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Then a Miracle Occurs – Public Beta

09-15-08 by . 42 comments is now live and open to the public, as a public beta.

I think you should be more explicit here in step two.

Our heartfelt thanks to all the software developers who so patiently helped us test the site during the private beta. You are the true heroes of this project, contributing your time in creating over 8,500 questions in a month and a half — not to mention putting up with our bugs and errors. Your beta badges are forthcoming.


We’ll see how long Stack Overflow manages to stay up now that it’s in public view. We did some last minute caching and optimizations that should help.

I, for one, am keeping my fingers crossed.

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Congratulations on the launch! I am quite excited to see how the site evolves in the public eye!

cowgod Sep 15 2008

congratulations on the public beta. i hope this site will become a great resource for programmers around the world.

Prakash Sep 15 2008

Then a miracle really happened!!
Its called Stackoverflow :)


Yeeeeeeeeiiii… :)

Lars Mæhlum Sep 15 2008

This September will be exiting.
I wonder if it will be eternal? ;)

Congrats Jeff!

i’m terrified for you guys. but hopeful.
best of luck!

Congratulations Jeff, great job!

Congratulations on airing! God luck, let’s keep it up.

also — along with the beta badge, I have not forgotten the fabled Hacker badge. IT IS COMING! I SWEAR!

Geir-Tore Lindsve Sep 15 2008

Wow, exciting news!

Congrats guys and good luck!

Robert Durgin Sep 15 2008

Great Job! Love SOF so far!

Congratulations on the launch!

Its been a pleasure using the site so far and it only gets better and better.

Chris K. Jester-Young Sep 15 2008

Congrats on the public launch of “call $”! :-)

Pop Catalin Sep 15 2008

Congrats, an excellent job well done, so far, I’m truly impressed with stackoverflow so far, and it has already proven extremely useful to me even as closed beta.


I knew this was going to be a success, but I didn’t think it would be a more effective “forum” than microsofts official forums.

Johan Soderberg Sep 15 2008

I just registered and thought I would give it a try. For now I don’t have any questions so I wanted to see if there were any I could answer.

I looked for a function to list questions that needed answers but didn’t find any. Then I looked for a link where I could post suggestions on improvements but didn’t find one.

So if you read this, here are some suggestions (not sure if someone else have already wished for them):

1) Some place to put suggestions for improvements. Ability to search/browse that wish-list, it should also include features that won’t be done. Just so users don’t post the same thing over and over.

2) It would be really nice if you could enter a few tags for thinks you know. For example Python, Linux, LDAP etcetera. A simple way to list questions that need answers (within your expertise) would be really nice.

Ok, looked some more and found ways to list questions that needed an answer. ;) I’ll leave the above text anyway, a feature to list only questions that are within your area would be nice.

Noticed that you could browse per tag, but if you want to look at many tags that’s not optimal.

Looking forward to start using your site, I think it have potential to be really good.

Jeff, when I log in at I get redirected back to but the old homepage comes up (with the comic and a link to the blog). If I add /questions to the URL I get to the actual site, but then clicking on the logo takes me back to the comic page.

Hopefully you peruse these comments, I wasn’t sure how to best let you know.

And…. nevermind. I needed clear my cache.

Congratulations! But, I also fear an Eternal September:

“…influx of new users…”

“…the sheer number of new users now threatened to overwhelm the existing … culture’s capacity to inculcate its social norms.”

“…continuously degraded standards of discourse and behavior…”

But, what do I know? I first thought Wikipedia was the dumbest concept ever. I expected it to end up as the Uncyclopedia!

Good luck! There’s a chance Stack Overflow will soon be an invaluable service for the programming community!

martinatime Sep 15 2008


Jacques Sep 15 2008

Congratulation to all involved in this great project.

Christian Hagelid Sep 15 2008

Congrats to Jeff, Joel, the SO team and to the beta testers at large!

I wish Good Luck to the SO Team and I hope the site continues successfully.

I also await my Beta Badge with anticipation.


@Johan Soderberg:

Look at the very top of the page:

“This is a (mostly) feature-complete beta. Found a bug? Want to make a feature request?”

The last part is a link to uservoice where you can post improvements or bugs.

Johan Soderberg Sep 15 2008

@Mike Stone:

Oh, thanks! Missed that one completely. Perhas I should try to think of a feature request to make that easier to see for people like me. ;)


Schroeder Sep 15 2008

Congrats! Let’s hope it stays as much fun as it was during the beta days. :)

Benjamin Perdomo Sep 15 2008

Suddenly I don’t feel special anymore :P
So, where and when is the party?

It’s been a blast beta testing, and i look forward to helping the rest of the world with their problems. oh, wait, uh… programming problems. ya.

I was a private beta user and never did the OpenId thing. Now the public beta site doesn’t recognize me. Do I need to hack my local cookies or something? I don’t want to have to start all over if I don’t have to.


Congrats site builders, and congrats to the community for exporting a tremendous amount of knowledge in such a short time. This should be pretty good.

Can’t wait to start seeing stackoverflow in my google results!

It’s running very fast – this is fantastic. Impressive.

With the limited amount of flair in the design, I believe a color scheme selection for the site is a very attainable feature, that many people would benefit from. Please think about it. We did this for one of our applications where I work, and it was actually quite simple to implement. I’d blog about it if I could find the time.


ugasoft Sep 15 2008


good job, I’ve found a new home!

Hope this goes well! I’ve enjoyed the format so far, I just hope there isn’t a turning point of suck, but I’m sure you guys can keep the focus.
Good luck!

Wow, site is fast!! How was the site built? Using PHP? and how are you caching the pages for performance? Anyways, I am sure I am going to become a regular on this site.

As I working programmer its clear to me that a well organized Q&A site, not buried in spam, has been desperately needed for a long time.

I just wish I could answer some of the questions. Neither my yahoo nor claim IDs work, I always get directed to the Kitty fixing the TV page. This is on multiple computers.

I wasn’t in the beta.

Scott: the site is built using mainly assembler with a bit of C, but with some custom ASICs for speed. It’s all covered in the podcasts, transcripts of which are available in the links above. Most of the database is RAM-resident in a 64-bit box.

Horace Sep 19 2008

Continues to be very useful post public beta.
Indeed I find myself browsing the Q&A just to learn stuff – that’s really incredible. Well done.

Thanks for posting such vital information. I am new to the blogging scene. Any and all pointers are helpful.