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Stack Overflow Private Beta Begins

And then a miracle occurred.

I think you should be more explicit here in step two.

We’re beginning the Stack Overflow private beta.

I am sending out emails to the first 100 people for the private Stack Overflow beta; the email contains the password necessary to log in, as well as a link to this post. I will continue to email 100 people per day until all ~500 people on the private beta list have invites.

Please bear in mind the goals of this beta, as we proceed:

1. Generate REAL questions and answers

Treat the beta like a real live website! Don’t put “test” or “fun” or “play” questions up — ask actual, real, bona fide honest-to-goodness programming questions! Answer other people’s programming questions! If you look some programming question up on the web and you are unsatisfied with the results, post the question and answer on Stack Overflow (yes, it is OK and even encouraged to answer your own questions, if you find a good answer before anyone else.) I want Stack Overflow to be your research notebook for every programming problem you face that you don’t immediately know the answer. Help us help you.

2. Help Us Remove the Suck

We probably didn’t get everything right. In fact, I’m sure of it. The beta is private so you can help us remove all the suck before we let the general public in. I’m relying on you, the beta heroes, to tell us:

  • What’s confusing.
  • What’s broken.
  • What doesn’t make sense.
  • What could be better, and specifically how, with carefully researched examples and URLs referencing other sites that demonstrate specifically what ought to be done.

I’m sure it’ll still suck at the end. But with your help, less. Much, much less! With any luck, we might even flirt with.. wait for it.. not sucking! A man’s gotta dream.

3. Be Gentle

I deeply appreciate the effort that you are putting into testing our crappy newborn website. You are giving us the gift of your time, and that’s not something I (or any startup) should take lightly. So I, and the rest of the Stack Overflow team, will try to be as responsive as we possibly can to your requests during the beta. But we’re only human, and there are only three of us — and exactly one full time person (me).

If you are unfortunate enough to receive the yellow screen of death, know that all these errors are automatically logged and we will be looking at them individually. You should also know that these are all, like, totally Jarrod’s fault. Because he sucks.

For best results, please avoid mailing us directly, and use the for your private beta feedback. It’s also linked from the beta site itself, right there in the header. From here, you can:

  1. list bugs you’ve found
  2. vote on the bugs you want us to fix
  3. list features you want us to add
  4. vote on the features you want us to add

I will check our uservoice site religiously! Direct email, I cannot guarantee a response to, but I will do my best.

Good luck and godspeed, brave beta users.

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Could you be more explicit about the way you’re sending invitations ? We’re are you getting the emails from? Is there a “beta” registration form ?
Thanks Jeff !

Invite me too please.

all praise to you on getting this far =>

*cross fingers and sits waiting expectantly for the email*

Darrel Aug 1 2008

Good luck. I wish you all the success you can handle.

I should have mentioned how long the private beta will be. I am guessing less than a month at this point — anywhere from two weeks to a month?

I’ve been wrong before, of course.. so.. we’ll see how it goes. :)

thing2k Aug 1 2008

Is it just me or did inspire a some of the design, as there does seem to be some similarity.


*Someone who would love to get on the beta, but doesn’t deserve it.*

Grant Aug 1 2008

I love the beta password, very nostalgic.

Best of luck, I can’t wait to see how it goes :)

Steve Aug 1 2008

I’d be happy to try it out.

Great podcast!


James Murphy Aug 1 2008

Don’t know about the beta – much as I might love to play – but the blog is too wide (I have a scroll bar) on my 1024 x 768 screen. And one would suspect the site to be broadly comparable.

Why don’t I have a big screen? Well I do, its sat here to the right of my small screen and ’tis on the small screen that I tend to do browsing and stuff.

At home I have a tablet PC, screen *width* on that is often 768 ‘cos portrait/tablet mode is (or at least should be) a nice way to browse whilst sat on the sofa…

I’d love a beta invite, if possible.

Michel Billard Aug 1 2008

2 weeks seems optimistic, but only you know (and the few privileged beta testers) how near completion the website is.

Good luck with it, I can’t wait to start helping people.

Send me a beta invitation, please.

Just cannot wait to see the site…

I’d love to join the beta too if possible.

Very cool stuff, Jeff! Count me in …

I’m confused about what I’m supposed to do to be in the beta. Just writing “Can I have one, please?” here would do the trick?

parrots Aug 1 2008

I’d love an invite if you’re accepting victims…er volunteers.

i would like to be involved in the private beta…

Michael Aug 1 2008

I’d like to get on this beta action, if possible.

jj33 Aug 1 2008

Hah. I finally went and transcribed something this morning and sent the beta request. Then I see this. Probably too late. Oh well =)

y0mbo Aug 1 2008

I would also like to help out with the beta.

