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Our Dedicated Server

04-28-08 by . 14 comments

I’ve been hosting at CrystalTech on a dedicated server for about six months now, and I’ve been quite happy with the performance and availability. Any downtime has been completely my fault, and they’ve been responsive the few times I’ve requested support.

So when we needed a beefy dedicated server to host, I naturally turned to CrystalTech again.

Powered By CrystalTech Web Hosting

Here are the specifications for what will eventually become the dedicated server:

  • Windows Server 2008 Standard Edition x64
  • Dual Quad-Core Xeon E5320 (1.8 GHz)
  • 4 GB RAM
  • 271GB SAS hard drive

It’s amazing how cheap server hardware has gotten.

Stackoverflow server task manager

I’m hoping we won’t run into scaling problems anytime soon with this dedicated server. As Ted Dziuba succinctly points out, scalability is usually the least of most startups’ worries.

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You’re an optimist, Jeff! :P It should take some time before you will see any significant load on this server.

BTW, why have you chosen Windows/IIS and not Linux/Apache? ASP.NET I suppose?

Anyway, good luck with your venture, I like the idea very much!

As if Linux/Apache is (or should be) the default? It’s not 2002 anymore! Windows/IIS is a first-rate server platform! By the way Jeff, looks good, and eagerly anticipating the new site..

Excuse the ignorant question, but why only so little RAM? Will it also run the database or is the a pure Web Server Slave?

Anyway, I am anticipating stackoverflow, the annoying “Please pay to see this answer that may help you” Expert Sey Change ads keep polluting Google search results quite heavily :(

That server is pretty impressive, I checkout out crystaltech’s site and they don’t seem to have a server with simliar specs?
The closest one was $350/month

Eddie Apr 28 2008

I don’t know why commentators keep questioning Jeff using IIS/Windows Server. It clearly works fine and Jeff has experience in that domain, so why should he flipflop to Apache/Linux when he has a perfectly suitable solution that he has heaps of experience with?

@Eddie: Absolutely. I develop on the LAMP stack and have years of experience with it. Even if you proved to me that ASP.NET on IIS was a vastly superior choice I’d still use Linux.

When starting your own business you are already taking a lot of risks and learning new things all over the place. It would be pretty foolish to compound the problem unneccessarily.

> That server is pretty impressive, I checkout out
> crystaltech’s site and they don’t seem to have a
> server with simliar specs?

It’s the “RAID 5 Dual Quad-Core” option.

2 1.8GHz Intel® Xeon® Quad-Core
271GB SAS Hard Drive
2GB RAM (expandable*)
1,250GB Bandwidth
$200 adCenter Credit
10 server(s) available

$500 per month

We’ve used Rackspace a lot in the past, and while they truly are fanatical, in most cases the premium isn’t justifiable (unless you’re a shop with zero I.T. competencies).

We’ve switched over to SoftLayer recently and have a very similar set-up – it appears to be slightly cheaper, and SoftLayer appears to be better recognized – haven’t been with them long enough to say for sure though. I will say this: they have an awesome iSCSI feature that we use to store all types of stuff on, and are currently experimenting with using it as the storage location for our MySQL database.

Of course, hosts are a dime an dozen and it’s easy to find a good one :)

Michael, you realise that for experts exchange you just scroll to the bottom to see the answer without paying?

Yes their site really annoys me too, and am looking forward to stackoverflow. Is going to be interesting to see it built up as well, and am glad that Jeff and Joel are documenting the process.

@Ray: “Michael, you realise that for experts exchange you just scroll to the bottom to see the answer without paying?”

That does not work anymore since quite some time. They now removed it, and it only shows:
“All comments and solutions are available to Premium Service Members only.

Start your 7 day free trial and see for yourself why Experts Exchange is the easiest and most proven technology resource in the world. Get Started

Already a member? Login to view this solution.”

Previously, you could use Google Cache to view the answers before they decided to make them available to premium members only, but now more and more sites fall out of the cache.

Ignore that last comment, apparantly it is now possible to scroll even more down to see the solution. Never realized that, thanks for the tip!

Bob Rose May 5 2008

Very cool, I found this from Joel’s site. Looking forward to seeing it up. Have you looked at using Google App Engine or Amazon’s cloud environment? Would be a nice proof of concept to build and host this as a cloud application.

Disclosure: I work for Google (not the App Engine team, though). ;-)

Ted Glick May 7 2008

Love you guys, love the concept, I look forward to each new podcast, and I’m looking forward to watching this venture develop (pun intended).

One small critique. Joel, for the love of God, please stop stepping on Jeff during the podcasts! Let him finish his sentence, *then* you speak. I appreciate your enthusiasm, but in our civilized world, this is how it works–we take turns talking. We don’t interrupt another speaker because it’s annoying to the speaker and the listener(s).

Perhaps there are meetings and support groups for this affliction? Interrupter’s Anonymous? “Hi, my name is Joel and I’m an interrupter…”

Seriously, you’re both brilliant and I appreciate your enlightening words in any form. Thank You.

I find it interesting that you link to an article on paying only $1750 for a solid piece of hardware, then turn around and rent a similar server for $500/month…