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Gravatars, Identicons, and You

We want Stack Overflow* users to be able to personalize their questions and answers with a small picture — even if they’ve never created an account on our site. Rather than build this functionality ourselves, we’ve decided to take advantage of Gravatars. Gravatars are small images associated with your email address.

I’ve used Gravatar for a while myself, and over time I’ve really grown to appreciate their approach:

  1. They’re global. They work across every website that supports gravatars. Sign up once, benefit everywhere.

  2. They’re easy. It’s totally straightforward; you simply build a URL that contains a hash of your email address (or IP address, if you didn’t provide email) add a few mostly optional preferences in the querystring, and that’s it.

  3. They’re safe. The Gravatar service vets the images so nothing, er.. disturbing.. shows up in your browser. You can specify whether you want a maximum rating of G, PG, R, or X for gravatars displayed on your site. We’re going with PG; I hope you guys and gals can handle that kind of intensity.

  4. It does one thing. Gravatar isn’t about social networking, mp3s, news, or any mashups thereof. It’s trying to solve one tiny problem on the web with laser-like focus: providing a web-friendly Globally Recognized Avatar for you across all the websites you visit. It’s almost a single serving website, and I say that with the utmost respect. So many websites fail because they try to do everything and be everything.

I highly recommend signing up for Gravatar. It’s totally painless. Once you do, your image will show up automatically in the comments here, and on any questions or answers you post to Stack Overflow, too. I think you’ll be surprised how many places on the web start to associate your Globally Recognized Avatar with the simple entry of your email address in a form. Satisfaction guaranteed, or your money back!

Another neat (and recently added) feature of Gravatars is a fallback. If someone doesn’t want to sign up for Gravatar — and hey, we’re totally cool with that, we don’t judge — Gravatar will render an Identicon for them automatically.

What are Identicons? Well, they’re a sort of digital fingerprint — a visual glyph that represents your IP address. Everyone stores IP addresses internally, but it’s considered borderline rude on today’s web to out someone’s IP address when they post content somewhere. The identicon is a way of showing the IP address without showing their IP address. Knowwhatimean?


Plus, they’re kind of mesmerizingly beautiful. To me, anyway.

If you want to be totally anonymous, don’t worry. You still are. Or as much as you can be on the web, anyway. You’ll still get a unique image (on individual websites; it’s hashed per-site) associated with your content in the form of that Identicon — so we can know it was really you, Mr. Anonymous, and not another anonymous user pretending to be you. Well, assuming you always post from the same IP address, anyway.

If you’re interested in implementing Gravatars in your software or website, it’s dead easy. Here’s the code (yep, actual code! We are actually building this thing, believe it or not!) which renders the Gravatar for us.

const int size = 64;
const string maxrating = "PG";
const string gurl = "";

var e = new UTF8Encoding();
var md5 = new MD5CryptoServiceProvider();

var sb = new StringBuilder(256);
byte[] b;
if (String.IsNullOrEmpty(this.Email))
    b = md5.ComputeHash(e.GetBytes(r.IPAddress));
    b = md5.ComputeHash(e.GetBytes(this.Email));
for (int i = 0; i < b.Length; i++)
sb.Append("?s=" + size.ToString());            
sb.Append("&r=" + maxrating);           
return sb.ToString();

See? Easy.

* I’ve decided “Stack Overflow” is the preferred spelling and capitalization, since someone asked in the comments. Unless you’re referring explicitly to the website URL, then use

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Does this work with OpenID? (Is that something you’re still planning to implement?) Their site seems, um, differently functional under Firefox, so I couldn’t tell.

OpenID is still in, absolutely!

We would like to get your image from OpenID and use it (via attribute exchange), but it’s unclear whether we can pull that off by the first beta.

I just had to test this.
Very cool stuff indeed.

And yeah, I just can’t wait until the site goes live!

I get the feeling there will be more than a few “testing testing” type comments to this post. Here’s mine :)

Graham Stewart Jun 18 2008

As McDowell points out, the Gravatar website doesn’t render right in Firefox (3.0).

