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Logo Design Contest Winner

04-30-08 by . 26 comments

Our logo design contest has ended.

The winning design is from Peter Borlace, aka pb_design.

winning logo

There were a whopping 253 entries in the contest; thanks to everyone who participated for your hard work. As a little bonus, Leon Bambrick has graciously offered up free licenses to his excellent TimeSnapper software to the following runners-up:

Umasankar Arumugam logo runner up

Chahya Santoso logo runner up

Kamil Zadora logo runner up

There were many excellent entries, but it came down to a difficult decision between these four which we felt best captured the intent of

I’ll be awarding the $29 prize to Peter first thing tomorrow. Congratulations!

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Martin Wallace Apr 30 2008

Wolv was robbed, robbed I tell ya’

Congratulations to Peter and the runners up! Great to see so many excellent logo designs developed.

And congratulations to Jeff and Joel for their new logo – it’s a great thing to finally have a visual identity for a long-planned project.

That is a fine logo. It works perfectly on many levels and depicts a certain pragmatic, polished simplicity of sorts that I’ve come to expect from either of your works.

Congrats to the winner!

I like the logo Jeff, a simple design that will look great scaled small or large.

Somehow I thik they look too corporate.

You didn’t select my design, I’m gonna DOS on…..muhahahahah…

just kidding,
I was a programmer trying to be a logo designer and I was proved wrong.

And yes,
congrats to the winner and runners-up

I was hoping for dancing hamsters that continuously tap dance to “Stack Overflow” being transmitted in Morse Code… :)

lol@Derek =)

Not bad. Still, I was hoping for something looking like a stack of pancakes overflowing with maple syrup. Mmmmmm… pancakes…

Well… that’s boring. ;P

(no offense to Mr. Borlace; it’s a nice clean logo, just not as grabbing as some of the others)

roger Apr 30 2008

I am not quite getting the concept in the selected logo. I like the runner up logo with the pointer on it. I dig the lines stacked like S. Good work!

Kuerwen Apr 30 2008

I liked the one from Wolv. I think the graphic would be useable in other places on the site, as a bullet for example. That wouldn’t work well with the chosen logo.

Congrats to the winner, and runners up. I didn’t make it best I got was 2 stars, but hey it’s good to that you found something you like.

It really pained me to have to pick one, as I truly like all four of the top contenders. But I had to, and that’s the one my eye kept wandering back to — as did Joel and Jarrod (my fellow code monkey on this project).

Love the new logo – especially the colour scheme which I hope will be retained in the final site. Congratulations to the winner and runners-up, looking forward to the next podcast and the site launching! Good luck!

I was wondering how are you going to fund the site thinking that the costs are quite high than I realised about the advertising (be it Google or others). Do you think it will be enough to support the site or you will get some VC?

It is a good startup, I am sure you will be successful. Good Luck. Did you take 37 Signal’s Getting Things Done as guide?

Javier May 2 2008

I don’t like the logo too much, it looks like a cheap obscure ghost corporation, like those autogenerated pages, sorry guys but it’s just an opinion :-)

Matthew May 3 2008

Three words:


@Gurkan – 37signals never had it’s own “Getting Things Done” – it was a book written by David Allen.

Speaking of logos, you haven’t updated the URLs in the RSS feed yet (, for example).

Methodologically this type of contest is equivalent to something like crowdsourcing a method of an object of an application still to be both designed and coded… _sigh_

Jason May 7 2008

The small image in my browser(Firefox)tab kind of looks like the Java logo. A coffee cup with steam coming out of it, minus the Java name. The image on the web page does not though, only when it’s small. My eyes are weird like that I guess.

(, example)

Mike Ivanov May 7 2008

You guys focused on HTML and CSS as the model/view, but isn’t XML and XSLT a more apt analogy? It certainly allows you to do the sorts of things Joel was talking about, such as turn a pulldown into a list with checkboxes, etc., without worrying about where the data is coming from.

Is there a vectorized version of the Stack Overflow logo publicly available?