Wrath Aug 1 2008

Would love to participate if there’s room.

Congratulations on reaching beta! I’d also like an invite, if you would be so kind! :)

Andrew Aug 1 2008

I would also like to added to the list if you’re still accepting new people. Thanks!

I would love to help if possible as well.

Nimesh Aug 1 2008

Please invite me too

I am interested in participating in the beta if you have any slots left. Thanks, Jeff!

kevin sheffield Aug 1 2008

I’ll participate in the beta if you want me

Onno Aug 1 2008

Have been following the blog and the podcast for months, and I have been enjoying them tremendously. I wish you lots of good luck with the private beta, Jeff et al., and I’m definitely looking forward to the Not-So-Much-Sucking 1.0 Gamma/Gold/Loves You ;)

Best regards,


Looks like you’ve got plenty of interest for betas.

I really hope stackoverflow kicks the ar5e of other so called exchanges of expert opinions.

Am really excited about it. Sign me up for the beta if there are places available!

For all of you “Me too!” folks: How to get into the beta was announced in one of the earlier podcasts and closed registration a few weeks ago. As far as I am aware there is no longer any way to get into the beta.

>> Is it just me or did inspire a some of the design, as there does seem to be some similarity.

I’d say its just a coincidence in the sense that both sites are copying Digg rather than copying each other. Apparently when some designers think Web 2.0, all they can think is Digg. Kudos to Digg, I suppose. Shame on the copycat designers.

THANK YOU Mat for answering the damn question!
I’m sad because I’m following codinghorror and stackoverflow news. Unfortunately I hadn’t enough time to listen to all of the podcasts.
Well… waiting >.<
(Question: why betas are reserved to a certain amount of people?)

Mike Tomasello Aug 1 2008

> (Question: why betas are reserved to a certain amount of people?)

To make it manageable I guess. I’m sure it’ll get opened up to more people as time goes on. From what I recall from the podcast the ‘main’ way to get into beta was to do some transcript work on the transcript wiki.

I’d love to try the beta too if there will be any more available slots. Thanks!

Oh, I’d love to be part of that.

Mario, from Brazil

Greg Aug 1 2008


Would like to give this a try! :)

babul Aug 1 2008

Sign me up please. Thanks.

I’m looking forward to checking it out, Jeff!

I’m NOT interested in the beta but I think it’s important that there’s something out now.

I’m convinced this will become a good site for the corporate Microsoft developer.

Ashley Aug 1 2008

Woah sounds fun! Cant wait for it to go live, didn’t sign up for the beta! :(


King me.

James Murphy Aug 1 2008

Oops, does work (just) in 1024 if the browser is maximised (which it wasn’t – quite – before).

Could still do with a bit more margin for error though!

I would love to be part of the beta, but you guys haven’t made it very clear how to be included. Is simply commenting “I want to be part of the beta” on this post sufficient?

revorad Aug 1 2008

I’d like an invite. Thanks.

Thanks for putting me in the private beta. I saw the e-mail right before I left for a mini-vacation, my last e-mail check before going off into the wild, camping. I know others will probably be going on longer vacations, so don’t forget the “August effect”.

Jimbo Aug 1 2008

@Brandon, I’m pretty sure it’s just making a comment.

Could i get an invite too?

I’d like an invite, thank you.

Antonio Haley Aug 1 2008

I’d love an invite too, thanks!

i’d like an invite too

Jake Markhus Aug 1 2008

sigh, somewhere there is a party and i am not invited. congrats jeff and joel, i look forward to the podcast about the whole beta experience. then ofcourse the finished product

Khang Toh Aug 1 2008

I will alpha test stackoverflow with all my heart! so send me an invite please.

I couldn’t find a form for the beta registration but I would like an invite. Thanks.

Michael Aug 1 2008

I’d love to get an invite for the beta!

If there’s a list to be on, please put me on it. A place to ask serious programming questions sounds wonderful. Will I be able to ask Ada, Assembler, BASIC, C, Delphi, Fortran, Perl and SmallTalk questions, or will it be more limited?

Hi, I’d like an invite too. Thanks.

I would like to be in the beta

Alasdair Aug 1 2008

How to get in the Beta was explained several times in the podcast. I don’t think posting here is going to get you in.


you *need* my excellent questions in this beta.

please do invite me!

