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I Don’t Give a Damn About My Reputation

09-29-08 by . 16 comments

Geoff Dalgas did a bang-up job implementing the #1 UserVoice requested item — and he did it all while we were away on our NYC trip, no less!


You’ll notice there is a now a Reputation tab on everyone’s user page, which includes

  1. a graph of your reputation over time
  2. a summary of the actual up and downvotes from each question/answer that generated your reputation.

The graph is “live” — you can select a time range with your mouse and drill into the specifics for that time period. If you were ever curious where your rep score came from, now you know. This is also the only place we expose downvote counts.

There is still some tweaking we want to do with the layout, but hopefully this will meet everyone’s obsessive desire to track their reputation scores in the minutest of possible detail. Not that there’s anything wrong with that. No.

This would not have been my first pick for feature priority development, but it was highly requested, and I thought Geoff did a great job on it.

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John S. Sep 29 2008

This is nice, for sure. The only thing I like better about the update tracking web site on is that it shows you what’s changed since your last visit. If you integrate that type of tracking, this would be complete. Still, great job guys!

The summary is off by one day. This is hard to see when you are an old time members, but if the history is only a week or two it can get confusing.

Otherwise a great feature!

All hail Geoff!!! I can’t realize I missed the tab the first couple of checks I did this morning.

Keep up the awesome work guys!

>> you can select a time range with your mouse and drill into the specifics for that time period.

This functionality is not apparent to users unless you were to read this blog post but that obviously is not practical.

It is great feature but it might be a good idea to either provide instructions and\or visual clues to indicate that you perform that action.

1. the fact that this site exits proves that there is a real need for it and people are exited about it. a long time ago you tried to reason away the real need, obviously at least me and 2 other peopel think it is cool. why not implement it? since you have access to inside the box, you can do it much better (i.e. not being dependent on changes since last time I check but last X changes)

2. Reputation is great! But I am not sure people should get reputation for asking questions! the incentive to ask question is that.. you want an answer.
Giving people reputation for asking questions only gives incentive for negative behaviour, what you see as question spam (asking bad questions). If I had no artificial incentive for asking questions, only questions that I really care about the answers to would get posted.

It is not really working …

My numerical reputation is 1477 ATM. Graph shows slightly over 1000. My rep was over 1000 for quite some time, definitely more than a week so this is not a problem of graph being one day behing the actual data.

Why is there a json request for every highlight? It seems that you can compute the results that you get from json in memory instead.

What graphing tool did you use to accomplish this cool change? Would love to know.

Ignore my first post (point #1) (I would edit if I could).
I think you can do almost everything I wanted to. GREAT!

now just to argue about the reputation for question part… (-:

Matthijs Sep 30 2008

What did you use to draw this?

Look at the source. :P He used jquery flot.

Fixed, I see. Now my rep is slightly over 1000 and it matches the graph :)

I believe I had some ‘leftover’ rep from private beta questions that got deleted in public beta. Now that got cleared.

Diodeus Oct 3 2008

Why are the red numbers always zero or negative?

There is a difference between my chart and my actual reputation due to the fact I got a lot of reputation on a question that was later marked as offensive (it wasn’t offensive – just off topic and I posted an amusing answer).

I still have the reputation for my answer, but the chart doesn’t show it.

Abdu Oct 6 2008

I am one of the people who doesn’t care about their SO reputation. So what does that mean? ;|

Hey, thats Paul Wicks.