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OK, Now Define “Answered”

09-30-08 by . 23 comments

One thing we’ve learned on Stack Overflow is that asking questions is easy. But how do you tell when a question has been answered?

For a community predicated on the value of getting answers to your programming questions, it’s sort of… important… to know when unanswered questions are hanging around out there in the ether.


We do provide a facility for the person who asked the question to mark an answer as an “accepted” answer. Once accepted, the answer is tagged with a checkmark and a special background color, and permanently docked to the bottom of the question. This is a simple social convention we use to close the loop between the person asking and the person answering — with a little reputation sugar to sweeten the deal (+15 to the answer, and +2 to the owner). Accepting an answer is not meant to be a definitive and final statement indicating that the question has now been answered perfectly. Heck, we don’t even expect people asking questions to come back and accept an answer most of the time.

Just between you and me, not all question askers are equipped to recognize the best answer to their question anyway — that’s where community voting comes in. That’s why in the default sort order (votes), the answer the community likes best will be either:

  1. Directly under the question
  2. Directly under the accepted answer, if there is an accepted answer

This is how Stack Overflow works — the good stuff gets voted to the top, so you never have to read down very far to get the best information. And for the most part, it does work!

However, we still need a way to get to questions that, for whatever reason, aren’t being answered. Initially our unanswered questions view included questions with zero posted answers.

That didn’t work too well, as some questions could have multiple answers posted that weren’t … satisfactory. They’d disappear from the unanswered questions view, but these questions weren’t truly “answered” in any real sense.

Some people proposed showing all questions without any accepted answers, but that’s contorting a simple social convention into far more than it was meant to be. Expecting every asker to come back and mark an accepted answer is totally unrealistic. There would be tens of thousands.

As of today, here’s how we do it:

  • Answered questions have at least one answer with one upvote (or accepted)
  • Unanswered questions have no answers with upvotes (or accepted)

More complex solutions have been proposed. We could potentially tweak the number of upvotes required for this to work — but I’m thinking this is a lot better way to measure “answered” than the way we used to do it.

So if you were wondering why the number of “unanswered” questions just went from barely a hundred to nearly two thousand, this is why.

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Is it the responsibility of the questioner to offically accept an answer, or the community?

Could the questioner have one of those “top of the screen notification” bars drop down if you have any questions that have answers and upvotes but where you’ve not accepted an answer?

Could this be highlighted in your stats page?

Could you have a badge awarded to people (given the right level of reputation) select the most appropriate answer for “old unanswered” questions?

Schalk Versteeg Sep 30 2008

Can a user set his own criteria for what he consider as unanswered for ex. 3 answers, 3 upvotes in total.
or 3 answers with no question having more than 2 upvotes.

zurvan2 Sep 30 2008

OK. This is related to your “wiki” concept here. The fundamental shortcoming of the “forum” organization is that independent answers can’t easily be combined into one coherent “answer” or article.

What you’ve got now is aksmefi with bells on, but you really need to get a bit more encyclopedic. There’s a good opportunity here for more hierarchical organization, too… Like, more than just tags.

You could have all the questions on Java Threading grouped together, and have the individual questions and answers more like a FAQ.

kogus Sep 30 2008

Answered and un-answered should always be the opposite of each other. If you’ve defined “Unanswered”, then “Answered” is simply !UnAnswered.

So unless I’m mistaken there’s now no way to easily find all the questions that have no answers at all?

A little outside of the scope of defining unanswered itself: if you want to reduce the number of unanswered questions (which I assume is ultimately the goal) then you have to make it easier for people to find unanswered questions for which they have domain knowledge.

To that end, I’d say that adding an “unanswered” tag would be greatly beneficial. If I know about, say, “Java”, then I can create a view of unanswered Java questions without all that other stuff I don’t know getting in the way.

Shouldn’t the number of upvotes needed to count as “answered” be related to the number of upvotes on the question? If a question has +10 votes, and the best answer has +1, I wouldn’t count it as a good answer!

Maybe I’m alone in this, but I feel this is far too simplistic a solution.

