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Recording Podcast Questions Using Your Telephone

05-14-08 by . 16 comments

If you want to submit a question for the next podcast, it must be in audio format. If you don’t have an easy way to record your question, here’s how. Use the BlogTalkRadio Cinch service:

  1. Call (646) 200-0000
  2. Talk
  3. Get the RSS feed at

I just tried it, and it really works! I called 646-200-0000 from my cell phone, talked, hung up, then navigated to in my web browser:

Cinch result rss feed screenshot

The resulting mp3 file is 32 kbps, 11 kHz. There’s a small “blog talk radio!” intro added, then whatever you said on the telephone.

Listen to my sample mp3 (43kb)

Just call 646-200-0000, talk, hang up, then visit the URL to download your freshly created mp3 audio file — and mail it to us at It really is that easy!

Thanks again to Tim Patterson for turning us on to this cool and free service!

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What about for us Aussies? Is there a similar service for internationals?

Lars Mæhlum May 15 2008

And what about Norway?
Oh, won’t someone please think of the Norwegians?

Alex Elder May 15 2008

…and what about the United Kingdom?
Oh, won’t someone please think of the Brits?

Seriously though, I think I’d be more inclined to call America with my question than try and get my USB headset working under Linux. :)

Hey a quick suggestion for you guys outside the US, personally I would use skype, Its cheap and easy to use. However if you head over to there software will allow you to make 5-6 free ‘trial’ calls to 50 countries across the world, including the US. **No I’m not in anyway affiliated with, I just know of it.

Alex Elder May 15 2008

Wonderful suggestion, Arron. I’ll look into it. Some great advice. Thanks.

Edward May 16 2008


I tested blogtalkradio from sweden at it worked fine. The URL became

Where 46 is the country code…

Hi all,

I would like to also suggest another way to submit voice questions to the podcast would be if Jeff or Joel would create a GMail account for StackOverflow and make it public on this website, so people can add it to their GTalk client, which would allow them to simply use the “Send Voicemail” option when they click on the contact.

Try it out and let me know, I think it’s pretty quick (assuming most people have gmail accounts).

Why not simply use the sound recorder on your PC?
It’s been a standard accessory since Windows 3.1…

It can save to lower-quality mp3 but it’s still better than phone recordings.

I also have found that some VOIP software will email you voice mail. Our company currently uses CallButler so I am setup to automatically get a .wav file for any calls that go to voicemail. If you are using a VOIP system you may already have this feature as well.

I would use skype,its cheap and easy to use.
Thanks for the facility provided.

BTW, the only way to secure yourself from annoying calls and spy devices is to use Phone Jammer

some great ideas on using a US service, I’m going to try the G-mail route

I have been using skyspy, but your method is very good. Thank you for sharing.

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