Stack Overflow on Herding Code

by Jeff Atwood

on August 25, 2008

I was invited to participate in the latest Herding Code podcast.


This was a fun one for me because I've known the four hosts of the program -- Jon Galloway, Kevin Dente, K. Scott Allen, and Scott Koon -- through their blogs since forever, eventually meeting most of them in person. All of their blogs predate mine by years. I'd almost say we were blog buddies. If you could call people blog buddies. Which I don't think you can.

At any rate, I go into quite a bit of technical depth on Stack Overflow and some of the features that we have yet to implement, but have been hotly requested -- definitely worth a listen if you want to go deep.

Thanks for having me on!

(oh, and listen past the end for a little audio easter egg that's sort of fun)