter some tag preferences, the questions appear differently depending on whether they contain a tag in your list.


Interesting questions are highlighted; ignored questions are dimmed.

We planning to enhance and build out the tag preferences feature a bit more, but even as-is it should hopefully help you distinguish what you like from what you don’t like a bit better. Note that we also increased the number of questions that show up on the homepage by default, all the better to filter your “ignore” and “interesting” against.

Also, a tip of the hat to Jonathan Buchanan’s most excellent Stack Overflow Tag Manager script, which was the inspiration for this feature. I’m sure Jonathan’s add-in will continue to evolve cool new features faster than our website can, so I encourage you to check it out.

In fact, there’s quite an ecosystem of third party tools for Stack Overflow. If there are any third party tools or add-ons you feel are absolutely essential, let us know on UserVoice, and we’ll try to roll those features into the core website so every Stack Overflow user can benefit.

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Doekman Oct 21 2008

Is it also possible to remove tags as being ignored/interested?

Doekman Oct 21 2008

Ah, just click on the X sign right of the label.

Wow! I was actually the one who originally posted that request. I hadn’t realized that it had become so popular. Hats of you Geoff, I really like the implementation!

Thanks a ton – this is great!

So when will the ignore items be actually removed from the list and the holes filled in with additional interesting items? Then the feature will be complete.

This is great. Thanks for a thoughtful implementation. For version 2.0 of this feature can you show us all of the tags and allow us to select (interested/ignore/neutral) instead of typing in the individual tags? I can see mistyping a tag or tag combination and wondering why my preference isn’t working.

Oh, and thanks for keeping the users involved in the refinement process.

Do you have a public API for SO?

love the idea but i think the suggested part(only on the profile/prefernces tab) should be drag drop enabled and it looks a bit too busy, you need to add some spacing. alos, I dont like it on the questions pages at all, i think it should be only available on the user profile page. i cant put my finger on it exactly, i just think it crowds the page too much or something.

Shaun Austin Oct 21 2008

Great idea but when you’ve added quite a few tags to each tag classification it makes the lists look quite untidy and difficult to look at… might be nicer if there was some kind of sorting or ability to NOT see the questions with tags you don’t want.

My 2p

Corin Oct 21 2008

I agree with John that “ignore items be actually removed from the list”

Jonathan Buchanan Oct 21 2008

The GM script version of this feature has now been updated so it doesn’t clash with the element ids used by Stack Overflow’s own implementation, so it can still be used (after removing all tags from the built-in version) if you want wildcard tag matches and to be able to remove questions which contain ignored tags.

I can understand why it might feel wrong for the built-in version to totally remove questions, but when a user has added an ignored tag for particular tools/technologies they’re not interested in or never use, they’re really unlikely to ever view, vote on or be able to provide answers for those questions, which just makes them noise.

This is useful.

I notice that there’s a small bug in the implementation though: when there are multiple words in the boxes for adding tags, the tag suggestion works on the last word in the box, not the word currently being edited.

Geoff Dalgas Oct 21 2008

You can now remove questions that contain an ignored tag by clicking Hide Ignored Tags. Thanks for all of the feedback, it’s very helpful – and thanks again to you Jonathan for the gem of an implementation to model.

wilhelmtell Oct 22 2008

* suppose i ignore visualstudio but i set c++ to an interesting tag. what happens with questions that have both of these tags? it would be nice if i could have the choice of what should be done in such a case.

for example, i don’t want to see visualstudio questions, even if they have a c++ tag on them, although i do like c++ very much.

* continuing on the visualstudio example, it would be nice if i could mark as ignored all visualstudio tags: visualstudio[-_]?\d* msvc[-_]?\d*

Awesome work, thanks!

Jonathan (if you read this), Jeff suggests the possibility of using Stack Overflow Tag Manager on top of the now native implementation. What are the risks of conflict?

Nice work guys! This adds a whole new element to the SO experience.

Nice work! This is a wonderful idea!

Cogito Apr 5 2010

Is it possible to see only the tags that are in “Interesting Tags” and totaly hide all others ?