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I Guess That’s Why They Call It “Beta”

08-28-08 by . 40 comments

Just a quick note to the beta participants:

We apologize for the recent spate of outages. We’re currently diagnosing a sporadic hang in the website that we haven’t quite got a handle on yet. Until we figure it out, we’re forced to restart the web service every few hours.

I’ll update this post when we get it licked, but until then, expect a bit more turbulence than usual. We appreciate your patience.

Edit: Problem solved; see Podcast #20 for explanation.

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Darren Kopp Aug 28 2008

The real question is, where’s your fail whale page? 503 is soooo web 1.0

If you’re restarting it every few hours, that must be cutting into your sleep.

Every 108 minutes? ;)

maybe you could put a question up on one of those tech-answer websites….if only I could think of one off the top of my head…..OH YEAH…

well, good luck with that. ;0)

Justin Aug 28 2008

Thanks for letting us know whats going on.

Benjamin Perdomo Aug 28 2008

I suppose you have trying recycling the pool like every hour.

Thanks for letting us know what’s going on guys :) Keep up the good work, I lurv teh stackoverflow :)

Huppie Aug 29 2008

Hmm, for a second I was about to upmod driveby’s answer ;-)

As for what kengray said… I agree. Why didn’t you put up a question on that questions-site you can’t stop talking about.

Will Dean Aug 29 2008

Perhaps that horrible cache-abusing hack you were posting about around a month ago has come back to bite you?

Just hurry up ok… the cold sweats have started to kick in… oh, and here’s the shakes…

have you tried that sex change site? they seem to have lots of answers about programming problems

Thomas Owens Aug 29 2008

Good luck getting it fixed. But if you don’t get it fixed soon, I might enter SO withdrawals…so, please, hurry.

Mark Biek Aug 29 2008

Must vote on things! Must post questions! Aaaaaaaah!

Seriously though, good luck

For a second I was wondering why Huppie decided not to upmod driveby’s answer… then I realized…

Johannes Aug 29 2008

I guess that explains why I have to login again and again.

Keep up the excellent work!

I just tried accessing the website, and the request seems to go in an infinite loop … I guess threads on your server are blocked. This type of problem is usually associated with memory leaks.

Keep up the good work.

Thanks for the heads up Jeff. I hope you manage to solve the problem sooner rather than later… I’m starting to get withdrawal symptoms!

But you have a great team to help you so I’m sure you’ll figure it out :)


looking forward to see the site back up and all ;)

Firefox doesn’t even show me the 503, had to ask curl to dump headers for me :P

make it show fail whale!

my F5 thanks you.

Any chance left of getting into the beta? I hit the link a while back when the podcast mentioned it and never got a response.

Today it’s working waaaay slow… I hope they can figure it out or they won’t be able to release it on the 3rd ;)

I was wondering why I kept on having to log in again – I’m guessing that’s a side effect?

Steve Aug 29 2008

I guess this is why most startups go for a Linux/Apache stack :)

Nope, most startups go with Linux/Apache because its free.

And then run into this problem anyways.

Foo Bar Aug 30 2008

I just thought I’d add nothing to the conversation also. Good luck! You rock! Can’t wait! I’m almost out of saliva and KY! Hurry up with the beta!

Is it done yet?

Dmitry Shechtman Aug 31 2008

Works just fine for me.

Try checking for unhandled exceptions in other threads

How do you get to carnegie hall?

Joel Python Sep 1 2008

> How do you get to carnegie hall?

Practice man, practice!

miki triki Sep 1 2008


This is the difference between open source projects and closed source.
With open source you can get some real comments coming from professionals with different experiences.
With closed source projects and some beta displaying, people are staying aside without being able to help.
Nobody says to let people make changes in your code, but displaying the code… might help.

Anyway… good luck with the project (lame comment, but it’s the only thing I can do so far).

probably cause you are using windows. or even worse iis. :)

“With open source you can get some real comments coming from professionals with different experiences.”

LOL. That’s a poor rant. You don’t need to Open Source to get real comments (this is real, isn’t it?), professional (like this?) comments with different experiences.

In fact with OS you could get 900 useless rants about using fedora over ubuntu, how MySQL is faster than PostgreSQL and how Python/Django would have been better than Ruby on Rails and ASP.NET, etc. Somewhere in between the 900 posts, you can find some profesional, real, with different experience comment.

With Closed Source, you don’t get any. It’s a trade off.

………………………… so it’s September 3rd….

Euro Micelli Sep 3 2008

You can’t seriously think about going live while advertising the ability to use AOL/AIM as an OpenId provider, which now has not worked for almost a week.

Those of us who committed their “rep” efforts to an AIM account are now blocked out of the system, facing the possibility of having to throw away their rep and losing forever their Beta badge.

But even worse, potential new users would be met with a confusing error message, be turned off and walk away to never come back. Remember how important first impressions are.

To me that would be a showstopper.

At least some kind of a delay notice would be in order…

Is there something new in this direction ?