Instant FAIL.

Steve Bosman Jun 18 2008

I was kind of surprised that my email address was already registered – since I can’t find any mention of gravatar in my gmail. ANyway now I’m setup I might as well test it. :-)

Hey Jeff, doesn’t the following lines classify as “coding horrors” since the variable names are so non-descriptive? Just being a pain and trying to be cute ^-^ Gravatars sound like a good plan though

var e = new UTF8Encoding();
var sb = new StringBuilder(256);
byte[] b;
for (int i = 0; i < b.Length; i++)

Seems like there was a 5 minute delay before it started to use my image?
Maybe the lag was on’s side.

Yeah – what’s with the ‘var’ there as well? Gone all dynamic on us?

(jokes – really only posting to see what my image looks like)


I think “var” is a gift from Microsoft to the developers.
No more “List<StatusType> list = new List<StatusType>();” for me! :)

And i think the site didn’t like my nested generics ?

testing :)

I would prefer to be able to run the image generating code on my own site than to include an image from another site (which could go offline, could hang, could otherweise cause trouble to the rendering of my page).

I’m OK with the terse local variable names, but you might want to put a ‘using’ around the MD5CryptoServiceProvider as this implements IDisposable.

Hey Jeff,

Why do you compute the hash of the IPAddress. I assume it is to give the user a hash if they don’t have one. But why not use one that nobody can have such as {0000000000000000000000000000}, and save you self the hashing process?


Skizz Jun 18 2008

I have to say that reading this and CodingHorror I’ve found out about so many useful bits’n’bobs (ClipX being a particularly useful application). Now I need to find an image to use. Cue afternoon spent searching the web instead of doing work.

I don’t want to sound picky but in .NET:


can be written:

ToString(“x2″) // that’s a lower case ‘x’

and I’m fairly sure it applies to ASP.NET too. I guess this is a problem with the .NET framework in that it is so large it takes quite a bit of digging and searching to find stuff. I’m also certain that a foreach loop can be used instead of the for loop, but that’s mainly coding style rather than any potential performance gain.

Skizz (using FF3 and it’s working OK!)

gumuz Jun 18 2008

did i have one?

Thx for pointing this out! It’s a good choice!

Jeff, this blog uses the “G” rating for gravatars, not “PG”.

One more quick optimization, why not do:

sb.Append(b[i].ToString(“x2″); // small ‘x’

instead of


to yields the same results

I’ve seen those kaleidoscope images before, but I never realized they actually meant anything.

Wow, that’s be really useful if I didn’t use a different email address for every site that I visit.

How exactly is gravatar monetized?
Is stackoverflow paying for this service?

It’s not clear from there website…
and as you can see, it didn’t stop me from signing up…
just curious.

I love seeing my fat face on the web, I guess. We are all very excited for Stack Overflow to go live, Jeff (and Jared?).

Hurry! :)

Testing my Gravatar.

Yet another test.

Doeke Zanstra Jun 18 2008

Testing my Gravatar.

Doeke Zanstra Jun 18 2008

So my gravatar was on my other email address?

Brad Barker Jun 18 2008

Long time lurker of both Coding Horror and Joel on Software. Can’t wait to see this go live.

Dumbfounded Jun 18 2008

Ah, I love how toolboxes like Andrew Johnson, Skizz and Nick Berardi pick apart your code, Jeff. Here’s to missing the entire point of a post…

Skizz Jun 18 2008

OK. Signed up for an avatar. The gravatar site didn’t look so good in FF3.

What would you expect to happen when you post code to a programming site?


Where’s this week’s podcast?

Not bad, not bad… :)

“We’re going with PG; I hope you guys and gals can handle that kind of intensity.”

So, Jeff, when did you start reading Penny Arcade? ;)

Drthomas Jun 18 2008

Hey, y’all; I’d love to offer something incisive and witty…but, well, just playing with the Gravatars thing. =D


Dumbfounded Jun 18 2008

@Skizz, I would expect you to get the point of the post. It looks like you were just left in the dust though…


I had already seen some of those big G’s on some blogs, but only now I figured out what they were. Thanks for the info. I just wish they had openID access.

