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Logo Design Contest

04-24-08 by . 24 comments

The name was partially chosen by the community, with winning by a virtual landslide.

But websites can’t survive on name alone. We also need a logo. A logo with verve. With zazz. With moxie! A dynamic logo that reflects the potential of this mythical programming community site we’re building.

Rather than try out my anemic design skills — it’s always dangerous when programmers start thinking they’re designers — I thought I’d put the logo design to the community in similar fashion. We have a logo design contest at 99 designs, with a prize of $29 at stake.

99 designs logo

I’ve been quite impressed by many of the submissions so far. The contest runs for another five days, so if you’re interested, please submit a logo!

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Avner Braverman Apr 24 2008

Do we get to vote here too?

Possibly. Not quite sure yet. I’m still bitter about the logo contest for The Daily WTF, which I thought ended with the worst of all possible logos (sorry Alex).

lubos Apr 24 2008

Design #6 is the only one that I would consider. It’s brilliant proposal. It doesn’t look commercial, fancy and immediately get stuck into head.

#16 by a mile, much better visual representation of a stack overflow

Err… I meant 15! #15!

sorry, vote-bot registered a vote for #16! The die is cast!

kevin Apr 24 2008


Ian Patrick Hughes Apr 24 2008

I’m tired of logos on the internet that look like everything rests on a shiny table, personally.

Anything that can convey both what a stack overflow is and be aesthetically pleasing is gonna rule this roost.

#16 fits that, but I think needs some work.

I like #43 but what about all those folks who do not work in curly brackets? Should be more general as a title.

I love the off-set “O” in #47 but the redundant O’s kills it. Perhaps if the red square proceeding the title was a stack shape?

Thomas Apr 24 2008

#46 shows a typical stackoverflow.

just a comment on the site appearance. I like that its clean, uncluttered with a lot of white. It would be nice if it could stay that way.


Ian B Apr 25 2008

Is it just me, or does #50 look like an unusual captcha? Although I don’t think I could pick a favourite out of the list…

JoeCanadian Apr 25 2008

The pancakes one is my favourite; many of the other ones are too literal.

Praveen Apr 25 2008

I like #62, #58 and #15.

I love #100 as it really communicates the woe that is stackoverflow. Unfortunately it doesn’t really serve as a clear and precise logo though….

Ian Patrick Hughes Apr 25 2008

All I can say is, some sweet ones are there now.

You really can’t lose now. S.O. will have a nice brand now for sure.

Hehe, I’m really glad you like #100 Jax… :)

However you’re right about it not being good as a logo.

My favorite is #75. The logo integrates the initials SO, draws a stack, and even captures the overflow! Well done.

A technical note about 144… an infinite for loop does not cause stack overflow. If it had to be code, it could be something like:

void stackoverflow() {

but it would suffer from the same problem of not being good as a logo.

Anyway… interesting contest :)

Some of them are… interesting (What’s the point in copying the fedora Linux 8 Logo though?). Personally, i dislike the ones that are tied to the persons (the ones with Joels and Jeffs name in, because i don’t like person cult and i think that could harm the site as it distracts) or the ones that try to tie to a specific language.

Some have quite interesting ideas, like #69 with the tap (i kinda like that) or #63 with the 10010101 thing floating in. #53 is really nice as well – it’s unique and simple. Maybe the Font needs some work, but the 4 floating rectangles look good.

Giuliano Apr 28 2008

i vote for this : #147

It must be #85. #85 it must be.

Entry #192 looks perfect if is not-solely-for-profit. It is also a surprisingly simple design which matches with both codinghorror and joelonsoftware.
But it seems you have a ‘fetish’ for clean and shiny designs with straighter type which means it will eventually loose.
Whatever the choice, however, I wish success.
So much for my 2c’s.

DanaL Apr 29 2008

I wish I had realized this contest sooner, although I do not have very much photoshop/artistic ability, I feel as though I could have asked a friend for some help on some ideas.

I tend to think of two things when it comes to the concept of Stackoverflow,
1. It is not actually about stack overflows it is about a place dedicated to finding help on general programming issues and is not language specific.
2. I also tend to think of a beaker filled with something overflowing.

With that I would suggest these ideas:

A logo with either a beaker spewing ones and zeros (I saw something similar but it was more of a test tube)

Something spitting out some random non-specific code snippets with multiple colors making it seem like a welcome place (well the color scheme could be anything really)

You should really try for a logo that represents what the site is all about, on my glance through I did not really see anything fitting that at all.

CodingHorror has a perfect logo for what the blog was initially intended for, that may be why I was initally attracted to it. I was looking for something that will help me as a young programmer looking to learn more about the issues professionals face and what to avoid. The logo definitely fits as it appears your goal is for those reading to try to avoid writing code that would cause that face.

I love the last one (as of now, of course)


Great designs thus far folks! Keep it up! :)

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