Evan Shaw Aug 1 2008

I have no idea what the proper way is to get a beta invite, but I’d like one, if possible.

brian Aug 1 2008

“You should also know that these are all, like, totally Jarrod’s fault. Because he sucks.”

HAHA so funny. I’m glad your team has a good sense of humor. Good programmers with a good team dynamic isn’t common. I can’t wait to see/use the finished product!

Good luck on the beta.

I would like a beta invite, I vaguely remember submitting a request at the beginning?

I would like to beta test the site too (but only if the stack is not overflow already)

Great now I’m going to check my email every 10 minutes utill I get my email. :(

Carlos Hernández Aug 1 2008

I’d love to try the site, I hope I can get an invite.


Robert Aug 1 2008

Can I please have an invite?

Pablo Aug 1 2008

Would also like an invite? thanks.

Jared Aug 1 2008

I’d also like to participate. Thanks.

So how was one supposed to get on this private beta list?

Bribes, of course. ;)

I am all for a beta invite, that would be awesome and a half.

Brad Aug 1 2008

>> So how was one supposed to get on this private beta list?

The way to get into the beta was announced on the podcast. It involved sending an email to Mr Atwood and asking nicely. That avenue is now closed.

I believe that you can also get into the beta by contributing to the podcast wiki and then sending an email to Mr Atwood and asking nicely.

So far as I know, posting a comment to a blog post has never been a way to get into the beta.

Satya Aug 1 2008

I am in, please send me the invite. Thanks.

Beta me up, please.

For the record, leaving a comment here is NOT the right way to opt in to the private beta. :)

We have all the testers we need at the moment; if we need more I will certainly blog about it here and provide a way to make that happen.

Well done Jeff and the team! looking forward to seeing the app in due course.

This is great news. I can’t get into the Beta, but I certainly can’t wait until the site goes public. Congratulations and good job on seeing this thing through to completion, guys.

Really like what i see so far.
Some kinks to iron out of course — but the direction and the philosophy is very nice.

finally and good luck

Excellent, looking forward to the beta guys!

Bernard Aug 1 2008

Gotta say Jeff, I really dig the site (thank you, thank you. Here until Thursday; try the veal!). I’ve seen a couple Yellow Pages of Death, but other than that it’s been pretty smooth. Keep up the good work.

iAndrew Aug 1 2008

Finally you did it.. i’m very glad. still waiting for final version

Amit Aug 2 2008

I am very keen on seeing your site. This has been a first time experience of seeing (i mean hearing) to the ideas been discussed and then developed to create a web product right on the web.
Best of luck !

Congrats on making it this far! Oorah!

Nick Masao Aug 2 2008

Can I get an invite too?

Wally Aug 2 2008

Could you invite me too?

Jeff Odell Aug 2 2008

Would be happy to beta.

Ciro V. Aug 2 2008

Interested. Thanks.

Well, gee, thanks for teasing us with all these instructions to a few hundred beta testers, when none of the rest of us readers are allowed to play!

(Lest text not carry my tone there, I hasten to note that I mean this as amused ribbing, and am not really annoyed — but I do think you deserve some good-natured flak for teasing us like this!)

Ed M Aug 2 2008

Hooray! I would loooooove an invite if you have one available!

Simon Aug 3 2008

I can’t wait to see this site open. An invite would be cool.

Al R. Aug 3 2008

I am not a beta user, but this web page suffers from a very common problem – the layout is rendered incorrectly when the Windows taskbar is attached to left or right side of the desktop (instead of standard position at the bottom of the screen) – it requires additional horizontal scrolling. Such layout with vertical taskbar is quite popular these days with wide displays, so it would be nice if web site designers would test for that.

Thomas Aug 4 2008

Too cool. I’d like to be involved as well.

Mike Aug 4 2008

I’d like to give it a test as well. :))

Adam V Aug 4 2008

Oh come on, Jeff! You know these are the people you need in the beta – the kind who don’t read anything anyone else writes before leaving their own comments! They’d be invaluable – give you plenty of opportunity to tear your hair out and second-guess the whole idea!

seanyboy Aug 5 2008

People who should NOT be allowed on the beta:

1. Anyone who follows several comments saying that “you need to email J.A. personally for a beta code, and B.T.W, the beta is now closed..” with a comment asking to be a part of the beta.


Oh… and hey. Can I get an invitation to the beta?