By the way, their website is working fine here, under Firefox 3.

I really like the identicon things, I think I’ve seen ’em implemented before on other sites as the general designs look familiar.

I also registered on Gravatar, so let’s see what transpires!

testing my Gravatar.

@Skizz, @Nick Berardi:
In this case,
does not produce the same result as
because the whole result of ‘b[i].ToString(“X2″)’ is being lowered. (That is, we’re appending to sb the lowercase hexadecimal representation of b[i].)

Dumbfounded Jun 18 2008

@Skizz, this is what we call “priceless” :D

Why using Gravatar, if avatars could be transfered by openid means?

testing my gayvatar

> the Gravatar website doesn’t render right in Firefox (3.0).

No idea what you guys are talking about here. Renders fine for me in FF3, and always has!

I am using FF3 on OSX 10.4 and the menus are completely borked.

PS – totally OT, but re. the comment made by Jeff in the podcast… saying “OS ten, ten point four” might be correct, but it feels kinda stoopid.

Duggy Jun 18 2008

I’m so doing this to test it but you have to wonder what gravater are getting out of their service.

Ronnie Barker Jun 18 2008

FF2, Safari 3.1.1 and IE7 all show the site with screwy menus on my system!

Not sure this is going to work well with my system of changing email address for each site I use though – now I have to choose which system is going to be more useful!

thanks for this, always discovering cool stuff while reading your posts! Meanwhile, I’m testing my Gravatar! :)

Just a paranoid thought, Gravatar is also an email scrubbing service.

foreach (emailaddress in suspectedaddress) {
if (RegisteredWithGravatar(emailaddress)) SendSpam(emailaddress);

Just a thought…

@df5, How is that different from just sending email to all of the addresses and seeing which ones bounce?


You’re right.

Not all bad emails will bounce. A domain might silently throw it away. I also don’t have to keep up with trying to pair a bounced email message with my known email address. I guess in the end, it doesn’t really matter, just send the email.

Of course, I don’t suspect that spammers actually care about the quality of their mailing lists considering the quality of the text that goes into them.

Everyone’s a critic. Post a bit of code and everyone will review it. Geezz..

I have FF3 rendering issues at Gravatar as well. The menus are stuffed up.

just curious

But the Identicons are one-way, right? As in: There is no way to get the IP Address back from the icon? Just curious :-) I still prefer that 500$ Ethernet Cable as my Gravatar.

PS: Menus are borked on Firefox 2 as well, seems to be an issue on their site.

Eric Haskins Jun 18 2008

Where is this week’s podcast?

By the way: Gravatar belongs to WordPress (hence WordPress has also built-in Gravatar Support since a few versions), so they are making money in the same way as WordPress is making money, which is how all the open source projects make money. Not that I know how these projects make money though.

Looking at the time when the other podcasts were posted: Still 2 to 8 hours away, they usually get posted on Thursday Morning (CET).

Cristián Romo Jun 18 2008

This is an interesting little gadget that I’ve seen a few places before. I really like the whole geometric design too, it’s a good choice.

I’m just testing…
Going to be a few of these posts I think. :)

kevin Jun 18 2008


Oh noes. You closed the BETA page!

Testing it.

Spencer Jun 18 2008

Moon-horse made in Paint.

Spencer Jun 18 2008

THIS is a moon-horse.

'Anonymouse' Jun 18 2008

I’d love to see how mine looks like. ;P

Skizz Jun 19 2008

Here’s a screen grab of gravatar’s site as rendered in FF3:

I wonder who’s IP address produces the most aesthetically pleasing avatar?


I wonder what looks like :)


I am using FF3 / Vista x64 and I don’t see that AT ALL! What add-ons do you have installed? Have you tried browsing that site with addons disabled in “safe mode” just to be sure?

Now this is bothering me, because it’s so weird that we get totally different results on the same browser / OS for a single website.