I have tried to push the idea (on uservoice and stack overflow itself) that high rep users should be able to mark questions closed but NOT override someones chosen answer… no rep could change hands, and it can only be done after so many days (questions that are unlikely to get an answer)… maybe other things like preventing people from selecting their own answer… or it must have a minimum number of upvotes, or even it must be the #1 upvoted answer.

You may not have intended the “answer” mechanism to be something significant, but I think it could easily solve this problem with new high rep abilities.

The point is, it’s easy to get upvotes and have the wrong answer or an answer that is not answering the right thing (especially for niche, obscure problems). Thus, you are going to drown out questions that still don’t have an answer.

I don’t think it will help to raise the number of upvote limit either, because the niche questions often don’t get viewed or voted on as much as the more general questions, or questions in technology that a lot of people know, and you may even see people voting on answers just to get them off the unanswered list.

I think this problem NEEDS to be solved, and I’m glad you are working towards fixing it, but I think this solution has missed the mark… though I hope I’m wrong.

Morten Christiansen Sep 30 2008

It’s interesting you are bringing this up just now as I have been thinking about the usefulness of ‘answered’ questions. Lately I have come to the concludion that the feature contracts from the value of the site rather than the other way around.

The problem is that a question which is marked as answered doesn’t really invite people to write any new answers as they might be thinking that the owner of the question does not care anymore.

While it is not a major problem I don’t really find that the feature adds anything positive to the site. When you see the site as a wiki or a place to look up problems I don’t find it interesting whether the owner of a given question has solved his problem. If anyone has anything of value to add to the question he should add it no matter what.

A dynamic threshold for up votes based on the number of answers and views might be better. If there are 3K views and 30 answers and none with more than 3 up votes; I don’t think that question is answered.

The change is an improvement over “unanswered == no answers”, but it’s susceptible to attack. I don’t know why anyone would want to, but they could just go through and up vote the first answer on all unanswered questions. That takes you back to “unanswered == no answers”.

I think the change is for the worse. There’s now no way to see questions with no responses.

Bernard Sep 30 2008

I have to agree with Mike that this solution is too simple. Time will tell all, I suppose.

William Newbery Oct 1 2008

I think any automated decision on if something is “answered” will not work for everything, an answer may get 5 upvotes but still not be what the asker wanted (eg it may say why doing what the asker wanted is generaly bad, but still not say how to do it).

What I suggest if that if a qustion still hasn’t got an answer selected by the asker after 5 days, the system makes the one with highest votes the selected answer (min 1 up vote?). However the origenal asker should be able to revoke that if they really are not happy with the answer.

* This fixes the problem with the asker not being around
* If it really isn’t solved then the asker can keep it as an unanswered question so it shows in the unanwerd list.

“Expecting every asker to come back and mark an accepted answer is totally unrealistic. There would be tens of thousands.”

What if the community could mark and answer accepted? It would definitely need to have gone unanswered for a while and require relatively high reputation. Maybe even require multiple users to agree that it’s THE answer, kind of like the offended flag.

> What if the community could mark and answer accepted?

Isn’t this already handled by voting?

Mike Lang Oct 2 2008

How about a contested answers designation that’s separate from answered questions. A question with a contested error would be one where there’s significantly more upvotes (1, 5, whatever tuning makes sense) on an answer than the accepted one. If the nonaccepted answer breaks some higher threshold (again whatever tuning makes sense) than the question becomes answered.

see the “related tags” right-hand sidebar under the unanswered tab. Note that when you click these, they are additive.. I think that’ll help narrow down unanswered quite a bit.

Ruudjah Oct 20 2008

Please change the tab title “unanswered questions” to something more of semantic value.

All that I have learned reading at is instantly thrown to the /dev/bin by having the current construction: an “unanswered questions”, which actually links to a page with questions _with_ answers.
In MS Word, there is a “print” button. It prints my documents, it doesnt give me a print preview. It is because those guys in Redmond put some thought in the semantics, something you hammer on too.

Ruudjah Oct 20 2008

What about changing “unanswered questions” into “answers needed”?
It can’t be more concise and clear, can it?

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