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Bad News, Good News

08-05-08 by . 49 comments

I’ve got some bad news and some good news.

I like to start with the bad news, and you don’t get a choice, so here goes:

There will be no podcasts for the next two weeks.

Joel is on an extended vacation. Our apologies, but the logistics of recording remotely are too daunting.


Plus, we want Joel to enjoy his vacation, right? Me, I don’t get a vacation. I have to work frantically with Jarrod, Geoff, and Jeremy on this Stack Overflow thing. Not that I’m bitter or anything. I’ll just set my desktop background to something tropical. It’s almost the same thing as a vacation. Almost.

But, I also bring you the promised good news!

You can sign up for the Stack Overflow beta.

Hooray! Huzzah! Because who doesn’t love using buggy, incomplete websites filled with irate users?

Click here to sign up for the Beta

I asked around on Twitter and got a recommendation for a Google Spreadsheet Form. I looked at Wufoo and SurveyMonkey but their limits are too low. I must say I’m impressed with the Google docs spreadsheet form solution; it’s working amazingly well. And it’s so simple. Every time someone visits the form and signs up, a new row is created in the spreadsheet. Easy!

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for a second, i was expecting to see the hotdog when you mentioned desktop background :)

Benjamin Perdomo Aug 5 2008

1) So, your definition of something tropical as desktop background is the sign up form? :P
2) Why don’t you just do a podcast with Jarrod, Geoff, and Jeremy? We won’t miss Joel… much

Ed M Aug 5 2008


Ya get a podcast going with all the developers. You and Joel are such are spotlight hogs :p

paul celi Aug 5 2008

the developer podcast is a great idea!
Tired of theories on how to manage a team…

hmm, a little too late for this week but maybe next week we could do a dev podcast! good idea! I’ll have to schedule it with the guys

Sean Aug 5 2008

A dev podcast would be great!

cole Aug 5 2008

I like the Development Team podcast idea.

ricree Aug 5 2008

I also like the dev team podcast idea. I’ve been wondering for a while why we haven’t heard them on even briefly yet.

John Walker Aug 5 2008

Definitely have a dev team podcast. That would be very cool.

jake Aug 5 2008

what? don’t you plan these vacations in advance? okay, i will wait till next week but the monkey weighs heavily on my back. i so need my podcast fix. it will be nice to hear from the developers

Yay, a signup form for stackoverflow! Took me only 1s to open it and sign up. :-)

I love GDocs for this kind of collaboration tools, too. It’s a great thing if you work on documents from different locations or maybe with a bunch of users.

Finally, a chance to catch up on the transcription of the last podcast! It might even be done before the next one…

Burton Aug 6 2008

Jeff, your ‘desktop background’ links to the sign-up page. I am owed one tropical desktop background.

I’d like to hear a Podcast where you discuss the project with your other developers. I think that would be a fascinating contrast to your podcasts with Joel.

same than Burton. I DEMAND a tropical wallpaper ;)

Or just record office noise!

I was going to be mad, but when I saw you were ‘beary’ sorry, that made up for it.

Alistair Aug 6 2008

Oh noes! digg are coming… can your spreadsheet filter out that many dorks?

I too would like to hear a Dev Podcast.

Just to add, I’m a long time listener, first time commenter, not some Johnny come Digger!

For some reason, I really don’t see the stackOverflow beta hitting the Digg homepage.

William Cannon Aug 6 2008

Is Joel by any chance in Anguilla? I swear I’m staying next to a guy from NY who is his mirror image and is staying for 2 weeks.

I just read your post about desktop images. I have to say I really like to see a good desktop image when I lock my computer. In fact, I usually drag the “press ctrl+alt+delete to log in” window so that it’s not even visible. I guess I could be “green” and turn off the monitor, but it will cut itself off after 30 minutes of being idle so I don’t bother.

OK the captcha has 1/2 in it (like the 1/2 symbol, not one-slash-two). How am I supposed to know how to type that?

This explains why when I keep hitting ‘update podcast’ in iTunes, nothing happens. I figured it was just my iTunes being retarded….damn.

Michel Billard Aug 6 2008

@kip: That’s the beaty of re-captcha. They always show 2 words. One they know the solution of, the other they don’t know. If you get the one they know correctly, you went through the filter. The other word is given to many many users until they are confident enough that the word written by users is the one shown.

Btw, ½ is altchar + – (for my keyboard layout anyway).

Zack Aug 6 2008

I was really looking forward to hearing your reactions to the beta testing this week.

I’d also like to hear a developer’s podcast.

Mark Struzinski Aug 6 2008

Glad to see the beta, Jeff. I signed up today. Good luck and congrats!

Add me to the list of people that would like to hear a Dev. Podcast. New fan but eager to hear more!

I thought you had a rainbow unicorn as your desktop wallpaper…

Thanks for the pointer to Google Spreadsheet Form. I was about to release a survey using SurveyMonkey, but this sounds even better.

Miguel Crispin Aug 6 2008

Seems that you are falling in a login/registration barrier…(yeah I know it is private and not public but…).

You are asking to register into a google doc, in order to get registered in the beta.

Seems that you need a pre-registration in order to grant access and sent invites outs at 100 per day.

Not a big thing, but, Why no just get people registered directly in, having them in a queue and just grant access at 100 per day, and sent invites to the e-mail previously used in the registration?.

To me it sees that you are duplicating functions/registrations.

I also think a developer podcast would be really interesting.

A possible subject for the developer podcast:
You’ve told us about the technology stack you’ve chosen to work with. How has it been working with these technologies, especially with LINQ as the data access layer and a pre-release on the presentation side.

Dan F Aug 7 2008

Yeah, what they said. Gimme a Dev podcast. We want to hear the dirt the guys will dish on their evil project manager :)

The google forms was one neat idea..
I used that with Google Charts to setup an online poll (that i extended with new options over time) – worked out pretty well.


Developer podcast please – you can’t not do a podcast after opening the private beta!

Mark G Aug 8 2008

Could have sworn I got in pretty quick, but as of yet no email… Guess I’ll keep being patient and hopefully see something in my inbox on Monday.

Martin Aug 8 2008

Argh, I must have missed this in my reader… I only looked into it deeper because I was missing my weekly dose of Jeff and Joel… I bet I’ll be lucky to even get in now!

Steve Aug 8 2008

Still no email.. is this an attempt at building suspense??

SkullDuggerT Aug 9 2008

It’s never too late for a dev podcast! Consider it a beta podcast for next week :)

Got the beta email a few days ago, and I must say…

VERY WELL DONE chaps! You really do deserve a pat on the back. Excellent site.

But… what have you created and is it developing into what you expected?

Still waiting for the invite

Oh well, I’ve been waiting ever since the site came up, a few more days couldn’t hurt.

Actually, no, I’ve been waiting ever since I decided I didn’t like EE.

I send out 150 invites per day, and the list is around 3,000 people, so.. some patience may be in order. :)

I signed up but my browser screwed up so I’m probably in it more than once. (Timeout error, refresh, timeout error, refresh again, finally done)

Jurney Aug 13 2008

I wonder if by invite isn’t a good way to keep the site about programming instead of enlargement and banking opportunities. If programmers on the site can invite other programmers ala gmail’s beta, you’d get anyone who wanted in signed up in fairly short order, but keep out the majority of the amateur pharmacists.

150 per day…? Aw, man. Just signed up last night.

Any way of actually indicating what the backlog is? How fast will 150 a day clear?

I tried to sign up via link, but Google showed me a finger and said to contact the owner. So Jeff I assume it’s you)