Graphain Jun 19 2008

@Michael Stum: That’s really cool.

Graphain Jun 19 2008

Heh sorry to double post but no captcha protection here (not complaining at all btw :P)? Good thing the spam bots haven’t been summoned yet.

jamier Jun 19 2008

I see the same as skizz except I’m using FF2 on XP SP3.
Tried it in FF “safe mode” and get the same result.

No big deal to me, but thought I’d give you the info.

Ishmaeel Jun 19 2008

Gravatar site is borked for me in IE, Opera 9.27 & 9.5. Was fine last week.

I guess they borkified their external JS files, so clear your cache, Jeff! (or don’t?)

“I wonder what looks like :)”

“But the Identicons are one-way, right?”
Yup. It uses a one-way hash so it’s as secure as MD5 is.

“the whole result of ‘b[i].ToString(”X2″)’ is being lowered. (That is, we’re appending to sb the lowercase hexadecimal representation of b[i]”
ToString(“X2″) produces an upper-case hexadecimal representation while ToString(“x2″) produces a lower-case hexadecimal representation. Threw me for a second too.

Skizz Jun 19 2008


The site renders the same when running in safe mode. I am running FF3 under XP. As for plugins and addons, I’m not running anything esoteric: Ad/Flash Block, Firebug, FlashGot, Acrobat, Java, Quicktime, Realplayer, Shockwave and Windows Media Player.

If there’s anything else you want to know I’ll be happy to help out. As a site developer I guess it’s important to know why this is happening so that you don’t repeat the problem.


Skizz Jun 19 2008

One other thing, trying it out on IE7 and Safari produces the same effect.


I have FF3 rendering issues at Gravatar as well.

FF3 on Vista.

Cleared cache, and looks fine for me in:

IE7 64-bit (different exe)


Alasdair Jun 19 2008

I tried their site with FF3 and Konqueror (linux) and I got exactly the same problem as Skizz.

Ishmaeel Jun 19 2008

I tried their site over a few public proxies and the site looks ok. The problem looks geographical. Either they are serving different content to different areas, or some of us have intervening gremlins that mush their contents.

I couldn’t get a clear diff since the proxies tend to mangle urls and even JS code. Anyone willing to check my version against theirs?

McDowell Jun 19 2008

Gravatars may be having an intermittent fault. I have seen the issue noted above, but also saw it working last night on the same PC/browser. Seeing the issue again this morning.

Guys, how are you getting that weird hash for I get something totally different:

$ echo | openssl md5

Hence the Identicon:

I have the problem reported above in both FF and IE, so it is not FF at fault.

Don’t know what it is though, not seeing any CSS/JS files failing to load or anything.

Ishmaeel: Same problem for me in FF3 and IE7 with that archive.

Ishmaeel Jun 19 2008

Got it.

It’s their screen.css linked from

I am being served a version without the whole navbar section at the end that starts at line 720.

If I access the site with a proxy, the whole css file (818 lines) is there, and the navbar section fixes the top menu.

I am still voting gremlins. Something like a stale squid cache, maybe.

I’ve used Jeff’s code above, using b = md5.ComputeHash(e.GetBytes(“″));

e.GetBytes returns 9 Bytes: { 49, 50, 55, 46, 48, 46, 48, 46, 49 }

Alasdair Jun 19 2008

echo outputs a trailing newline:

> echo -n “” | openssl md5

Justin Passage Jun 19 2008

I still remember the great Gravitar-Identicon wars or 2056.

Move along, nothing to see here.

Anonymous Gravatar Jun 19 2008

<< just wanting to see what my ip address looks like all folded up.

Ian Patrick Hughes Jun 19 2008

I guess that is really a matter of taste.

Inferred typing all over, I guess. So far, I have preferred it in places where I was unsure of the type (like a returned object from LINQ) but I guess the reality is, it doesn’t really matter. Programming against a smart compiler is the life.

But, I just don’t see me var-in’ everything.

Very cool stuff though, can’t wait for the site to go live!