Although I’m definitely looking forward to this. It’s my plan to see if I can get the only other five VDF programmers to use this to provide my unknown and expensive development environment with a tiny bit of visibility.

seanyboy Aug 5 2008

Oh hell. I missed that “Adam V” comment before kicking off myself. Who looks stupid now?

What?! You NEED people that don’t read a damn thing in the beta. How else would you know if the UI is intuitive enough?

Sign me up for the beta please. I promise I won’t read any of the FAQ, help or any other type of instructions.

Scott Holodak Aug 5 2008

too late?

Ryan Fox Aug 5 2008

Stack Overflow has made me sad. It seems those same programmers who don’t read books also don’t read web pages, and the instructions thereon.

People, please stop posting questions for the sake of posting questions. Stop asking if it’s okay to ask something. Please stop asking to be added to the beta!

If you would like to discuss Stack Overflow, and it isn’t a bug or feature request, and it isn’t a request to be added to the beta, come to the (unofficial) IRC channel, #stackoverflow on Freenode (

Suggested discussion material for the IRC channel:
– How does feature work?
– How do I do ?
– Why do I keep getting down-modded?
– What do you do for a living?
– Etc.

Notes: I’m not a Stack Overflow staff member. I speak only for myself.

Ryan Fox Aug 5 2008

Seems I inadvertently tried to use something that looks like HTML, and the comment didn’t like it. Whoops!

In the above, it should read:
– How does feature X work?
– How do I do Y?

Can I be in the beta?


I guess a joke can go on too long, huh?

This version beta i don’t recomand

Clayton Aug 6 2008

Welp, tried logging in using the email address and password sent by Jeff after filling out the google docs form, but no luck.

napalm Aug 6 2008

May i please get an beta key?

Clayton, try again. There was a brief period after the email where the auth file wasn’t uploaded.

Also, anyone who wants to be in the beta, see here:

Jim Allen Aug 12 2008

I would love a beta invite.

I would be interested in an invite if there are any remaining.

I would also like to join the beta if possible.

Jason Aug 14 2008

I’d love an invite :)

Hey jeff and people: If I have a suggestion, not a bug report, where/how do I file it?

Maybe that’s a bug – no place to file suggestions?

I’d like an invite if possible.

Laura Aug 19 2008

I was really excited to get my beta invite today – and I was crushed when I got the “The page isn’t redirecting properly. Firefox has detected that the server is redirecting the request for this address in a way that will never complete.” error in FF, and it won’t load in IE7 at all.
After looking at your headers, it appears that you have a page redirectd to a page that is redirected back to the same page that is redirected to …well, you get it – your redirects appear to be looping? :(

I’d love a beta slot. I’m curious to see if this will be what I’m hoping it will be.


Jorge Aug 20 2008

Hi, I am developer. Is it possible to get a free invite?
Thank you.
Kind rgds.
Cheers from Buenos Aires:)

Woo Hoo! Got my beta invite today. Very excited. Can’t wait to get stuck into it now.


I’d be interested in an invite to the beta if you’re still giving them out, however I’m not quite sure how to sign up for one, is it sufficient to just ask here in the comments section?



Another “me too” here. I’ve got plenty of lejit questions I could ask.

Could I have a invite please?

I have heard so much about the beta on the podcast. Please let me join the fun. Surely you need a tester from Australia :)

Adam Tegen Aug 22 2008

I would also like an invite, please.

Brian Seelig Aug 22 2008

I would like an invite too please. Heard about the beta site from the podcast.

Avi Kehat Aug 25 2008

I would also like an invite, please. Thanks!

I would like an invite.


Vaibhav Kamath Aug 25 2008

I would like an invite too please. Thanks.

rwheadon Aug 25 2008

Count me in Guys!

If there’s still room in the beta, feel free to hook me up. Thanks!

Would love an invite, Thanks

bjorgvin Sep 4 2008

i would like to take part; thanks

I would love to try it…

Would love to get an Beta invite, if possible.

Kamyar Jul 22 2010

I would like an invitation too please. Thank you.

Would love an invite, Thanks

I would like an invitation if it’s possible.

Invite me please.

Pankaj Mar 23 2011

Would love to get an Beta invite, if possible.

Benny Apr 15 2011

@Pankaj and the others who are stilling requesting an invite. The site has been open for around 2-3 years now. Join!

Sadly I have to wait to 2012 Feb 2. (My Birthday)

CAPTCHA: beta overflow

MSev Feb 1 2013

Would love to get an Beta invite, if possible.