Duggy Jun 19 2008

Indeed Gravater is messed up for me too.

What a good idea. Bit annoying that they use the wordpress user list, so all the nicknames are used up though. Their site is broken for me in FF1.5 – okay, it’s a bit old but the rest of the web looks just fine

Cool idea – thanks for the code snippet and education.

osp70 Jun 19 2008

Thanks for the info on the avatar.

TomTheRed Jun 19 2008

I’m guessing most of the comments are from people wanting to see what their IP address looks like! :-)

Just like me really!

Spencer Jun 19 2008

Ok, I am having issues.

I uploaded a custom PNG image over 24 hours ago to Gravatar, and it is not replacing the auto-generated logo. I have cleared my cache. I have tested on multiple browsers and computers. I have gone through the image selection and testing process on Gravatar.

Any suggestions?

Spencer Jun 19 2008

PS. My picture has a G rating as well.

Spencer Jun 19 2008

Time heals all wounds.

Alex Kras Jun 20 2008

it is interesting, think that will be interesting to implement that technology in my projects.

I’m thinking about having this on my site.

Michael and Alasdair, thanks to both of you. Now it makes sense. I was beginning to doubt myself. ;-)

Ooh, I need to test this.

That is cool.. kind of makes me want to a find a reason to use it.

Yeah, that’s pretty cool. But aren’t you supposed to add the salt to the IP address or email before computing the hash?

DanMulvey Jun 20 2008

Just started listening to the podcasts the other night and wanted to say that I’m really enjoying them so far (and I’m almost caught up!).

Also, the Gravatar site looks fine for me (I’m not getting any of the problems with the menus or anything) and I am running FF3 (clean install – no addons) on 32-bit Vista.


I’m glad you brought this up.

I am assuming the folks at Gravatar are salting on their side based on the site the gravatar/identicon request is coming from.

I could be assuming too much, but they seem pretty bright to me, so..

The salts are important because otherwise every site on the internet would show the same identicon for your IP, and that’s a bit too much identification for most.

Need to think of way to use this.

Testing the gravatar 1..2..3.

Good luck with StackOverflow, Jeff!

Jonathan Starr

Simon Jun 22 2008

Regarding the broken gravatar website:

Here (FF3/Ubuntu 8.04) it looks mostly right (something about the left dropdown seems wrong), but every discussion about website rendering problems is pretty useless, if the site doesn’t even specify a document type.

Michael Debro Jun 23 2008

FYI, is blocked by the SmartFilter software that secures some .mil sites. So, unfortunately for me, the gravatars appear as broken links from my work computer.

I created a south park avatar of myself and use it as my gravatar. It’s basically my own personal branding (something like your Wumpus). BTW, love your blog…can’t wait to see what Stack Overflow will bring. It’s a somewhat appropriate name because by the time I’ve read one post on Coding Horror, I’ll have about 10 tabs open (to look at the footnotes referenced throughout your post). Next thing I know, IE is consuming 750MB on my machine.

paulo Jun 24 2008

is it just me or this Gravatar thing is utter useless …

BradC Jun 24 2008

So far I think Andy has the coolest auto-gravatar (5:19am, 15 from the top or so).

I think I have a gravatar, but don’t remember for sure…

Mark Allender Jun 28 2008

Looking forward to more stackoverflow. Podcasts have been interesting and engaging so far. Keep up the good work!

Shrike Jul 4 2008

Let’s see if this works.

Gravatars are pretty damn cool. I wasn’t aware of the identicons. They are really cool looking. Such a clever idea.


I have known about this for a while but I think today might be the day I finally kick myself in the butt and implement the dang thing on my site.

I’m Lovin It (.NET MVC that is)

Cleromaroptop Jun 13 2009

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gaetan Aug 29 2009


Just posting for my identicon :D

jaewoong May 20 2010

testing ^.^

baba Oct 2 2010

Some of these are really beautiful.

Bump for great justice!
I just want to see my identicon :)

Cristy Feb 1 2011

Thanks – I’m getting really biased towards identicons on my blog now.